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The Allspring logo is a fresh twist on the company’s strict financial theme. Shows the renewal of the structure, innovation, and desire to move forward in its segment. The emblem builds trust and invites you to try new opportunities.

Allspring: Brand overview

United States

Allspring is a major investment, insurance, and wealth management specialist with over $580 billion in trust funds. Works all over the world. The Allspring logo brings together 480 investment managers.

The parent company, Allspring, was founded in 1852 and split into American Express and Wells Fargo & Co. in 1905. In 1998, the giant, which had grown by taking over other banks, was acquired by Norwest. The joint company became known as Wells Fargo and was one of the four largest banks. It was one of the ten most expensive firms in America. However, after the scandals that opened the fraud in the holding, she lost the main investor Berkshire Hathaway in 2020, which led to the birth of Allspring.

Meaning and History

Allspring Logo History

The visual mark of the company is permanent and conveys reliability. Over the years, the emblem has changed once due to the change in the name of the holding.

What is Allspring?

American global company helping clients to invest by increasing capital. Owned by two major investors: Reverence Capital Partners and GTCR LLC. Main headquarters in Severn.

Until 2021

Wells Fargo Asset Management Logo before 2021

The logo until 2021 represents the parent company. The sign consists of a rectangle divided into two parts. The division transfers the main activities of Wells Fargo: banking and management.

The first part, shaped like a square, resembles a gold bar with Wells Fargo written on it. The composition shows the contributions and retained earnings of the company. Indicates the impressive monetary basis on which the business is based. Whatever cataclysms with financial flows happen, Fargo always has a reserve on which it can rely. Investors’ money is securely held in closed-end funds and remains safe while managers make trades.

The name is a compound word from the two names of the founders of the company: Henry Wells and William G. Fargo.

The second part of the visual sign is an elongated light gray rectangle with a white inscription “asset management,” which means “asset management.” The image conveys the daily routine, constancy, and business approach. This more flexible area adapts to the current market and customers. Cases for investors here are conducted transparently and in compliance with all financial laws. This part of the emblem demonstrates the service to others, the service sector.

The location of the golden square in the first place represents the foundation laid in the early years by the company’s founders. Wells and Fargo were engaged only in banking, which is primary for the holding. It is on this basis that large transactions can now be carried out.

2021 – today

Allspring Global Investments Logo

Closer to the 2020s, the company was accused of abuse, imposing unnecessary products on customers, and overstating financial performance. Added to the failures was a decrease in income due to covid. This significantly reduced the position of the holding in the market. Investment leaders Reverence Capital Partners and GTCR LLC have acquired the controversial company and renamed it Allspring to give the giant new life. This led to a change in leadership and several innovations, including a deal with the State Street Corporation in 2022.

The image of the updated company was developed by a large agency from Britain, Wolff Olins. The new logo is a neon blue name and in front of it is a blue square with two white mountain tops or graph peaks stacked on top of each other.

The word Allspring can be translated as “permanent spring.” The name conveys a sense of new prosperity. There was a release from the massive banking structure that gave birth to an independent investment company. Like the steps of a rocket, the past “fell off” from the rising young direction.

The graphic element has several meanings.

  • Two vertices on top of each other. They demonstrate the company’s rebirth, which also occupies a significant position in the market, like its parent holding. The image conveys the desire for new heights and success for customers and society. Innovation and growth become the main goals of the holding.
  • Graphs. The peaks allude to the financial charts that are used in investing. The square shape returns the logo to the stability theme of the previous emblem. Managers manage capital confidently and are highly qualified.
  • Curtain on the stage. The blue veil is parting, revealing bright prospects, a bright future for Allspring partners.
  • Roads. The narrowing of the wide white road strip towards the horizon conveys the appearance of narrow specialization. Purposefulness that allows you to achieve the best.
  • Christmas tree, as a sign of permanent life. Its green needles are not falling off, and the company will be active all year round.
  • Four blue rounded triangles show the diversified activities of the company, investing in different directions.

In general, the new logo looks much fresher and younger. It has more dynamics and readiness to introduce modern technologies. The image attracts attention and makes you think about the meaning of an unusual picture.

Font and Colors

Allspring Emblem

The main colors of the young brand are rich blue and white.

  • Blue is a business approach, renewal, and the emergence of powerful energy for doing business.
  • White – shows freshness. The flourishing and use of various innovations to achieve their goals. The holding plans to attract new customers and open up prospects for cooperation.

Allspring Symbol

The font of the inscription is similar to Kalista Serif Regular. The letters are simple and strict, consistent with the company’s direction. However, the last ornate “g” stands out against their background, recalling the willingness to explore the unknown and embrace the market’s innovations.

Allspring color codes

Han PurpleHex color:#5627e7
RGB:86 39 231
CMYK:63 83 0 9
Pantone:PMS Violet C