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The Humana logo was updated frequently as the organization experimented with its identity, bringing it closer to the principles of compassion and empathy. It is clean: it exudes calmness, security, and confidence, which is very important in the field of health insurance.

Humana: Brand overview

Founded: August 18, 1961
Founder: Wendell Cherry
Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.

Humana is a US-based home care and health insurance company. Since its inception in 1961, it has grown to the US Fortune 500 list, where it ranks 41st in terms of annual income. In addition, this organization is in the country’s top 3 services providing health insurance services. Its founders are lawyers David A. Jones and Wendell Cherry. The head office is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

The beginning of the insurance business was laid by the arrangement of nursing homes. This is what the company was doing at the time of its inception. Then it was called Extendicare Inc. A few years later (in 1968), the organization became the largest nursing home service in the United States. In 1972, the partners decided to sell the network they had created and focus on hospitals.

Especially for this, they renamed the company to emphasize the humanistic orientation of the work and show that hospitals can and should provide a high level of care for patients, showing humanity to them. By the early 1980s, the highly specialized firm had become a large-scale profile group as it absorbed American Medicorp Inc.

At the same time, Humana proposed a new model for the layout of the hospital corridor and began to build buildings with a double row of offices along the wards. This allowed her to provide quick and free access for medical staff to bedridden patients. She introduced health insurance services later when the American healthcare system was modernized. Then the company lost a contract with the largest organization and launched its project to provide medical insurance.

Now it is a large-scale corporation: it deals with most issues related to the medical field. In particular, it focuses on hospitals, hospices, and home care services.

Meaning and History

Humana Logo History

The history of the Humana logo began in 1961 when the Extendicare Nursing Home chain was founded. Later, it became a hospital company and received a more “human” name, which was supposed to be associated with care and humanity. The same qualities were embodied in the logo depicting a running man: a figure with outstretched arms symbolized care and help.

In the early 2000s, Humana has a simple wordmark with an inscription. The brand name, in roman type with thin and long serifs, embodied reliability, confidence, and resilience. In 2012, the health insurance company began using a different text logo, green and with rounded sans-serif letters. It is associated with safety, health, and optimism.

What is Humana?

Humana is an American healthcare company specializing in home care, hospital construction, and health insurance. It is included in the ranking the most profitable organizations in the medical insurance field, ranking third in the United States. The firm appeared in 1961 and was opened by David A. Jones and Wendell Cherry. Its headquarters is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

1961 – 1974

Extendicare Logo 1961

The logo contains a stylized “e” in black, the first letter of the Extendicare name. It looks like an unfinished ring with a stripe leading to the center, where there is a thick dot. This design symbolizes cyclicity, care, and protection. The emblem can also be interpreted as a stylized copyright sign because the negative white space is shaped like a “c.” Perhaps this similarity emphasizes the intellectual property and exclusivity of the brand. Or a “c” shaped figure is added for symmetry.

To the right of the stylized “e” is the two-level text written in sans-serif lowercase glyphs. At the top is the company’s name, in bold type with narrow letter spacing. The second line is occupied by the phrase “skilled nursing centers” – the slogan of Extendicare.

1974 – 1997

Humana Logo 1974

The word “Humana” is in a font similar to ParaType’s Pragmatica Condensed Black. But the first “H” has a custom design: its horizontal stroke protrudes from the left side. Moreover, half of the “H” is not black but striped. It is stylized as a cross, which symbolizes health and medical services.

1997 – 2004

Humana Logo 1997

Then the legendary emblem appeared, which is very significant for the health insurance organization because it contains the name and a personal symbol. This is the personification of humanism, after which the company is named. To the left of the inscription is a figure of a man with arms wide apart, resembling wings. The character is depicted in action – he is as if “snatched” from the frame at the moment of running, jumping, or taking off. The features of the figure are unclear and vague, with torn edges on the right side. Nearby is the word “Humana,” which the designers have changed the font, offering a wide antiqua instead of a bubble grotesque. All the letters are in upper case this time, and pastel blue is used instead of bright cobalt.

2004 – 2012

Humana Logo 2004

The logo, created in 2004, features the same inscription as before. The developers have kept everything – the style, the font, and the length of the inter-letter gaps. Only the color of the text has changed, becoming a neutral blue. The designers removed the image of a moving person.

2012 – today

Humana Logo

In this period, a logo with an updated concept was used because it had a different design. The letters are modernized: they have wide legs and sharp corners at the upper ends. Moreover, the authors of the visual identity returned lowercase characters, leaving only one capital character – “H,” located at the beginning of the Humana company name. In its structure, it is very interesting because the crossbar does not have classic corners: instead of them, there are smoothly rounded transitions.

Font and Colors

Humana Symbol

The visual identity of this American company is built entirely on its name. This is a text sign indicating the seriousness of the services and the business approach. The logo does not contain anything superfluous – only verbal elements. In the latest version, the letters are designer beaten and are individual glyphs.

The earliest emblem uses a grotesque that is close to the Uniform Rounded Extra Condensed Black bubbly typeface. The difference between them is only in the letter “a” of a slightly different shape – with a more sloping transition of the central connection. A completely different inscription style is noted in the second and third logos. This antiqua exactly resembles Adobe’s Kepler® Std Extended Caption Medium. An individual typeface has been chosen with no analogs for the modern version.

Humana Logo 1961

At first, the corporate palette was based on the traditionally “medical” color – blue. It was a very intense shade of cobalt. Then there were two options for blue – dusted and neutral. But over time, they were supplanted by green. All of them are harmoniously combined with white.

Humana color codes

Sap Green Hex color: #4e8416
RGB: 78 132 22
CMYK: 41 0 83 48
Pantone: PMS 362 C