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Amidst a raging world full of dangers and unforeseen situations, the bank from the Wells Fargo logo is a safe haven. The emblem shows that business is conducted transparently, laws are respected, and useful innovations are introduced to make life easier for customers.

Wells Fargo: Brand overview

Founder:Henry Wells, William Fargo
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Wells Fargo Banking Holding is named after its creators: Henry Wells and William Fargo. They laid the foundation for it, opening a postal finance company in 1852, which merged with Norwest in 1998. This bank is the “parent” of many modern services. He was the first to install ATMs in supermarkets and shops because he developed a universal customer service format. Wells Fargo also pioneered online banking in the United States by allowing cardholders to track their accounts remotely.

Meaning and History

Wells Fargo Logo History

The iconic equestrian stagecoach is a symbol of Wells Fargo’s values, heritage, and image. It was first depicted in a black and white logo and then continued to be used as an icon. This is an important part of the bank’s visual identity, which in the past was the owner of the largest empire of postal carriages and was engaged not only in express delivery but also in the transportation of passengers.

What is Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is a representative of the “Big Four” US banks and one of the systemically important financial institutions in the world.

1852 – 1960

Wells Fargo’s history and visual identity began in 1852 when William G. Fargo and Henry Wells decided to help the people of San Francisco move valuables safely. To do this, they created an innovative startup that was named after them. Over time, the company expanded the list of services, and steel storage facilities appeared, reliably protected from robbers. But it was the early period in the history of the banking holding that was most reflected in its logos.

1960 – 1962

Wells Fargo Logo 1960

At the dawn of the 1960s, the Wells Fargo emblem was white and oval, double outlined in black. In the center was a detailed image of a stagecoach in black and white. Surrounding it was a ring of “WELLS FARGO BANK” (above) and “AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY” (below) in fine, long serifs. The letters touched a little because of the blurry ink. And to the right and left of the vehicle were written numbers that form the year the company was founded: 1852. The stagecoach appeared on the logo not by chance because customers trusted the financial company with their money and precious metals, especially gold. Trains, steamboats, and horse-drawn wagons delivered treasure chests to various settlements.

1962 – 19..

Wells Fargo Logo 1962

In 1962 the stagecoach became black and small. All the inscriptions around it disappeared, and the oval was replaced by a white rhombus with an unusual frame, which consisted of two solid black stripes and two fragments in the form of parallel lines. The company’s name appeared at the bottom in a long, even line. It was written in capital letters with serifs.

before 1996

Wells Fargo Logo before 1996

The first emblem of the holding features the Concord Coach stagecoach, designed specifically for uneven roads. Damask and genuine leather interior, curved frame, perfectly balanced wheels made this type of transport unique.

The logo is detailed: the artists even depicted the silhouettes of people. These are messengers who calmly transported treasure chests: checks, documents, money, and gold bars. They were not afraid of the bandits because they were well-armed. However, one rogue managed to rob Wells Fargo twenty-seven times.

Stagecoaches were used where there were no railways. They crossed deserts, mountain passes, and quicksands and climbed the most difficult routes to prove express delivery reliability.

1996 – 2019

Wells Fargo Logo 1996

In 2008, the famous American company merged with another large US banking network – Wachovia. This led to the change of the logo, which became square in the new version. Inside the red rectangle was a wordmark. The letters were yellow and capitalized. The long serifs lent a royal charm to the lettering.

The postal stagecoach, as a permanent symbol of Wells Fargo, has moved to the icon category. They began to depict him in more detail and color. The artists paid attention to detail, making the drawing as realistic as possible. In the upper right corner was the bank’s motto: “Together we’ll go far.”

2019 – today

Wells Fargo Logo 2019-present

Wells Fargo has gone through several scandals, has been accused of fraud on multiple occasions, and has been fined for numerous violations. To reclaim the shaken brand image, management launched an entire campaign under the slogan “This is Wells Fargo.” An attempt to rehabilitate itself involved updating the logo and icon.

Advertising agency BBDO-San Francisco developed a concept that was supposed to help the bank get on the progress path. True, the changes turned out to be minimal: the designers left everything on the main sign and repainted the inscription yellow. The stagecoach became black and white again, and the number of horses was reduced to three.

Font and Colors

Wells Fargo Emblem

In 1852, a six-horse harness was given the status of an iconic Wells Fargo symbol. It reflects the history of the bank and is associated with postal services. Under it was the name of the organization, separated by a black horizontal line.

The current emblem has nothing to do with the past of the financial institution. It looks like a simple red square with Wells Fargo written on it. Even the last attempt to change its image was not very successful: the holding never modernized its visual identity, although the marketing campaign aimed to show progress.

The oldest banking institution uses the Clarendon Bold font, created by typographer Robert Besley, for the wordmark. This font is the same age as Wells Fargo: it was developed back in 1845. The uppercase Antiqua letters are painted bright yellow (# FFFF00), and the square behind them is dark red (# CD1409).

Wells Fargo color codes

Venetian RedHex color:#cd1409
RGB:205 20 9
CMYK:0 90 96 20
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C

What does Wells Fargo logo mean?

The red square with the white WELLS FARGO lettering symbolizes stability, reliability, and stability.

Did Wells Fargo change their logo?

Wells Fargo last updated the logo in 2019, changing the color of the lettering from yellow to white and making the red square more vibrant.

Is Wells Fargo a bank?

Wells Fargo & Company is a bank holding company. It includes Wells Fargo Bank.

What services are offered at Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo offers a wide range of services, including financial, mortgage, investment, insurance, and banking.