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The Allstate logo offers help and protection. After issuing a policy, customers will feel completely safe. Care, attention to users’ needs, calmness, and confidence in the future can be traced in the elements of the emblem.

Allstate: Brand overview

Founded: April 17, 1931
Northbrook, Illinois, U.S.
Allstate is an abbreviated form of the name of the American insurance organization Allstate Corporation. At first, it was part of the Sears, Roebuck, and Co. structure, but then it was spun off to become a separate firm. The year of its appearance is 1931. The head office is located in Northfield Township, Illinois, where it was relocated in 1967. It is now the largest corporation with annual revenues of about $ 40 billion.

Meaning and History

Allstate Logo History

The history of the insurance company dates back to 1925 when the Sears department store chain leadership announced a competition for the best brand name for automobile tires. It chose Allstate from more than 2 million options and registered it the following year, securing the trademark. Tires were in high demand, so the name was on everyone’s lips.

Then Carl L. Odell, an insurance agent, proposed to Robert E. Wood, the head of the Sears Chairman General, the concept of mail-order auto insurance. He, in turn, put forward the idea to the board of directors and received approval. This is how the Allstate Insurance Company was born, an insurance organization named after a tire brand. The idea was born practically by accident – during a trip by train in 1930. And the next year, the company has already started active work. The first Allstate office was opened in a Sears store in Chicago in 1934.

Then she began to expand insurance services to include more and more insurance claims in the package. In addition, the company changed offices several times in parallel due to expansion. In 1950, she had an excellent marketing motto, used as the basis for the identity and implemented in the emblem. It was written by Davis W. Ellis, General Sales Manager. It sounded like this: “You’re in Good Hands with Allstate.” The image of good hands was embodied in the logo and became the main factor of trust in the insurer. The organization has continuously improved it, receiving a total of five personal identity marks.

What is Allstate?

Allstate is insurance, banking, and investment company. Its headquarters are located in the suburbs of Chicago.

1931 – 1955

The first 20 years of the company’s work are associated with its formation since the concept appeared suddenly. All this time, the insurance service made plans, received a basis for further activities, and sold car insurance through the post office (mainly at the beginning). It is assumed that her logo contained only an inscription – a name executed in strict, smooth sans serif letters.

1955 – 1969

Allstate Logo 1955-1969

As a result of the slogan “You’re in good hands,” the designers focused on the image of caring hands. After the competition, the management settled on a variant with palms outstretched, in which there was a private house with a plot. The arms were made in white and placed in a black oval. To the right of it, there was an expanded inscription with the motto (above), the name (middle line), and the legal status of the insurance organization (below).

1969 – 2006

Allstate Logo 1969-2006

In the next version of the logo, the developers rearranged the text. They made the central part of the hand, which depicted the roof of the house and the car, and placed the phrase “You’re in Good Hands with Allstate” around. All graphic elements were drawn with black outlines and had no fill – they remained white, except for the roof and the car. Above the icon was the name of the company in large, elongated type. Moreover, the inscription received its peculiarity – a cut crossbar at the capital “A” and the same sharp angle at the bottom of the lowercase “a.”

1999 – 2006

Allstate Logo 1999-2006

The redesign brought a slight tweak to the logo: the palms folded on top of each other were placed in an oval and moved to the left of the insurer’s name. The roof and the car disappeared from them, so the hands were open – turned with the inside of the palms up, which meant the highest degree of trust in customers. The color of the logo is now blue for the first time.

2006 – today

Allstate Logo 2006-present

After further improvements, the frame on the icon has become a little wider, the style of the inscription has changed a little. A third of the letters have not changed (“A” and two “l”), and the rest of the characters received a new design (rounded and streamlined).


Allstate Logo 2017

For a short period (May-September 2017), the company used a logo with a left-sided palm icon. It was round. The hands had the same design – strict, neat, with a clear image of each finger.

Font and Colors

Allstate Emblem

The logo was developed not by specialists but by the staff of the insurance agency. On this occasion, the Allstate administration announced a competition for the most successful emblem. The winner was the option proposed by Theodore Conterio, for which he received a reward of $ 50. Based on a 2000 study by Northwestern University’s Medill Graduate Department of Integrated Marketing Communications, the original slogan and logo are the most credible.

The typeface used in the logo is reminiscent of Whitney SemiBold, a humanistic sans serif typeface. It was created by designer Tobias Frere-Jones and first published by Hoefler & Co.

Allstate Symbol

The color palette is discreet but reassuring, as required by the specifics of the insurance industry. At first, black prevailed in the identity, and then a navy blue appeared, which has survived today.

Allstate color codes

Dark Powder Blue Hex color: #0033a0
RGB: 0 51 160
CMYK: 100 68 0 37
Pantone: PMS Dark Blue C

What is the Allstate logo?

The Allstate logo consists of a word mark and a two-hand emblem. Both elements are white and blue. Bold sans serif is used for the label. Hands, or rather palms, are folded in a boat and are in an oval.

Where did Allstate get its name?

Allstate was named after the brand under which the American department store chain Sears sold automobile tires.

What is the Allstate slogan?

The Allstate logo was inspired by the slogan “You’re in good hands.” It is also used in the current advertising campaign, but with a question mark at the end.

Who created the Allstate logo?

The creator of the legendary hand symbol – Theodore Conterio. At the time the logo was designed, he was one of the Allstate employees.