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Mapfre is a leading insurance company from Spain, leading the top three leaders in the country. It exists since May 1933. It was located in the city of Madrid (in the Mahadhonda) and named after the founding company.

Meaning and History

Mapfre Symbol

The insurer’s corporate emblem appeared immediately since it already had a full-fledged platform. But the developers tried to improve the symbolism, which, if not visually, then at least internally corresponds to the activities of the company.

Such unobtrusiveness was successful because the logo lacks aggressive advertising and active promotion of the service. This aroused trust among the population and led to an increased demand for services. On the company logo, there is only one well-recognized graphic element and the name of the insurance organization, made in the original style.

According to the statutory requirements, neither the design nor the letters can be changed. They should remain as they were at the time Mapfre opened. This is related to the visual identification of the company and is intended for potential customers. Therefore, the fonts are the same both on the website and on the facades of offices. And the proportions, shape, design of the emblem are preserved in all versions so that there are no disagreements. This is emphasized in the corporate leadership requirements. The only thing to be replaced is the color.

For example, in 2004, a modified version appeared. It is made based on its predecessor. It retains the same textual part and the same graphics, but the word “Mapfre” is filed in a darker palette. It is permissible to change the structure of the logo, but with the preservation of the original details. Based on this, the logo is vertical (words are arranged in a column, the picture is at the top) and horizontal (the name goes on the line, the brand name is on the left). But the geometric shape of the substrate is only rectangular.

Moreover, the word “Mapfre” in all contexts is used exclusively in the upper case. This is also enshrined in the corporate charter. The main reason is maximum stability because the insurance sector should remain unchanged, demonstrating reliability and stability to others. Therefore, mainly two variations are used: on one – white letters on a red background, on the other – red inscriptions on a white background. There are also red-black and white-black logos.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Mapfre Emblem

In addition to the letter part, there is a graphic element in the form of a clover trefoil on the company symbolics. He is a key factor in the image and a distinctive sign of belonging to a high status. Consists of three proportionate segments. It is located in the center, above the name – between “P” and “F.” At first, it was simple and monochrome, but after redesigning the logo in 2004, it received small changes that have survived to this day.

Another symbol closely associated with the symbols of the company is the “bridge” (in the form of a circle). He has established himself as a powerful communication tool. It is used together with the inscription and clover, representing a convenient way to cooperate.

The color scheme of Mapfre is more loyal and has been modified several times. But basically, the Pantone 485 range is in use. Together with the logo, it forms a unique set of identities. This also includes white.

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