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The symbols used in the logo leave no doubt that it is about health and medicine. The Anthem Inc. logo is an example of subliminal communication of information through images. The mark promises patient protection, competent treatment, and care for disease prevention.

Elevance Health: Brand overview

Millions of Americans in eleven states utilize the health insurance services of Anthem Inc. This company has been around since 2004, but for the first ten years, it operated under the name WellPoint. Both names once belonged to their predecessors: the original Anthem and WellPoint Health Networks, which merged after acquiring Blue Cross Blue Shield branches in various U.S. cities. The insurance firm is now a licensed partner of Blue Cross and is considered the largest subsidiary of the association.

Meaning and History

Anthem Inc Logo History

Anthem Inc. offers reliable healthcare solutions so that its customers have access to the medical care they need. It is an important link in the healthcare industry: its subsidiary brands provide a wide range of services, including insurance, when caring for a sick family member. Their primary goal is to keep the entire nation healthy and improve the lives of every American.

The organization is headquartered in Indianapolis, and the network spans over ten states. Anthem Inc. gained control of many communities in the United States through its predecessors’ handling of the acquisition of regional Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Anthem (pre-merger) was originally founded in 1946. After the merger with WellPoint Health Networks, it became the head of the newly formed entity but changed its name to WellPoint. The next renaming occurred in 2014. All of these events were accompanied by a logo redesign that reflected the company’s name.

What is Anthem Inc?

Anthem Inc. – is the former name of the American company Elevance Health, which was used from 2014 to 2022. Prior to that, it was known as WellPoint. It is an insurance company that provides various types of health insurance. It works with many doctors and medical facilities in more than 20 states in the United States to ensure that customers have access to quality healthcare services.

2004 – 2014

Anthem Inc. Logo 2004-2014

The first-word mark was completed with three red lines with curved ends. They were positioned above the blue text “WELLPOINT” and were center-aligned. To make the font memorable, the designers used a font with long serifs. The contrasting thickness of the strokes created a sense of dynamics. The letters “W” and “P” were slightly higher than the rest of the letters, although all the characters were written in upper case.

2014 – today

Anthem Inc. Logo 2014-present

In 2014, the company got a new name and a corresponding logo. It now looks like a single-word “Anthem” without any additional graphic elements. Only the letter “A” remained capitalized – the rest became lowercase. The blue color has been retained but has acquired a new shade.

The health insurance company does not use any graphics. It has only a word mark containing its name without the suffix “Inc.” and decorative images. It is a registered trademark, which is indicated by the letter R in a circle (®).

Font and Colors

Anthem Inc Emblem

The font was specifically designed for Anthem Inc. Similar but not identical fonts are Bodoni Recut FS Regular (FontSite Inc., 2010) and LTC Bodoni Bold Regular (P22 Type Foundry, 2004). They differ primarily in the lowercase letter “t.” In the logo, its top is flat, while in both fonts, it is cut at an angle. Related details include long rectangular serifs and contrasting lines.

Anthem Inc. Symbol

When the company was called WellPoint, it had a dark blue (# 1B458F) wordmark complemented by three red (# E01D30) lines. After the transformation, the lettering took on a darker shade known as Medium Persian Blue (# 0067A7). The red element disappeared, and the background remained white. Exceptionally, the company uses a black logo if the colored version is difficult to read.

Elevance Health color codes

SapphireHex color:#1a3673
RGB:26 54 115
CMYK:77 53 0 55
Pantone:PMS 288 C
Summer SkyHex color:#44b8f3
RGB:68 184 243
CMYK:72 24 0 5
Pantone:PMS 306 C