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The Alpinestars logo is romantic and dynamic. The emblem encapsulates the themes of movement, racing, and victories, which occur thanks to the brand’s professional clothing. The company outfits leaders and, rightfully, stand alongside them on the podium’s top spots.

Alpinestars: Brand overview

Founder:Sante Mazzarolo
Asolo, Veneto, Italy

Alpinestars is a private Italian brand of equipment for active sports. It owns 13 factories worldwide, with a small workforce. The team of developers and testers is based in Italy, which allows for the creation of modern sports apparel items. The lineup includes over 2000 products.

Meaning and History

Alpinestars Logo History

The brand’s emblems were initially closely tied to its homeland, carrying a theme of patriotism and the desire to glorify the country. Gradually, the direct connection to nature and native places is replaced by symbolic associations. Having gained fame and recognition, the brand formulates logos featuring actual stars, moving away from floral motifs. The signs evoke a sense of leadership, speed, and snowy winter.

What is Alpinestars?

A brand that produces safety cushions, sports clothing, and equipment for moto, auto, bike racing, tourism, and surfing. Representatives are open in Italy, California, and Bangkok. Distributors operate in 50 countries around the world. The headquarters is in Asolo.

1963 – 1979

Alpinestars Logo 1963

The first emblem consists of the brand name in small black letters. The lowercase elements point to a part of the racer’s gear. The first product was boots for skiers. The very tight lettering turns each word into an almost solid mass of characters. This technique personifies the following:

  • Reliable fastening, allowing products to fit tightly on the foot.
  • Boot lacing.
  • Ski runners. Two words as two separate skis or two boots.

The name Sante Mazzarolo was inspired by the Stella Alpina flower, better known as Edelweiss, which grows in the Alps, the area where the company was founded. Its inflorescences resemble white stars. Therefore, the name combines the image of a star, the Alps, snow, and native localities. Skiing products are also associated with mountains and white snow. However, the name and the solid black letters were completely disharmonious.

2000 – today

Alpinestars Logo

In 2000, the final version of the logo, which has been in use for the last 20 years, emerged. Various interpretations of it appeared in the early ’80s. The emblem consists of the letter “a” transitioning into a star and the company’s name in white letters. The depiction of the star:

  1. Embody part of the name.
  2. Hints at the shape of the flowers.
  3. Indicates that the company has been outfitting leading stars of the world’s most famous races for many years. Twenty world champions competed in Alpinestar’s equipment.

The transformation where the “a” emanates from the star signifies racing, fast movement, in which Alpinestars holds a leading position. Racers move so quickly because their equipment assists them.

The word is written in a single sequence and is no longer split into ‘Alpine’ and ‘stars,’ turning it from two separate concepts into the brand’s name. Around each white letter, there is a black outline, giving the inscription a sense of depth. The characters seem to rise above the surface, associated with the theme of mountains topped with snow. Metaphorically, this device speaks of the elevation of the manufacturer, turning it into a leading brand in the world.

Font and Colors

Black and white are the primary colors in the palette of visual symbols. They indicate the two main directions of the company – skiing and motorsport.

  • White – snow-capped Alpine peaks, ski trails, white ski gear, edelweiss petal color. The color indicates innovation, developments, and updates to collections.
  • Black – race tracks, motorcycles, black racer suits. The shade embodies overcoming difficulties, continuous improvement of products, and the hard work of athletes. The color signifies absolute leadership and victory over all competitors.

The font was specifically designed for the company using grotesque round letters. The unique slanted top glyph of the letter t resonates with the star’s rays in the image.

Alpinestars color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C