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Health must be protected – the American Cancer Society logo’s message. It concentrates on the main principles of medicine: protection, kindness, and care, expressed in the symbols of ancient times. The continuity of methods enriched by modern discoveries is the guardian of life.

American Cancer Society: Brand overview

Founded: May 22, 1913
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
The American Cancer Society is an organization whose primary mission is scientific research directly related to the fight against cancer. The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913. During this time, it has expanded significantly, and today it has branches in all states of the United States. The company has achieved serious success. This is evidenced, among other things, because for more than 100 years of existence, ACS has funded about 40 Nobel laureates.

Meaning and History

American Cancer Society Logo History

During the entire existence of society, not so many variants of logos were presented. At the same time, the company’s visual recognition is at a high level, as the logo conveys the goals and objectives of the American Cancer Society. Redesigns in subsequent years resulted in minimal changes that made the visual impact more tangible. The inscriptions used the classic bold sans-serif type, where only the first letters in each society word were capitalized. The current version of the American Cancer Society logo uses a white-red-blue color palette. The contrast of colors makes the logo both strict and spectacular.

What is the American Cancer Society?

First and foremost, it is an extremely important company on which the future of cancer research largely depends. The organization is popular far beyond the United States, and its achievements are relevant to many medical institutions.

1945 – 1994

American Cancer Society Logo 1945

Although the society was founded as early as 1913, the first version of the logo was introduced in 1945. Although it used a black and white color palette, it looked stylish and modern. The company’s name was made in a three-tiered composition, where each line was responsible for a certain word, for the inscription used a classic font without serifs. At the same time, the lines in the letters look interesting because some of them are connected. In addition, some of the letters seem to be incomplete. We are talking primarily about the letter “A,” where the horizontal line is not completed. The upper semicircle of the “R” is also completed. To the left of the inscription is the society’s emblem, in the form of a vertically placed sword with the blade on top. The handle is stylized as two snakes that coil around the sword. This choice is not surprising, as snakes are historically associated with the medical profession.

1994 – 2022

American Cancer Society Logo 1994

The redesign of the 1994 logo made it more vibrant and recognizable. The main elements remained unchanged: the coat of arms on the left and the verbal inscription on the right. However, this update led to the appearance of the background. It was conventionally divided into two parts, namely a red vertical rectangle, where the usual emblem was made in white in the form of a sword and two snakes. On the right side was a bright blue trapeze, joined to the coat of arms by a left-hand line. The inscription was also written in three lines in modern bold sans serif type. Instead of black, white was used to contrast with the background. Thus, the society looks modern but also clearly conveys the message of the target audience, causing them to trust.

The so-called “Sword of Hope,” which plays the role of society’s emblem, was created in 1928 and has not changed fundamentally since then. The sword is associated with the fight against the world’s most deadly disease and the effectiveness and productivity of the American Cancer Society. The two snakes that entwine the sword’s hilt indicate the medical nature of the company.

2022 – today

American Cancer Society Logo

The leading cancer organization decided to rebrand as early as 2021. Karen E. Knudsen, who recently became CEO, is rumored to have spearheaded the idea. By the end of the year, serious work began on a new brand that was supposed to convince today’s youth that the American Cancer Society helps people of all ages, not just grandparents. After all, cancer has become increasingly diagnosed in young people.

Havas New York created a modern logo for the charity while retaining traditional elements:

  • two snakes – a symbol of health care;
  • sword – the personification of the fight against cancer;
  • company name – the main brand identifier.

When creating the emblem, the designers decided it should be visible on different backgrounds during ACS events. Therefore, the letters were enlarged. The geometric base in the form of a trapezoid has disappeared. The sword and inscription became bright blue, and the snakes became deep red.

Font and Colors

American Cancer Society Emblem

The navy blue American Cancer Society logo is in bold geometric sans-serif. Each word in the brand name starts on a new line with a capital letter. The typeface used is very similar to the Indian Type Foundry’s Touche Bold.

American Cancer Society Symbol

The colors of the emblem – red, blue, and white – are the same as on the US flag. This speaks to the patriotism of the organization and its desire to help the American population. And the bright shades of ACS Core Red (#FF0000) and ACS Core Blue (#2746F8) attract the attention of a caring society.

American Cancer Society color codes

Neon Blue Hex color: #3548f3
RGB: 53 72 243
CMYK: 81 68 0 0
Pantone: PMS 2736 C
Red Hex color: #db0000
RGB: 219 0 0
CMYK: 1 100 100 0
Pantone: PMS Bright Orange C