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The American Family Insurance logo represents a cozy place where one feels at ease. A strong roof and a solid foundation are not afraid of any adversity. The emblem shows care for the well-being of the family through various types of insurance.

American Family Insurance: Brand overview

American Family Insurance is an American insurance company with more than $14.5 billion in sales. It operates 16 subsidiary firms with 13,500 employees. The insurer operates in 19 states.

Meaning and History

American Family Insurance Logo History

To reflect the goals and mission of AmFam, a brightly colored emblem with a clear meaning was chosen. One look is enough to understand the focus of the company’s activities and its target audience. The emblem appeared in 1963 when the company changed its name and expanded its activities. When the company was founded in 1927, it was called Farmers Mutual Insurance Company and focused exclusively on farmers.

What is American Family Insurance? 

American Family Insurance offers home, auto, boat, and trailer insurance, as well as term life insurance policies for families and individuals. The company has four regional offices headquartered in Madison, where it has been located for more than 100 years.

1963 – today

American Family Insurance Logo

The insurance company’s emblem is highly symbolic. The lettering and additional elements depict a typical American home.

The zigzag red line represents the roof. It runs over the living area in the form of two slopes and a straight part over the garage. This home design is popular among American families and is considered part of the American dream.

The red color corresponds to the usual color of metal roofing. This shade evokes pleasant emotions, warmth, and joy reigning in the house.

Underneath the roof, the blue lettering “American Family” is painted on the walls and windows. This phrase directly indicates who resides in this house. The central placement of the name, among other elements, emphasizes the theme of protection. The people are sheltered in the house under the roof. There, they feel comfortable and safe.

On the bottom level, a blue rectangle with the word “Insurance” is depicted in white font. The use of the background shape hints at the foundation. Insurance is the backbone of this home. Thanks to the policy, the family is safe and secure. The more down-to-earth and elongated letters of the word “Insurance” further emphasize the sense of foundation and support.

Family insurance means protecting family members and assets, especially the home. Even if disaster strikes: illness, accidents, car or home damage, the family won’t end up bankrupt or on the street. Insurance will cover everything.

That’s why the Home logo looks reliable, sturdy, and safe.

The rectangle also speaks to the full range of insurance a family may need. The company insures the life and health of an individual family member as well as the entire household. It protects the necessities of life. The company offers retirement plans and investment options to enhance financial well-being.

The idea of a wide range of essential insurance is emphasized by AmFam’s tagline, “All your protection under one roof.” All you have to do is contact this company, and all your insurance needs will be taken care of.

Font and Colors

The color scheme consists of red, blue, and white tricolor. These bright colors give vigor and confidence in the future and lift the mood.

  • The blue color symbolizes stability, constancy, and confidence. The whole logo is based on it.
  • White – symbolizes honesty and integrity. Investments in this company are reliable. Insurance also gives an opportunity to start life with a clean slate.
  • Red – conveys the energy of a joyful family hearth, full of life, fire, and significant events.

The lettering font is reminiscent of Almarose Black with its smooth and even characters. Subconsciously, the full glyphs without serifs suggest easy cooperation with the company, free from complexities and problems.

American Family Insurance color codes

Cadmium RedHex color:#dc0022
RGB:220 0 34
CMYK:0 100 85 14
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Royal AzureHex color:#003eac
RGB:0 62 172
CMYK:100 64 0 33
Pantone:PMS 2728 C