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The AND 1 logo is fast-paced and energetic, as it is associated with sports. With just a few strokes, dynamism fills the black lines, conveying to the audience the desire to move forward and overcome the competition. Massive elements seem light and simple; their task is to show strength of mind and unwavering sportsmanship.

AND1: Brand overview

AND 1 is an American clothing brand closely associated with athletes. It not only manufactures sporting goods and equipment but is also a sponsor of the NBA. The brand provides basketball players with everything from jerseys to equipment. The company was founded by a group of graduate students from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania that included Jay Cohen Gilbert, Seth Berger, and Tom Austin. The company was founded in 1993 and is now a subsidiary of Sequential Brands Group.

Meaning and History

AND1 Logo History

The brand originated from retail sales at an automobile dealership. Friends offered T-shirts to street basketball players using viral advertising that used standard sports terms, slogans, and phrases. The brand name was chosen along the same lines, as the phrase AND1 means a free throw awarded to an athlete who is fouled while making a shot. Television companies use the term during broadcasts of basketball games.

The business quickly expanded to 1,500 stores covering many parts of the United States. The first star spokesman for AND1 was NBA player Stephon Xavier Marbury. After signing a contract with him, the manufacturer instantly switched to producing specialized sneakers, opening the door to the athletic footwear market. By then, the products already bore the company’s iconic logo.

What is AND1?

AND 1 is an American sportswear and footwear manufacturer owned by Sequential Brands Group. The company specializes in basketball-related merchandise, offering customized sneakers. Founded by University of Pennsylvania Wharton School alumni Jay Cohen Gilbert, Seth Berger, and Tom Austin, the company came into existence in the summer of 1993.


AND1 Old Logo

AND 1 logo consists of two key elements arranged in sequence. The first is a square-shaped icon with rounded corners. It is colored in mustard and has a silhouette of a running man in the background. This is a basketball player, leading the ball for throwing. The athlete has his back slightly bent and his arm outstretched to the side. The white figure occupies only a third of the space, namely the lower right corner. It is in negative space, lacking detailed facial and body features. It is a generalized image with no reference to a specific basketball player.

Next is the company name, typed in a large font. The letters are massive, very bold, embossed. Due to their slightly flattened appearance, they resemble broad geometric figures. The letter “N” is standard, while “A” and “D” are not. These glyphs have an unusual structure: the upper corner of the first is cut, and the second resembles the letter “O.” The numeral “1” stands alone. All elements are located in a horizontal rectangle outlined by a thin black frame with rounded corners.


AND1 Logo

The logo has lost the limiting frame; only a light, thin stroke curved in the form of a crescent moon remains. The line completely covers the brand name at the top, ending behind the number “1”. At the bottom, the line is short and barely reaches the middle of the letter “N.” The left part of the curve is wider than the tapering right ends, which gives the two-dimensional emblem a sense of dynamism. A certain dynamism gives to the inscription under the sloping sideways arch. Under this improvised “cover” are placed all the glyphs, including the free-standing numeral 1. They are slanted to the right as if pointing forward.

The name is typed in a block sans-serif font. The letters are wide, bold, and extra-bold but remain clear due to the optimal internal spacing. The distance between them is minimal: for example, there is a narrow gap between the letters “D” and “N,” while there is no gap between “A” and “N.” The number “1” is made more expressive by a stroke (or tail) to the left. It is also italicized and full of energy, which compensates for the absence of the running basketball player.

Font and Colors

AND1 Emblem

The typefaces used for the inscriptions in the AND1 logo are not off-the-shelf; they are custom and specifically designed for this brand. The design agency t26 created an exclusive font in RoundBall Regular and Bold versions. Subsequently, the brand transitioned to using a chunky set of extra-bold letters, emphasizing reliability, dynamism, and sturdiness.

AND1 Symbol

The base color of the brand’s palette is black, which serves as the base for all emblem variants. For greater visual impact and a deeper concept, it is complemented by white and mustard colors reminiscent of dark gold.