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Anderlecht Logo

Anderlecht Logo
Anderlecht Logo PNG

RSC Anderlecht Brussel was created in 1908 by twelve people fond of football at the Concordia Café. It was first known as the Sporting Club Anderlechtois, and 25 years later, the word “Royal” appeared before the name. In 1993, the club was renamed the Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht Brussels, although its acronym is now much more common. The official colors of the organization are white and magenta. They are presented both on the players’ uniforms and on the logo.

Meaning and History

Anderlecht Logo History
Evolution of the Anderlecht Logo

The football team emblem contains the traditional symbols of Belgium and the Anderlecht commune. It is multicomponent, with each element being detailed and meaningful. The graphic sign has changed many times, but its structure has always remained the same as in 1981.

1933 – 1981

Anderlecht Logo 1933-1981

In 1933, the word “Royal” was added to the club’s name, so a golden crown decorated with green and red stones appeared on the logo. The symbol of power is depicted at the junction of two connected rings in white and blue. Inside are the letters “S,” “C,” and “A,” which are taken from the phrase “Sporting Club Anderlechtois.”

1981 – 1989

Anderlecht Logo 1981-1989

In 1981, a radical redesign was carried out, with the result that the emblem looked like a rectangular shield with a pointed base. At the top, in a separate rectangle, is the inscription “RSC ANDERLECHT.

The main part is occupied by a complex graphic composition, consisting of two black-yellow-red flags of Belgium, a motto ribbon with a Latin dictum “Mens sana in corpore sano,” a crown, two rings, the abbreviation “SCA” and the coat of arms of the Anderlecht commune. At the bottom are two golden spikelets of wheat, and in the background are large club flags that contain three vertical stripes: one white and two purple.

1989 – 2001

Anderlecht Logo 1989-2001

Because the shield has acquired a complex shape, the club’s name has moved down, and the central elements have been reduced. The design of the crown has also changed: it has a red inner part. The Anderlecht commune’s coat of arms also looks new: now, it looks like a real state symbol. Magenta is used instead of blue.

2001 – 2002

Anderlecht Logo 2001-2002

The heraldic shield disappeared along with the name of the club. Only the central composition, consisting of many small elements, remained. The color palette has been updated again, with the designers using purple instead of magenta. The proportions have also changed slightly: now the letter “C” from the abbreviation “SCA” merges with the rings.

2003 – 2008

Anderlecht Logo 2003-2008

The logo designers reduced the “C” to fit between two intersecting rings. They also made the image lighter by removing some of the blacks and adding more white.

2009 – 2010

Anderlecht Logo 2009-2010

In 2009, the colors of the Anderlecht logo got brighter. Purple has acquired a pronounced blue tint.

2010 – present

Anderlecht Logo 2010-present

In 2010, three stars were added over a complex graphic composition, one for every ten Belgian championships won.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Anderlecht Emblem

The Anderlecht emblem has four flags at once. Two of them belong to the club, and two more looks like Belgian tricolors on flagpoles. The crown bears witness to the success of the football team. Wheat spikelets symbolize prosperity, wealth, and prosperity. The motto, written on the ribbon, translates as “In a healthy body – a healthy mind,” which is one hundred percent consistent with the sports theme. The coat of arms of the commune Anderlecht is depicted as faithfully as possible.

The letters “SCA,” which have survived since the name of the Sporting Club Anderlechtois, have large, sharp-angled serifs. The motto has a completely different font, which is written grotesquely.

Three colors are used for the flags of Belgium: Eerie Black (# 18171A), Aureolin (# FCEC04), Permanent Geranium Lake (# E92D2A). Also, Aureolin is featured on the Anderlecht commune’s mini coat of arms, where it is combined with Rich Electric Blue (# 0091D0). Three stars are painted in Mustard Yellow (# E0AA00), while the left ring and vertical stripes in the background are in Spanish Violet (# 4C2484).