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Although the Anonymous logo and the masks worn by representatives of this community look different, they signify the same thing: protest. Against what? Against anything that infringes on the rights of ordinary people and limits their thoughts, freedom, good intentions, and aspirations. This decentralized organization is a peculiar Mr. Zorro of our time or, more precisely, Guy Fawkes, the legendary participant of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, whose “face” is used by the movement’s supporters.

Anonymous: Brand overview

Founder:Aubrey Cottle
Anonymous represents a decentralized group or subculture whose members engage in cyberattacks and hacking. The community unites users who jointly form a “collective intelligence” or “global brain.” They can be recognized by the distinctive masks from the film V for Vendetta. The social movement was born on the internet platform 4chan in 2003.

Meaning and History

Anonymous Logo History

After like-minded individuals met on the 4chan web platform, they decided to self-organize into a group without a central core and act together, conducting hacking attacks on undesirable individuals, companies, and institutions. Dozens of them were arrested, as the assessment of their actions is ambiguous. On the one hand, Anonymous members are called freedom fighters; on the other, they are considered cyber-terrorists. Either way, the group has become a powerful social weapon, which is why Time magazine included it in the top 100 most influential movements in the world in 2012.

To emphasize anonymity, demonstrate good intentions, and show their unity, group members wear identical masks in real life (at mass events and protests). The mask represents the face of Guy Fawkes, who participated in the Gunpowder Plot in the 17th century. The mask resembling his face appeared in the film V for Vendetta. Illustrator David Lloyd made it smiling, with squinted eyes, a pointed vertical beard, rosy cheeks, and upturned mustaches.

What is Anonymous?

Anonymous is an international group of hackers without a specific location or centralized control. It is known for conducting cyberattacks on government officials, government institutions, churches, and corporations. The movement includes numerous users worldwide who also meet in real life at protest actions, not just operating online. The community was born on the social network 4chan in 2003.

Anonymous Symbol

In contrast to the mask, the Anonymous logo doesn’t feature a face or even a head. In this way, the movement’s representatives demonstrate their anonymity. They emphasize the global reach with an image of the Earth. The name itself emerged spontaneously, as publications appeared under this name on the imageboard (board /b/ on 4chan) when users wanted to keep their real names a secret. Gradually, the idea of a collective of unnamed personalities turned into an internet meme and began to gain popularity.

In terms of structure, the emblem of the hacker collective resembles the United Nations logo. In both cases, the Earth is located in the center, surrounded on the right and left by two laurel branches connected at the bottom. However, there are significant differences:

  • In this case, the planet is depicted from the side, not from above, as in the UN logo.
  • It is marked with bold lines that form a grid of meridians and parallels.
  • In the foreground, at the center, there is a person in a formal business suit, but instead of a head, they have a large question mark. This is how group members convey their anonymity.
  • All elements are arranged within a white circle outlined by a black border.

Font and Colors

Anonymous Emblem

The Anonymous logo contains only an image – there is no text. The colors are restrained, serious, and business-like. They include black (suit, tie, frame, laurel wreath), white (background in the circle), and gray (meridians and parallels).

Anonymous color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
SilverHex color:#c0c0c0
RGB:192 192 192
CMYK:0 0 0 25
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 4 C