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The Ariat brand logo consists of the word “Ariat” with a graphic often referred to as a “figure of eight.” The graphic element of the Ariat logo resembles the number 8 but with some changes. The symbolism of the Ariat logo is related to equestrianism and the brand’s history. The graphic element, which is called the “eight,” is a symbol of the horse’s bridle, which is used to control the horse. And the “eight” is a symbol of infinity, which reflects the brand’s desire for continuous improvement and development.

The Ariat logo displays simplicity and minimalism, which reflects the functionality of the brand’s products. The emblem looks strong and energetic thanks to the brand’s strong font, which emphasizes confidence and reliability.

In general, the Ariat logo combines the symbolism of equestrianism, simplicity, functionality, and the desire for continuous development. It reflects the values and ideology of the brand, which puts the focus on comfort, safety, and product style for people involved in outdoor activities.

Ariat: Brand overview

Founder:Beth Cross, Pam Parker
Union City, California, United States

Ariat is an American shoe brand known for its equestrian designs. The headquarters is located in California. Products are sold in Europe, Asia, and North and South America. The Ariat logo includes clothing, accessories, and footwear for ranch work and leisure.

Ariat is a private company founded in 1993 and owned by two alums of the Stanford School (Parker and Cross). The main idea is to combine sports shoes and riding boots, which makes the models more comfortable. The company sponsors the championships of the international organization of riders PBR (2009) and FEI (2015).

Meaning and History

Ariat Logo History

The emblem was designed by Jay Vigon, a friend of Parker and Cross after the company was founded. Its main elements have remained constant over the past thirty years: the trademark and the name.

The word Ariat is the idea of one of the business co-founders – Beth Cross. She grew up on a farm and has been passionate about horse racing since childhood. Ariat is short for the full name of the famous derby horse 20 years before the company’s inception, Secretariat. She got the Triple Crown-winning three of the most prestigious races among three-year-old thoroughbred horses.

As planned, the logo with Ariat embodies the elegance and grace of the horse, which the creators are trying to convey in their models. For people familiar with equestrian sports, the meaning of the name is clear and demonstrates the following:

  • great love for horses,
  • admiration for thoroughbred horses,
  • the desire to create the most comfortable boots for winning,
  • leadership positions of the company in the market, the desire to be the first to finish.

The capital letters of the inscription and the bold font support the idea of primacy and confidence. They hint at the strength of the boots, stability, and a good fit in the saddle. Increasing the distance between the elements of the letters A and R demonstrates the horse’s movement, jumps, and jumps.

What is Ariat?

The world-famous company produces equestrian shoes, clothing, and accessories. It was founded in America in 1993.

1993 – 2005

Ariat Logo 1993

The visual part of the emblem is similar to a chevron with a number placed on the rider’s right sleeve. Instead of a number, the logo uses a composition of interlacing three horseshoes. They should bring triple luck to the firm.

Their combination forms a three-petal flower in the center. Its geometry resembles the elements of the Flower of Life, representing harmony and order. As the composition’s heart, he predicts the company’s harmonious development and long-term existence.

The horseshoes of a horse are associated with the boots of riders. The main function of both items is protection during the races. The number three alludes to the triple crown. It symbolizes an unconditional victory over competitors.

The location of the chevron in the logo in the first place is an indication of the dominance of the races. Ariat boots are just an addition to the spectator sport. The composition also hints at the rider’s leadership in relation to the horse. Victory, as well as the health and safety of the animal, depends on the athlete’s skill. Therefore, in the emblem, the rider’s chevron is first located and then the horse’s name.

In addition to the standard, other variations of the emblem are used. For example, a large chevron with the name in small print is located in a semicircle above it. The composition looks compact and is suitable for application on shoes and clothing as a brand name.

2005 – 2015

Ariat Logo 2005

The company has used a three-dimensional version of the logo for ten years. The designers used a gradient to add visual depth to the image. Thanks to this, the brown triangular shield became more voluminous and colorful. But the changes did not affect the three horseshoes, which remained two-dimensional. The badge was reduced to match the proportions of the inscription on the right. The black word “ARIAT” consists of bold capital letters without serifs. The easy-to-read font is roughly similar to Banker Square ExtraBold from FontSite Inc.

2015 – today

Ariat Logo

The 2015 redesign brought the Ariat logo closer to the ideals of minimalism. The inside of the shield is now white, so the black pattern of the four horseshoes is clearly visible. All other elements have not changed: the lettering is still large and expressive, and the triangular shield has a dark outline. The branding guide states that the sans-serif font used is called Din Black. It was created in 1936 for the German Standards Committee.

Ariat: Interesting Facts

Ariat International stands out in equestrian and outdoor gear thanks to its blend of innovation and tradition.

  1. Start and Inspiration: Founded in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker, Ariat got its name from Secretariat, a famous racehorse. They wanted to make performance-oriented footwear and clothing that stayed true to equestrian styles and embraced new technologies.
  2. Revolutionizing Footwear: Ariat revolutionized footwear by incorporating athletic shoe technology into riding boots. This was a big deal because the equestrian boot design hadn’t changed much. Their boots offered better cushioning, stability, and longevity, appealing to professional riders and hobbyists.
  3. More than Just Equestrian: Ariat didn’t stop with riding gear; they now offer work boots, outdoor shoes, and various apparel. Like their riding boots, their work boots focus on comfort and safety across different jobs.
  4. Going Global: Ariat has grown worldwide, selling its products in over 42 countries. This shows the broad appeal of their durable, performance-driven gear.
  5. Supporting the Community: Ariat supports the equestrian and rodeo scenes by sponsoring riders and events and working with equestrian groups. This support helps promote the sports and aid athletes.
  6. Apparel Innovation: Ariat also designs clothing for activity and fashion. Its fabrics wick away sweat, protect from the sun and withstand rough use, making it perfect for active and outdoor lifestyles.
  7. Tech Advancements: The company invests in research to improve its products. This includes unique outsoles, footbeds, and temperature control technologies, which ensure comfort, durability, and support.
  8. Cultural Influence: Ariat has managed to mix traditional Western and equestrian looks with modern style. This has made their products popular outside of equestrian and outdoor circles, appealing to those who value quality and style.
  9. Giving Back: Ariat doesn’t just sell products; it also engages in philanthropy and supports causes related to education, conservation, and disaster relief. It’s committed to positively impacting communities and the wider world.

Ariat’s evolution from a startup focused on equestrian footwear to a well-regarded name in outdoor and workwear highlights its dedication to quality, innovation, and community involvement.

Font and Colors

Ariat Emblem

The main color of the emblem is black. It is a symbol of stability and confidence. Indicates the basic coloration of equestrian boots. Sometimes the chevron on the logo is made of gold – the color of victory and leadership.

Logo Ariat

The font of the inscription Organetto Ultra Bold Semi Ext, but with an increased distance between the letters, symbolizes a gallop during the races.

Ariat Symbol

Ariat color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C