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The Athleta logo is active and harmonious. It shows that within the woman wearing the brand’s clothing, there is a whole world. The emblem symbolizes continuous inner development and self-improvement.

Athleta: Brand overview

Founder:Scott Kerslake
California, United States
Athleta is a women’s sportswear brand owned by GAP, the world’s third-largest clothing and accessories retailer. The company has owned the brand since 2008. Celebrities like Alicia Keys and Simone Biles wear clothing with the Athleta logo. The brand is sold in 130 flagship stores.

Meaning and History

The company was founded in 1998 by the athlete and banker Scott Kerslake. In 2008, the brand was acquired by GAP for $150 million. In 2011, it became so well-known that the first mono-brand boutique of the brand opened in the US.

The logo concept is inextricably linked to the brand’s philosophy. It is not just about sportswear but about sports as a path to renewal, character-building, and gaining confidence in one’s abilities. Athleta clothing accompanies women in these processes.

What is Athleta?

A brand of comfortable, specialized clothing for women that allows them to engage in various sports activities. Functionality and beauty are the main distinguishing features of the brand. Two hundred fifty employees work on creating the outfits. Headquarters is located in California.

1998 – 2009

Athleta Logo 1998

The brand was created in 1998 in California for women who love an active lifestyle. It was conceived as comfortable, stylish clothing that considers the unique features of a woman’s body. Most of the well-known sports giants of the time offered products for slim, athletic women. As a result, women of all shapes and sizes found it difficult to find something comfortable, let alone specialized for specific physical activities. Athleta addressed this gap. Kerslake’s approach was revolutionary at the time. He had to hold more than 1,200 meetings before investors were willing to take the risk.

2009 – today

Athleta Logo

The history of Athleta and its global rise began in 2008 when the brand was acquired by GAP Inc. The new owners created a unique brand philosophy and developed its visual identity.

A purple circle with a nine-petaled white flower inside becomes the main symbol of the sportswear brand.

The image resembles a talisman. The circle and the number 9 are symbols of completeness, self-sufficiency, and energy fulfillment. The flower represents femininity and pure feminine energy. Sports help women develop inner strength and find harmony. The sportswear brand contributes to this process by creating comfortable, soft, and feminine clothing that makes every athlete feel at ease.

Women have different body types and weight differences. The nine petals indicate that the interests of a diverse range of women are considered. Athleta creates clothing for slim, full-figured, tall, short, and black-and-white women. Inclusive sizes, ranging from XXS to 3X, were introduced in 2021.

The symbol shows the unification of various sports styles and creates harmonious and comfortable sets. In the brand’s stores, you can find not only sportswear but also jumpsuits, yoga dresses, warm jackets, and hair accessories.

Each inner element of the circle has a triangular shape with a slanted tip, visually resembling a spinning top in motion. This creates the appearance of a rolling wheel. The petals also remind us of fan blades, generating the wind of change. All associations are related to the theme of development and life changes. A woman who decides to work on her figure is changing her future.

The brand spreads its ideas through the “Power of Women” foundation, which supports organizations working on the spiritual and physical development of women. The entire logo image is permeated with smooth lines and energy.

The title following the symbol consists of capital letters. Each customer of the brand is a heroine with a capital letter. Her image in Athleta clothing is unique and attention-grabbing.

Font and Colors

The main colors of the logo are black, white, and purple.

  • Purple – the color of talent development, inner growth, dreams, and aspirations. It unites everything related to self-improvement.
  • White – signifies purity and renewal. It hints at the natural, breathable materials used in the production of clothing.
  • Black – represents confidence and inner strength, visible in every athlete.

The font of the logo is Futura ND Medium. The spacing between the letters emphasizes the casual style of the outfits and the individuality of each customer. The straight and even lines suggest that choosing sports attire from Athleta is the right decision.

Athleta color codes

BlackHex color:#010101
RGB:1 1 1
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C
Dark MagentakHex color:#8b008c
RGB:139 0 140
CMYK:1 100 0 45
Pantone:PMS 254 C