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From the very beginning, the Atkins logo has included a red ribbon because it symbolizes the harmony that the healthy food manufacturer promotes. The dietary style is conveyed in the curved band that replaces the central bar of the “A.”

Atkins: Brand overview

Founder:Robert Atkins
United States
Atkins is a popular American food brand founded in the 1980s. The peculiarity of the company is that it specializes exclusively in healthy food products that can be used throughout the world-famous Atkins diet.

Meaning and History

Atkins Logo History

Visual recognition of the brand today is at a high level. This is possible thanks to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. For all the time the company has been operating on the market, the logo has changed only once. Moreover, the changes were local, and many buyers did not notice them.

The company’s logo consists of the letter “A” emblem, which is the first character in the word “Atkins,” as well as the direct name of the brand, displayed on the horizontal line of this letter. The emblem looks modern and attractive in terms of the target audience’s reaction.

What is Atkins?

First of all, these are products that allow buyer to monitor their health. The products produced under the presented brand are based on exclusively natural ingredients. The company’s active customers are hundreds of thousands of US citizens who daily purchase Atkins products.

Before 2017

Atkins Logo before 2017

Information about the year when the first version of the logo was created is not publicly available.

Initially, the emblem in the logo looked like a stylized letter “A.” She was depicted in red with a significant rounding at the top. Thanks to the contours made with a yellow gradient, the buyers had a feeling of three-dimensionality of the image. A blue stripe was used as a horizontal line, which continued the lines from the lower left top of the letter. It has the brand name “Atkins” in white letters. For the word inscription, a classic bold sans-serif font was used. The blue shadow created a sense of three-dimensionality.

2017 – today

Atkins Logo

The redesign of 2017 led to a significant simplification of the logo, but its writing style remained identical to the previous version. Here, only the upper part of the letter “A” is visible to the company’s client. The red color has become more saturated, and the work with the gradient is also felt on the left side. The lower part of the letter “A” is closed here by the same horizontal line with the inscription “Atkins.” To create it, a more simplified version of the font was used. The style of writing letters is identical, but no shadow gives the effect of volume. Minimalism only gives confidence and strength to the logo.

Font and Colors

Atkins Symbol

The calm classic bold sans-serif on the company logo looks modern and progressive. The company does not try to surprise its customers with many effects that only distract from the essence. While the Atkins brand cherishes its history, it also wants to leave a legacy behind. The gradual redesign of the logo, including minimal changes in the font, plays an important role in this task.

Traditionally, the company uses a red-blue-white color palette in the logo. All shades presented on the emblem and wordmark are bright and confident. They evoke positive emotions and a desire to get acquainted with Atkins products. Also, in both versions of the logo, there is a logo that creates a sense of the volume of the image.

Atkins color codes

French BlueHex color:#006cb5
RGB:0 108 181
CMYK:100 40 0 29
Pantone:PMS 3005 C
Prussian BlueHex color:#01233c
RGB:1 35 60
CMYK:98 42 0 76
Pantone:PMS 2965 C
RedHex color:#ea163c
RGB:234 22 60
CMYK:0 91 74 8
Pantone:PMS 185 C
Dark ScarletHex color:#540a19
RGB:84 10 25
CMYK:0 88 70 67
Pantone:PMS 1815 C

What is the meaning of the Atkins Logo?

The meaning of the Atkins logo is that it reflects the concept of the Robert Atkins diet, which involves eating low-carb foods. Therefore, it leads to recovery and weight loss. That’s why the emblem shows ‘A’ (indicates the name of the diet and brand), where instead of the classic crossbar, a ribbon is used that wraps around the letter. The composition is stylized and looks like the measurement of the waist. There is also an emphasis on minimalism.

What does the logo symbolize Atkins Logo?

The Atkins logo symbolizes weight loss, health regulation, and body recovery through the use of dietary products offered by the Atkins diet. These are low-carb snacks, smoothies, and bars. The emblem shows that thanks to them, you can control your body, avoiding extra pounds and problems. In addition, ‘A’ conveys the name of the brand, diet, and the name of its author.