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Solidity and an impressive store of knowledge are encrypted in the symbols of the emblem. The Auburn University logo indicates a balance between theory and practice. This shows that studying at the university will become a reliable basis for building a future career.

Auburn University: Brand overview

Auburn (also Auburn University or AU) is a higher education institution recognized as one of the oldest in the United States since it appeared in 1856. Today, it is the flagship education center of Alabama and is located in the city of Auburn. The university has state status and is included in the R1 category – doctoral universities with active research work. The institution received its current name in 1960 to reflect the expanded program, academic diversity, and plant scale.

Meaning and History

Auburn Emblem

At first, it was a men’s school, then an agricultural mechanical college, then a polytechnic institute. Although Auburn was founded in 1956, it opened its doors in 1859. The training started with 80 students and 10 teachers. However, the educational institution did not have time to expand its activities since it was widely closed during the Civil War due to a lack of staff and students. One part became a training ground, and the second was a hospital where the wounded were housed.

The school’s second opening took place in 1866, and in 1872, it came under the direct control of the Alabama state administration and became a state one. The reason for leaving the Methodist Church was the lack of funding sources. The authorities immediately changed the status of the educational institution, turning it into an agricultural and technical college since, according to the Morrill Act, it received a certain land area. The main focus of the programs was on agriculture and engineering.

What is Auburn University?

It is a public educational institution, also known by the acronyms Auburn and AU. It is located in the city of the same name in Alabama and is included in the top hundred of the best national universities in the United States (in 2020).

In 1892, two significant events took place. First, girls went to college. Second, football became a basic sport and laid the foundation for a sports department. However, the problems caused by World War I began as the male part of the students went to military service. This was followed by World War II, which required an increase in engineering and scientific personnel, so the educational institution was retrained into a polytechnic institute. Later, he was awarded the status of a higher educational institution.

For many years, the university has not changed its identity, which, in addition to the sports club’s print, logo, and emblems, also represents a distinctive sign. It is used in academic papers.


Auburn Seal Logo

The round rondel is the basis of the university press. Its middle is orange and contains the motto “For the advancement of science and arts,” divided into four lines. There is a lamp under them – the image of light. And even below is the inscription “Established 1856”, placed as an inverted arch. A triple white tape surrounds the center section with the words Research, Instruction, and Extension. A wide strip of dark blue runs along the edge, containing text and graphics: they denote the university’s name and a laurel wreath that diverges in two directions. A thin orange ring surrounds all elements.

The educational institution also owns a simplified logo with only two letters and no graphics. This is the abbreviation for the name Auburn University – AU, which is encrypted. But the symbols are not intertwined but superimposed on each other: above – “A,” below – “U.” The monogram is quite simple. It doesn’t have any additional embellishments, as the serifs are emphasized in the form of rectangles and the corporate color palette. The caps have a bold orange stripe along the hem. There is an inscription on the right, which is separated by a thin line. This is the name of the university, ungrouped into two lines.

The university has another mark of identity. It is associated with Samford Hall Tower—an important symbol for AU because the educational institution began with him. It was the first building where the classrooms, management, and library were located after the first building was burned down. It was constructed in 1888. In 1889, a clock and a bell appeared on it. The building is now administrative. It is named after William J. Samford, Governor of Alabama.

The tower is depicted in negative space, which gives the impression of being illuminated by the sun. White prevails on the left side, orange on the right. They seem to appear from the surrounding background. Below is the phrase “Auburn University,” arranged in two rows with a thin dividing line.

Auburn University: Interesting Facts

Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, is a public research university known for its quality education, sports achievements, and cultural importance.

  1. History: Auburn was founded in 1856, initially as East Alabama Male College. In 1872, it became a land-grant college focusing on agriculture and engineering and later grew into a comprehensive university.
  2. Research and Education: Auburn is a land-grant university Focusing on research and education that benefits the public, especially in agriculture and engineering.
  3. War Eagle: The “War Eagle” phrase is a unique Auburn tradition. Though its origins are unclear, it’s a common greeting among students, alumni, and fans.
  4. Research Contributions: Auburn is recognized for its high research activity, especially in engineering, veterinary science, and business. Its research addresses global issues like food and water security.
  5. Campus Beauty: The Auburn campus is known for its historic buildings and beautiful green spaces. Its nursery has over 130 tree species and is home to the iconic Samford Hall.
  6. Notable Alumni: Auburn has produced leaders like Apple CEO Tim Cook and Olympic gold medalist Rowdy Gaines, showing the university’s diverse impact.
  7. Sports Excellence: Auburn’s sports teams, especially in football, swimming, and equestrian, have won several national championships, competing in the tough Southeastern Conference.
  8. Auburn Creed: The Auburn Creed, written in 1945, reflects the university’s values, emphasizing hard work, honesty, and resilience.
  9. Eagle Flight: A fan favorite is the pre-game tradition of an eagle fluttering over the stadium crowd, symbolizing Auburn’s spirit.
  10. Rural Studio: The Rural Studio program lets architecture students design and build projects for rural Alabama, highlighting Auburn’s commitment to community service.

Auburn stands out for its commitment to education, research, community service, and fostering a vibrant and supportive atmosphere.

Font and Colors

Auburn Symbol

For the visual identity, the designers chose the Galliard typeface – a classic that gives a modern look even with minimal processing.

The university’s palette includes two primary colors: the base Burnt Orange (# DD550C) and Navy Blue (# 03244D). Several shades of white or gray can accompany them.


What is Auburn University’s mascot?

Auburn University’s mascot is Aubie the Tiger. Aubie is a popular and central figure who represents school spirit and pride. This cheerful and energetic tiger appears at many university events, such as sports games and rallies, entertaining fans and students.

Aubie first appeared in 1979 and quickly became an important part of university culture. Known for his playful antics and active support of Auburn’s athletic teams, Aubie wears a football jersey, reflecting the school’s strong football tradition. He can be seen in various outfits depending on the occasion.

At special events, such as ceremonies or important meetings, he sometimes dresses more formally to show support for the university and its notable alumni.

Why does Auburn University say “War Eagle”?

The university uses “War Eagle” as a rallying cry and greeting among students, alumni, and fans. This tradition began during a football game against Georgia when an eagle was seen flying above the field. Auburn fans saw this as a good omen.

As the eagle soared, the team successfully advanced into the Georgia end zone and won the game. Buoyed by the victory and inspired by the eagle, students and fans began chanting “War Eagle” to cheer on their team. It is used at sporting events and meetings and as a general greeting among members of the Auburn family.

How did Auburn University get its name?

The university takes its name from the city of Auburn, where it is located. This change occurred when the institution became a university. Before this, it was known as Alabama Polytechnic Institute. The name “Auburn” was chosen to reflect the university’s connection to the city and community. The town of Auburn itself was named after the first line of Oliver Goldsmith’s poem “The Deserted Village,” which begins with the words “Sweet Auburn! Loveliest village of the plain.” This literary reference added a sense of heritage and tradition to the university’s name.

Is Auburn University an HBCU?

Auburn University is not a Historically Black College or University (HBCU). HBCUs were established to educate Black Americans, and Auburn did not have this mission.

The university has a diverse student body offers many programs for students from different backgrounds. Although not an HBCU, it is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all students. HBCUs were created to provide higher education to Black Americans who were excluded from other schools.

Does Auburn have a new logo?

Auburn University has not unveiled a new logo. The designers made minor changes to the existing “AU” monogram to improve its appearance on digital platforms. These changes help improve online visibility and readability. The overall design and appearance of the logo remain the same, maintaining the familiar brand identity. This update ensures a consistent visual presence across digital media without changing the recognizable Auburn logo.

What is the symbol for Auburn University?

Auburn University has two main symbols. The first is Samford Hall Tower, a historic building that is an iconic part of the campus. It is depicted in silhouette next to the university’s name, representing Auburn’s long history and traditions.

The second symbol is the tiger, the mascot of the university’s sports teams. The tiger represents strength, courage, and school spirit. Mascot Aubie the Tiger is a popular figure at Auburn known for his active presence at games and events.

These symbols, Samford Hall Tower and the tiger reflect Auburn’s heritage, pride, and community.