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Solidity and an impressive store of knowledge are encrypted in the symbols of the emblem. The Auburn logo indicates a balance between theory and practice. This shows that studying at the university will become a reliable basis for building a future career.

Auburn University: Brand overview

Founded: February 7, 1856
Auburn, Alabama, United States
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Auburn (also Auburn University or AU) is a higher education institution recognized as one of the oldest in the United States since it appeared in 1856. Today it is the flagship education center of Alabama and is located in the city of Auburn. The university has state status and is included in the R1 category – doctoral universities with active research work. The institution received its current name in 1960 to reflect the expanded program, academic diversity and plans scale.

Meaning and History

Auburn Emblem

What is Auburn University?

It is a public educational institution, also known by the acronyms Auburn and AU. It is located in the city of the same name in Alabama and is included in the top hundred of the best national universities in the United States (in 2020).

At first, it was a men’s school, then an agricultural mechanical college, then a polytechnic institute. Although Auburn was founded in 1956, it opened its doors in 1859. The training started with 80 students and ten teachers. But the educational institution did not have time to expand its activities since, during the Civil War widely; it was closed due to a lack of staff and students. One part of it became a training ground, the second – a hospital where the wounded were housed.

The second opening of the school took place in 1866, and in 1872 it came under the direct control of the Alabama state administration and became a state one. The reason for leaving the Methodist Church was the lack of funding sources. The authorities immediately changed the status of the educational institution, turning it into an agricultural and technical college, since according to the Morrill Act, it received a certain land area. The main focus of the programs was on agriculture and engineering.

In 1892, two significant events took place. First, girls went to college. Second, football became a basic sport and laid the foundation for a sports department. However, the problems caused by World War I began as the male part of the students went to military service. This was followed by World War II, which required an increase in the number of engineering and scientific personnel, so the educational institution was retrained into a polytechnic institute. Later he was awarded the status of a higher educational institution.

For many years of its existence, the university has not changed its identity, which, in addition to the print, logo, and emblems of the sports club, also represents a distinctive sign. It is used in academic papers.

Auburn Seal Logo

The round rondel is the basis of the university press. Its middle is colored orange and contains the motto “For the advancement of science and arts,” divided into four lines. There is a lamp under them – the image of light. And even below is the inscription “Established 1856”, placed in the form of an inverted arch. A triple white tape surrounds the center section with the words Research, Instruction, and Extension. A wide strip of dark blue runs along the edge, which also contains text and graphics: they denote the university’s name and a laurel wreath that diverges in two directions. A thin orange ring surrounds all elements.

The educational institution also owns a simplified logo with only two letters and no graphics. This is the abbreviation in which the name Auburn University – AU is encrypted. But the symbols are not intertwined but superimposed on each other: above – “A,” below – “U.” The monogram is quite simple. It doesn’t have any additional embellishments, as the emphasis is on the serifs in the form of rectangles and on the corporate color palette. The caps have a bold orange stripe along the hem. There is an inscription on the right, which is separated by a thin line. This is the name of the university, ungrouped into two lines.

The university has another mark of identity. It is associated with Samford Hall Tower – an important symbol for AU because the educational institution began with him. It was the first building where the classrooms, the management, and the library were located after the first building was burned down. The year of its construction is 1888. In 1889, a clock and a bell appeared on it. The building is now administrative. It is named after William J. Samford, Governor of Alabama.

The tower is depicted in negative space, which gives the impression of being illuminated by the sun. White prevails on the left side, orange on the right. They seem to appear from the surrounding background. Below is the phrase “Auburn University,” arranged in two rows with a thin dividing line.

Auburn Tigers Logo History

The Auburn Tigers are 20 varsity teams in 13 sports that are part of Auburn University. Some of them have existed almost from the very moment of its opening – since 1856. Located in Auburn, Alabama. Run by Allen Greene. They play for the Division I National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). They are members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

1957 – 1970

Auburn Tigers Logo 1957-1970

The debut logo of the university is based on the image of the tiger – the mascot of the Auburn athletes. The author is Phil Neel, who designed it in a cartoon style. In 1957, the animal acquired aggressive features: menacingly raised eyebrows, intently following eyes, and a mouth twisted in a roar. The tiger’s head is shown in full face and has a small cap with the letter “A,” which denotes the name of the city and university. In this form, the emblem existed until 1970 inclusive. Then it was replaced by another brand name.

1971 – today

Auburn Tigers Logo 1971-present

In the updated version, there is no longer an animal – only two intersecting symbols in the form of a monogram. “AU” is superimposed on each other. They are placed in strict sequence, as they are read: in the foreground – “A,” in the background – “U.” Painted in the official colors of the sports department – orange (burnt orange) and dark blue.

Football, Baseball, Basketball

Auburn Tigers Logo emblem

The debut of the football team took place in 1982. It currently boasts 12 winning seasons. Won 12 conference championships and eight more in the NCAA Division. He plays his home games on the field at the Jordan-Hare Stadium. He was trained under the guidance of Gus Malzahn.

The baseball team appeared at the university in 1895. By the fall of 2019, she already had 6 won SEC tournaments and 3 SEC Tournament championships in her arsenal. Held 22 competitions as part of the NCAA Regionals and reached the CWS (College World Series) 5 times.

The initial season of the men’s basketball team kicked off in 1906. She won 4 SEC Regular Season Championships and 2 SEC Tournament. The female line-up appeared in 1972 and was no less successful. He has five victories in the regular SEC competitions and 4 in the SEC Tournament.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Auburn Symbol

For the visual identity, the designers chose the Galliard typeface – a classic that gives a modern look even with minimal processing.

The university’s palette includes two primary colors. This includes the base Burnt Orange (# DD550C) and Navy Blue (# 03244D). Several shades of white or gray can accompany them.

Auburn University color codes

Burnt Orange Hex color: #dd550c
RGB: 221 85 12
CMYK: 0 62 95 13
Pantone: PMS 1655 C
Navy Blued Hex color: #03244d
RGB: 3 36 77
CMYK: 96 53 0 70
Pantone: PMS 655 C

How did Auburn University get its name?

Auburn University was named after the city where it is located. This happened in 1960 when the educational institution received the status of a university. Before that, it was known as the Alabama Polytechnic Institute.

Is Auburn University a HBCU?

Auburn University is not listed as Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

According to Auburn University, its logo has not changed. The designers only tweaked the ‘AU’ monogram settings to accommodate the letter size for digital use.

What is the symbol for Auburn University?

Auburn University has two symbols. The first is the Samford Hall Tower, the silhouette of which is usually drawn next to the wordmark. The second is the tiger, the mascot of sports teams.