NYU Logo


The torch of knowledge can be seen on the emblem of the university. The NYU logo shows that the institution leads students, helping to navigate the amount of scientific information accumulated over the centuries. The torch burns brightly and is passed down from one generation of students to the next.

NYU: Brand overview

Founded: April 21, 1831
Founder: Albert Gallatin
New York City, United States
Website: nyu.edu
New York University was created for those who want to get an education but do not have high social status. It was founded by merchants and bankers led by former finance minister Albert Gallatin. This happened in 1831 when young people from low-income families had no prospects in American society. Now NYU is thriving: it is included in the list of the most successful universities according to the US News, and as of 2018, a record number of students studied within its walls – almost 60 thousand.

Meaning and History

New York University Logo

Having received the status of the largest educational institution in the United States, NYU continued to develop. It consists of many departments, with the two campuses located very far from each other, and the university offices and classrooms are sometimes located in the same buildings where shops or business centers are open. In this situation, the university needs a clear system of graphic symbols so as not to get lost against the background of the urbanized landscape. These symbols are the seal and logo – the foundation of NYU’s visual identity.

The round seal is used as a stamp on documents and represents the university at official events. In the center are four runners rushing to place a laurel wreath on the plinth. The images of ancient athletes personify the desire for knowledge, and the wreath denotes victory. Above the athletes’ heads is a hand holding a torch – a symbol of progress and education.

What is NYU?

This is New York University, a private institution with a large number of campuses and academic centers. He owns the NYU Violets sports teams.

NYU Seal Logo

The text on the print also has deep meaning. Above written the full name of the educational institution: “NEW YORK UNIVERSITY.” Below is the Latin motto “PERSTARE ET PRAESTARE,” which affirms the need to “persist and prosper.” Under the terse phrase, the year of NYU is indicated in Roman numerals. A large laurel wreath frames all inscriptions and graphic elements.

The university logo is not as old as the print but appeared quite a long time ago – in 1965, it was developed by the man who created the basis for the visual identity of Xerox and Chase Manhattan Bank – the famous Tom Geismar. At that time, he represented his branding studio Chermayeff & Geismar.

NYU Violets Logo

He was tasked with coming up with a unique symbol that could connect the disparate buildings of NYU and reflect the university’s identity. The torch image turned out to be the best solution because it was taken from the press. The light, as before, personifies the fire of knowledge. At first, the artist wanted to abstract it, but then he chose a more understandable geometric design. The white silhouette of the torch is formed by negative space. It is depicted inside a purple square, and next to it is the abbreviated name of New York University. The location of the abbreviation depends on whether it is a short version of the logo (“NYU” on the right) or folded (caption below).

The official seal dates back to when the university was founded and reflected its aspiration to become a global leader. Tom Geismar associated it with the logo using the image of a torch that emits the light of knowledge. Both graphic symbols reflect the spirit of progress and look very concise at the same time. By the way, the lamp unites the emblems of all NYU departments but is combined with different names of faculties. He is depicted in an antique style because, in Athens, the fire was identified with enlightenment.

NYU Violets Logo

NYU Violets Logo

The New York University Athletic Department has long been known as the NYU Violets because of the purple uniform it has always worn. Therefore, his teams are secretly called violets. To avoid such a nickname, the management decided to choose a lynx as a mascot – a local variety of predators found in the North American forests. This happened in the 1980s. In addition, representatives of the university were directly involved in forming the NCAA and were among the first to start playing American football (in 1873). However, subsequently, the university lost the culture of this sport. Now hockey, water polo, rowing, lacrosse, and other disciplines are predominant for him.

There is no lynx (mascot) in the NYU Violets collegiate teams logo because the iconic color is paramount for them. Purple is the abbreviation derived from the name New York University. The letters are massive, capital, antique. Serifs are in the form of large trapezoids, resembling bricks with one-sided diagonal cuts. Printed characters are surrounded by a gray frame around the perimeter, which will unite them into a common composition. Inside, the glyphs are complemented by light purple stripes, creating the effect of light reflections on a dark purple surface.

Font and Colors

NYU Emblem

The New York University wordmark is very minimalistic, with bold sans serif letters in it. It uses Gotham Bold, the school’s official font. It is easily adaptable to any design and is timeless. With its clean design, Gotham allows you to focus on the name of the university.

The lettering on the stamps looks very different. The designers chose a slim serif typeface for them – Mercury Text Roman. It is a secondary NYU typeface that is designed for formal style.

NYU Symbol

New York University has not only official typography but also its color scheme. Its basis is NYU Violet (# 57068C). A rich purple hue is present in all graphic symbols of the university and is combined with the classic white color. In ancient Greece, he was associated with Athens, where there were the most developed educational institutions.

NYU color codes

Violet Hex color: #57068c
RGB: 87 6 140
CMYK: 38 96 0 45
Pantone: PMS 2597 C

What does NYU logo mean?

The main element of the logo is a lit torch. It symbolizes NYU’s connection to its hometown because the torch inspired it in the hand of the Statue of Liberty.

What shade of purple is NYU?

The official color of New York University is NYU Violet. It belongs to the HEX categories: # 57068C and PMS: 2597.

Can I use the NYU logo?

Reproduction of the NYU logo may be subject to the rules specified in the branding guidelines and only in external and internal communications of the university.

Who founded NYU?

The initiator of the creation of NYU was the Minister of Finance Abraham Alfonse Albert Gallatin. The investors were merchants, bankers, and merchants from New York.