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The emblem draws an analogy between learning and light, illuminating a dark room. The FSU logo emphasizes the value and completeness of the knowledge that the university provides. Using them, each student will be able to earn good money in the future.

FSU: Brand overview

Founded: January 24, 1851
Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.
Website: fsu.edu
FSU (Florida State University or simply Florida State) is the main representative of the State University System of Florida and the oldest educational institution in the United States. In 2021, the American organization News & World Report ranked it as the best public university in national educational institutions and ranked it 19th. The university appeared in 1851 and since then has grown to more than 110 centers, institutes, laboratories, and 16 colleges, where training is conducted in 360 programs. Its location is in Tallahassee, Florida. FSU has its own sports division called the Florida State Seminoles, whose members compete under the NCAA and ACC.

Meaning and History

Florida State University Symbol

After the transfer of the territory of Florida by Spain to the United States, the prerequisite for a large-scale state formation arose there. This decision was made in 1823 by the American Congress. In 1838, the system received land allocated for schools. When Florida became the twenty-seventh state of the United States (in 1845), the authorities could implement their plan. As a result of official actions in 1851, two educational institutions appeared.

Later, the school for boys, located in Tallahassee, claimed the title of seminary, which brought it closer to higher education. In 1856, the then-mayor of the state offered the Legislature a building and land for the institute. The decision was agreed upon, and the institution began to provide higher education to males. In 1858, Tallahassee Female Academy, which had existed since 1843, was joined to the seminary. This was the beginning of the history of the modern FSU.

What is FSU?

FSU is the abbreviation for Florida State University, one of the oldest universities in the United States. It was formed in 1851 and is located in Tallahassee, Florida. It includes 16 colleges and over 110 centers, institutes, laboratories, and other institutions offering students more than 360 programs. The university ranks 19th on the list of the most successful universities in the country.

During this time, the university’s identity has changed several times – both academic and sports. Moreover, the seal acts as an emblem, so it is used everywhere: official documents, advertising media, internal orders, etc. The sign consists of a solid circle, in the middle of which there are three burning torches. They are completely identical, although the central element looks larger than the side ones. A wide ribbon with a dark outline is twisted between the handles. It is divided into three segments, where Latin words are inscribed: “Vires,” “Artes,” “Mores.” This is the motto of a higher education institution.

Further on the circular strip is the expanded name of FSU – “Florida State University.” It is in the shape of an arch with an open bottom. The year of the foundation of the university – “1851” is also located there. A triple edging runs along the edge of the sign, consisting of one wide and two narrow stripes. Thanks to this structure, the logo looks like a classic rondel. It is painted in several shades of golden, the official color of the university.

Florida State Seminoles Logo

Florida State Seminoles Logo History

Students chose the name of the sports department. They voted for him in 1947. Then the university’s management agreed on it with representatives of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and received approval. The varsity teams are part of the Atlantic Coast Conference and compete in the NCAA Division One. Throughout the history of the university, they have won 20 national championships.

1947 – 1975

Florida State Seminoles Logo 1947-1975

The debut logo is associated with the Seminole Native American people, after whom the club got its name. The man is depicted in profile looking to the right. He is wearing a national headdress with three high feathers. The face is focused, the eyes are narrowed, the lips are closed. A thin line around it forms an open ring with the inner inscription “Florida State University.” Below, on a rectangular black plate, it says “Seminoles” in white letters. The portrait is made with outline strokes – it contains only outlines; there is no color fill.

1976 – 1989

Florida State Seminoles Logo 1976-1989

The redesign of the logo brought a completely different style. The designers enlarged the head of the representative of the Seminole tribe, so it occupies almost the entire circle. Everywhere there are triple stripes – the national war paint on the cheek, on the nose, in the hair, and on the feather that runs from the ear down. The person’s eyes are closed, and the mouth, on the contrary, is open, as if he is issuing a battle cry. Hair, eyebrows, and shadows are black, face and feathers are beige-pink, lines are garnet-yellow. The ring is not solid on the left side and is interrupted by long strands, clearly visible against a light background. The abbreviated name of the educational institution is written on the pen – “Florida State.” The letters are blurry, dashed.

1990 – 2013

Florida State Seminoles Logo 1990-2013

After the update, the yellow color disappeared from the emblem – a light beige one replaced it. The face of the Indian also became different – white, which made it possible to bring the image closer to modernity. On the contrary, the developers have intensified the garnet color.

2014 – today

Florida State Seminoles Logo 2014-present

The current FSU sports club logo has been completely redrawn. The representative of the Native American population is now more realistic – with clearly depicted facial features, although the head and other details remain in the same places. It’s just that the artists added clarity to them. Teeth appeared in the mouth, wrinkles were added around the eye, the war paint became uniform. The designers removed the long name of the university from the pen and inserted a short abbreviation there, placing it behind the ear. In the hair on the forehead and on the temples, gray strands are visible.

Font and Colors

FSU Emblem

Florida State University’s visual identity reflects its heritage and vision. The academic press conveys his educational principles and reflects the approach’s motto and seriousness to the educational process. The sports paraphernalia denotes a territorial connection with the indigenous people – the Seminoles tribe, after which the department is named.

For the lettering in the logos, the developers have chosen classic but simple typefaces. Recommended for use are Benton Sans or Adobe Garamond Pro. Valid options are Arial or Times New Roman.

The university palette is dominated by garnet (Hex 782F40) and gold (Hex CEB888). They are combined with white (Hex FFFFFF) and black (Hex 2C2A29).

FSU color codes

Gold Hex color: #ceb888
RGB: 206 184 136
CMYK: 0 11 34 19
Pantone: PMS 7502 C
Garnet Hex color: #782f40
RGB: 120 47 64
CMYK: 0 61 47 53
Pantone: PMS 7637 C
Black Hex color: #2c2a29
RGB: 44 42 41
CMYK: 0 5 7 83
Pantone: PMS Neutral Black C

What is FSU logo?

The former logo of FSU sports teams depicts a representation of the indigenous population of America, made in fuzzy lines – with blurry edges. The latest update (2014) made it smoother and more understandable. The designers rounded off the emblem, removing the protruding strands on the head, and shortened the long name of the university, denoting it with an abbreviation on a round plate.

Why did FSU change its logo?

FSU has changed its logo to improve its identity and make it more modern and clear. The university gave it a clear structure with precise lines and corrected images to do this. Moreover, the changes, in turn, affected almost all university designations (sports emblem, academic symbol) except the seal. It retained the original structure.

Will FSU change its logo?

Due to the policy of banning the use of Native American images in logos, many educational institutions and their sports departments have redesigned the emblems. However, the FSU refused to do so and still uses the semiol head symbol. By the way, representatives of the university previously consulted with the leader and received his approval.