UGR Logo


Deep historical roots, based on the madrasah of the XIV century, reflect the logo of UGR, the oldest Spanish university. The royal emblem – the basis of the heraldic sign remained unchanged. The modern version is a composition of historically important elements for the university.

UGR : Brand overview

Founded: 1531
Granada, Spain
UGR or Universidad de Granada is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Spain. It was created by the order of Pope Clement VII. It officially appeared in the year 1531, but its roots go much deeper, as it is based on a madrasah, opened back in 1349. Today it has 21 departments (including 17 faculties), where 88 thousand students study. Campuses are located in Granada, Ceuta, and Melilla.

Meaning and History

Universidad de Granada Logo

The emblem of the king of Spain Juan Carlos de Borbon is used in the university logo. Despite the existing elements, the heraldic sign was not static and changed all the time. In it, new figures appeared periodically, and old ones disappeared. Now there are details associated with the former ruler, as well as nuances that are significant for the university.

The emblem has a shield divided into several sectors, which depict their interpretations – lions, fragments of flags, castle fortresses, crosses. In general, it consists of four parts, which show the symbols of Castile and Leon, Aragon and Dos Sicily, Austria, and Brabant Old and New Burgundy.

What is UGR?

UGR stands for Universidad de Granada, one of the best educational institutions in Spain. According to recent rankings, it is considered a leader in the fields of computer engineering, mathematics, computer science, and translation. The university was established almost half a century ago and had several campuses in various cities: Melilla, Ceuta, and Granada.

The chivalrous attribute is on the background of a two-headed bird with outstretched wings. Presumably, this is an eagle – a sign of the highest state power. Above it is a red crown with gold trim and a massive cross. Below is the legendary Gideon’s Sign – the necklace of Order of the Golden Fleece, reaching the middle. In the central part, there is a miniature coat of arms of the founder of the educational institution.

UGR Symbol

In one of the earliest variants on the emblem, there are also two columns of light beige color with the inscriptions “PLUS” and “ULTRA.” In the modern version, the pillars are replaced by makeshift wavy lines with the same motto. The words are located to the right and left of the eagle. Because of this, it seems that the bird stands on cut columns, like a guard of a higher order.

All elements are surrounded by a double contour frame – as if it is a large round stamp. The inscription “UNIVERSITAS GRANATENSIS 1531” runs along a wide edge. But this is only in the original logo. In the current version, there is no edging line – the phrase just encircles the coat of arms and the two-headed eagle with a crown.

Font and Colors

Universidad de Granada Emblem

In addition to the graphic sign based on personal heraldry and free additions, the official symbolism is the very name of the university – Universidad de Granada. Moreover, the third word takes up more space than the first. This is done intentionally to highlight the city in which the institution of higher education is located.

The proportionality of the logo is ensured by the original spelling and size of the letter “N.” Font – Minion Pro. It is represented by lowercase letters and is used in two variations: Medium and Regular. The first words “Universidad de” are fulfilled, the second – “Granada.” This difference in the writing compensates for the level change in different parts of the text and forms a single style.

The color scheme of the emblem consists of scarlet, golden, blue (on the shield elements and crown), as well as black and white (on the two-headed eagle and the inscription surrounding it). But the main thing is red – the corporate color of the university.

UGR color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C