UPV Logo


The Spanish university – UPV, whose logo is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to its rich history, is known all over the world. It is characterized by a business style and the symbolism of state educational structures. The emblem clearly and accurately reflects the core values ​​and profile direction.

UPV: Brand overview

Founded: 1971
Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain
Website: upv.es
UPV or Universitat Politecnica de Valencia is a higher education institution in Spain. It is located in Valencia. It is a government agency. Opened in 1968 in the status of a technical school. In 1971, it moved into the category of a university. Today it is part of several international structures, including the OpenCourseWare Consortium, European University Association, CESAER. It represents the TOP-10 of the best universities in the country, where more than 35 thousand people receive professional education.

Meaning and History

Politecnica de Valencia Logo

After the start of educational activities, the university immediately acquired a logo. Moreover, it is of great importance for the Valencian language (dialect), since it has only one language version in use.

The emblem consists of the same name, which is located to the right of the shield. The words are placed in three tiers: the upper one is Universitat, the middle one is Politecnica, the lower one is De Valencia. They are aligned at the end and at the beginning, so they do not go out of the field and look strictly business-like. They have one original feature – a large dot instead of the crossbar in the letter “A”, which makes the logo original.

What is UPV?

UPV is the abbreviated name for the Technical University of Valencia, derived from the Spanish “Universitat Politècnica de València.” This educational institution has a long history that began in 1971 following the reorganization of the Polytechnic School of Valencia. Its main specialization is in art and technical sciences. The university has three campuses equipped with modern laboratories, computer rooms, libraries, and research centers. Among its graduates are renowned engineers, illustrators, architects, and politicians.

On the left side (in front of the text) is a brand name, which consists of many elements and is made in the form of a seal. It is worth noting that the university has not changed its symbolism for decades. The first and most impressive redesign was undertaken in 2018 in connection with the celebration of 50 years from the date of opening. Then the higher education institution timed to the round date not only various celebrations, but also the renewal of the emblem. It was used throughout the anniversary year.

Politecnica de Valencia logo

By the 50th anniversary, the visual identification of the university was, of course, focused on the number 50. It was strengthened and emphasized by various university values, graphically expressing the connection with the symbolism of past times. As the main palette, blue, orange and their combination (green) were chosen.

In addition, the logo has a monochromatic version. It is used in university documentation and official papers, as well as in publications where there is no rich color rendition. Another option is known, developed in blue, which represents the technological and scientific part of the Polytechnic University. In contrast, there is an orange sign – a symbol of initiative, creativity and innovation.

Font and Colors

UPV Emblem

The historical logo consists of a round stamp. Circular graphics are just as well suited to designate a technical school, because it represents the wheel – an important element of any moving device.

In the central part there is a medieval knight’s shield with five narrow white and four wide black stripes running vertically. He is crowned by a crown, which symbolizes belonging to higher circles and royal honors. In this way, the developers sought to show the institution as a strategically important object in the field of education in Spain.

Around the shield is a fluttering ribbon with the words “EX TECHNICA” (left) and “PROGRESSIO” (right). Due to the creatively beaten letter “c” they are very unique: a miniature symbol is squeezed between “E” and “H”, so it seems that it is hanging in the air. The text color is black. The central details are surrounded by a wide band with a phrase divided into two sectors: in the upper half is UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA, in the lower half is VALENCIA. In their gaps are located small Greek crosses. This coat of arms is still relevant and is represented on the university flag.

The color versions of the logo are varied. For documents of internal circulation, photocopies, monochrome publications, a black and white version is intended. He is strict, formal, practical. There is also its “negative” – a logo with a mirror image of colors, where dark replaces light and vice versa. This logo is used for print media. But there are colorful emblems in which white is combined with dark red, blue and green.

All labels are written in FuturaTM font (in particular, Futura Condensed) and complemented by OptimaTM.

UPV color codes

Davy’s Grey Hex color: #4c555b
RGB: 76 85 91
CMYK: 16 7 0 64
Pantone: PMS 7540 C