Australian Motorcycle Brands

Australian Motorcycle Brands

Every motorcycle company has a proud history. This type of transport is traditionally associated with dynamics and freedom. Therefore, when a new motorcycle brand appears, there is already an interesting legend behind it. Visually, it is transmitted, including through the logo. We bring to your attention a selection of stylish logos of reputable motorcycle brands.

What is Australian Motorcycle Brands?

These are motorcycle companies that are registered in Australia. These include Hunter Motorcycles, Sol Invictus, Thumpstar, Bolwell, Bennett & Barkell, and Waratah Motorcycles.

Hunter Motorcycles

Hunter Motorcycles Logo

The name of the company already says a lot. These are motorcycles for those who love freedom, drive, and are not afraid of self-expression. The company logo uses a lot of golden colors. It is associated with status and prestige. Accordingly, such vehicles will be appreciated by people who strive for everything quality. The heavenly shades in the center of the logo look like a reminder of freedom, flight, and space. This is associated with a certain way of life, unwillingness to sit still, and the desire to conquer new spaces each time. It’s not for nothing that another symbol that is stylized in the logo is wings. As you can see, everything is aimed at expressing a single concept.

Stars are also used in the logo design. The symbol is meaningful; it can indicate, among other things, the status. Interestingly too, the Hunter Motorcycles logo features many colors. In addition to golden and sky blue shades, it is also gray, white, red. They all look harmonious and don’t oversaturate the logo. Therefore, it looks stylish and recognizable.

If we talk about the history of the company, then it is quite young. So, the first motorcycle of the Hunter Motorcycles brand was approved for sale by the Australian Department of Infrastructure relatively recently. It happened in 2007. But since then, the company has been conquering new heights, and its motorcycles are popular.

Sol Invictus

Sol Invictus Logo

The name of the Sol Invictus motorcycles is associated with the pagan beliefs of the Roman Empire. The then inhabitants of a large state believed in the existence of a deity, who was called the “Invincible Sun.” This is how the name of the company is translated.

The logo is the first word of the brand name inscribed in a quadrangle. The font is stylized to match the shape of the figure. Thus, you can see the image of a rhombus using black and gray colors in the design.

The manufacturer positions its motorcycles as affordable and simple. The design uses an old-school style combined with new technologies.


Thumpstar Logo

The name and logo of this brand are harmoniously combined. These Australian motorcycles are the choice of many modern-day riders.

If you analyze a logo, you should pay attention to its color scheme. It uses a combination of white, black, and yellow colors. White is traditionally associated with simplicity, transparency, straightforwardness, and specificity. Black creates the necessary contrast. It makes the logo more convincing, recognizable, and memorable. And the yellow (with a slightly lighter green tint), which we frame the composition, makes it more interesting from a visual perspective.

It is also worth paying attention to the font used to represent the brand name. The oblique letters convey a sense of dynamics and seem to call for a ride on Thumpstar motorcycles. And the use of a star in the center enhances it visually and emphasizes the second part of the name. It should also be noted that there is a smaller one inside the larger star. This enhances the emphasis and makes the logo even more interesting.


Bolwell Logo

Bolwell motorcycles are a brand with history. It has existed from 1963 to the present day. Such an impressive story is a clear sign that the manufacturing company has achieved success and recognition from its customers.

If you look at the company’s logo, you can see interesting combinations of shapes, shades, fonts. First of all, it should be noted that the logo is “inscribed” in a circle. This figure is associated with completeness, the integrity of the concept. In this case, the circle is vertically divided into two parts using two lines of different thicknesses. Such a visual solution looks very stylish; in it, you can see the harmony of contrasts and proportional ratios of various logo elements.

In the center of the logo is the brand name. The edges of the first and last letters touch the edges of the circle that frames the composition. It is very impressive and original.

The color scheme deserves special attention. The metallic color is selected for the round frame, font, and delimiter of two circles. It is relevant, bright, and prestigious. In addition, this color unambiguously reminds of the phraseological unit “iron horse,” which is traditionally used in the metaphorical name of motorcycles.

Inside the logo, you can see a combination of dark gray and orange shades. At the same time, gradients are used in their presentation. The gradient itself is always a hint of the depth of concept, intelligence, and meaningfulness. Also, in the contrast of orange and gray, you can see a combination of cold and warm shades. In short, the logo designers took care of the depth of its meanings. It turned out beautifully and richly.

Bennett & Barkell Motorcycles

Bennett & Barkell Motorcycles Logo

Bennett & Barkell Motorcycles is one of the pioneers in the industry. No, no, such a metaphor is not an exaggeration at all. The first motorcycles of the company were produced around 1910. Traditionally for this industry at that time, parts from the UK were used in the production. The company’s technologists have focused on making these motorcycles lightweight in the manufacturing process. No wonder their advertising and positioning used data that the vehicle from Bennett & Barkell Motorcycles is lighter than other motorcycles.

If you analyze a company’s brand logo, it isn’t easy to evaluate it from modern trends. However, as for its era, it is quite interesting and resembles an emblem. Such a decision is quite natural for a manufacturer, in the name of which the names of the founders of the company are used. Blue is a classic in logo design. He looks calm and confident.

In general, this logo resembles an emblem, which is logical from the point of view of his era. This style evokes associations about the traditions and corporate culture of that time.

Waratah Motorcycles

Waratah Motorcycles Logo

Waratah Motorcycles is another vintage vehicle brand. They were produced for several decades, from 1911 to 1948. However, the brand itself lasted longer than production. Thus, motorcycles under the Waratah brand entered the market until the 1950s.

At one time, the company was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the Australian continent. However, little information has come down to us about that period. The reason is probably that they were inexpensive company vehicles.

Even though the company logo is eloquently associated with vintage, its symbolism cannot be called primitive. Already at that time, experts used golden shades in the brand name. This indicates respectability and reliability. The largest Australian manufacturer of the time could afford such a logo. At the same time, the letters are placed against the background of a flower of red-crimson shades with green leaves. Of course, today, it isn’t easy to analyze what the past designers wanted to say. Still, in general, such a logo combines associations of prestige, reliability, aesthetics, and romance of the road.

Is there an Australian-made motorcycle?

Yes, motorcycles are indeed produced in Australia. The companies that do this are not that famous, but they do exist.

What is the best motorbike brand in Australia?

Hunter Motorcycles can be distinguished from the list of Australian motorcycle manufacturers, a brand that entered the market in 2007. It specializes in touring and street transport.

What is the most popular motorcycle in Australia?

Even though Australia has its own motorcycle companies, locals prefer vehicles of foreign brands: Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, BMW.

Which is the best bike in Australia?

There are several big bike brands in Australia: Malvern Sar, Repco, Healing, Speedwell. But Australians are buying more imported bicycles, the best of which is Leitner products.