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The Aviva logo presents a unique blend of visual elements, beginning with a square featuring a skewed corner stretched and pointed downward on the left. The emblem is further enriched by three distinct color zones: blue, yellow, and green. Beneath this geometric figure is the company’s new name, “Aviva,” printed in uppercase letters. The characters are large and bold, with tiny spikes at the top angled toward the left. The spacing between the characters is wide, and a noticeable diagonal appears in the negative space between the “A” and “V,” thanks to their slanted edges.

The square symbolizes stability and formality, often representing reliability. The skewed corner disrupts this sense of equilibrium, injecting a sense of dynamism and forward motion. It provides an element of surprise, inviting viewers to explore what lies beyond the conventional. This skewed corner is a visual cue that the company is grounded, adaptable, and ready for change.

The tricolor scheme serves a more complex role. Blue represents calmness and responsibility, yellow creativity and optimism, and green growth and harmony. The blend of these colors within one emblem indicates a balanced approach toward business—encompassing stability, innovation, and ethical growth. It is a vibrant and dynamic medley of hues, each contributing to the brand’s overall perception as multifaceted and approachable.

As for the textual element, the typeface chosen for “Aviva” is bold and assertive. The mini-spikes on the tops of the letters subtly convey an active, upward direction, suggestive of growth and progression. The large gaps between letters grant the name room to breathe, while the diagonal negative space between the “A” and “V” creates visual interest, enhancing readability and brand recall.

This emblem is a compact narrative of the brand’s qualities and intentions. The logo combines a sense of grounded reliability with an enthusiasm for progress and innovation. It works well across different mediums, efficiently conveying the corporate ethos. The elements’ choice and arrangement articulate a clear and inviting message: This brand is reliable and ever-evolving, committed to offering the best in its field.

Aviva: Brand overview

Founder:Norwich Union and CGU plc
London, England, UK
In 2000, the insurance landscape of the UK underwent a significant transformation when two behemoths, Norwich Union and CGU plc, decided to join forces. While Norwich Union boasted a rich legacy dating back to 1797, CGU itself was a product of a recent merger between Commercial Union and General Accident in 1998. This amalgamation led to a new entity, initially christened as CGNU plc. However, two years later, in 2002, the firm opted for a fresher identity and rebranded itself as Aviva.

Throughout the early 21st century, Aviva displayed a voracious appetite for expansion. This ambition manifested in acquiring other insurance entities, including RAC plc in the UK and AmerUs Group in the US. However, as the late 2000s dawned, Aviva underwent a strategic shift, honing its focus on key markets such as the UK, Ireland, France, Canada, Asia, and Turkey. This sharpened focus led to divesting several regional subsidiaries that didn’t align with its core market strategy.

Fast forward to today, Aviva stands tall as a global insurance titan, servicing approximately 33 million customers. Its strongholds are unmistakably in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. As a diversified insurance provider, Aviva’s portfolio spans life, general, health insurance, and asset management services. With a workforce of around 30,000 dedicated individuals, Aviva operates from its central hub in London. Its significant market influence has also been recognized on the financial stage, with the company being a part of the FTSE 100 index on the London Stock Exchange since 2002.

Meaning and History

Aviva Logo History


Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society Logo 1696


Norwich Union Logo 1792

2000 – 2002

CGNU Logo 2000

2002 – today

Aviva Logo

Aviva color codes

Medium SapphireHex color:#1d5ba4
RGB:29 91 164
CMYK:82 45 0 36
Pantone:PMS 2945 C
Golden YellowHex color:#ffde01
RGB:255 222 1
CMYK:0 13 100 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C
Kelly GreenHex color:#5ab937
RGB:90 185 55
CMYK:51 0 70 27
Pantone:PMS 802 C