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Seriousness, brutality, courage, beauty, and originality – this is what the Bad Boy logo embodies. It not only embodies the brand’s name but also reflects its connection with active sports. It has hidden aggression softened by an informal style.

Bad Boy: Brand overview

Founder:Robin Offner
San Diego, CA United States

Bad Boy is an American sportswear brand. The owner of the company is businessman Robin Offner. The Bad Boy logo flaunts martial arts, skating, surfing, kickboxing, and motorcycling lines.

The history of Bad Boy began in 1982, but the heyday of the brand fell in the 90s, after the start of support for the new struggle of jiu-jitsu and the receipt of a license to sell goods in Brazil by Marco Merhei. It was Marco who popularized the brand among extreme athletes. Gradually, the company introduced into the production of unique types of fabrics and materials for various sports disciplines. Now her products are the best and are sold on all continents.

Meaning and History

Bad Boy Logo History

What is Bad Boy?

A brand that has been producing clothing and equipment for sports since 1982. Headquarters in San Diego. Winner of 7 WORLD MMA AWARDS in the nomination “Best Equipment and Technical Apparel Brand.”


Bad Boy Old Logo

The first logo features hand-drawn facial elements – scowling eyebrows, eyes, nose, and twisted mouth. The face belongs to the animal, at the same time, whose image does not matter since the main thing is the emotion conveyed by the drawing. All features, from bushy eyebrows to the curve of the lips, convey anger.

The use of animal traits shows that at the moment of anger, the energy and strength characteristic of a predator can appear in a person. It is this pressure that helps to conquer sports peaks fearlessly. Only an athlete who knows how to let out his bestial essence is able to show the best results. At the time of achieving records, the faces of desperate athletes look similar.
The drawing conveys the style of the brand’s clothing.

Things include:

  • Adventurism.
  • Going beyond the generally accepted framework.
  • Pressure and drive.
  • Leadership.

The brand uses only natural materials or high-quality hypoallergenic synthetics. Designers are not afraid to experiment to create the most comfortable and safe things that allow you to be on top.

A neat italic inscription of rounded letters complements a non-standard, disproportionate pattern. The lower part of the “Y” forms a line that underlines the whole name, further streamlining the ideal name. Such contrast hints that there is little animal energy. It takes discipline and persistence to win. A harmonious combination of labor and inner strength indicates an outstanding personality and athlete.

The name “Bad Boy” is synonymous with the expression “not like everyone else.” In the logo, it conveys the main goal of the brand – to allow athletes to express their individuality, stand out from the crowd, and go beyond generally accepted standards. The company implements it through special designer clothes. There is a certain rebelliousness inherent in the “bad” boys in the firm’s style.


Bad Boy New Logo

In general, the idea and message of the modern logo have not changed. But updating the visual part made it easier to read.

From the face of an indefinite creature, only eyes remained, which looked with concentration and evil through protective glass. This is the look of a fighter before an attack and an extreme before performing a dangerous stunt.

The glass is an oval with rounded corners outlined by a thick black line. The trait demonstrates taking control of animal nature. Shows inner anger that does not go beyond.

Glass also demonstrates reliable protection. The company’s products are able to reduce the likelihood of injury. Therefore, her fans are well-known professional athletes.

The title font has changed significantly. He acquired an angularity that echoed the energy of unrestrainedness. All letters are capitalized, which gives the inscription strength and power. The disappearance of smoothness is more in line with the essence of the brand name.

Font and Colors

Bad Boy Emblem

The main color of the logo is black. It is a symbol of leadership, the power of self-confidence, and overcoming any difficulties.

Bad Boy Symbol

The font is unique. It matches the Outlander Nova Black as closely as possible but with sharp corners, which makes it more “extreme.” The protruding lower rings of the Bs are reminiscent of the jaws of boxers, for which the brand produces mouth guards and helmets for wrestlers with chin protection.

Bad Boy color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C