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The adopted letter symbols and a brief reflection of the two words, Baskin and Robbins, form the basis of the Baskin Robbins logo, representing the chain of ice cream and pastry stores. The history of the brand, the variety of types and tastes of the assortment, and its peculiarities are reflected in the Baskin Robbins logo and its color scheme.

Baskin Robbins: Brand overview

Founded: 1945
Founder: Burt Baskin, Irv Robbins
Canton, Massachusetts, U.S.
Baskin Robbins is a chain of cafeteria shops specializing in ice cream and cakes. Bert Baskin and Irv Robbins founded it. It is currently a franchise owned by Dunkin’ Brands, with headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts.

Meaning and History

Baskin Robbins Logo History

The creation of the brand dates back to 1945 when Burt Baskin opened his ice cream shop in Glendale, California. A year later, his brother-in-law Irv Robbins opened his cafe, but in a different place – in Pasadena. In the 1948th, they became business partners, joining forces. Despite close cooperation, each of them worked for several years under their brand, until they were advised to form a common team and take one name for two.

Baskin Robbins woodmark logo

This significant event took place in 1953. Then the entrepreneurs founded a single brand and chose the current name, formed from the merger of two names – Baskin and Robbins. This recommendation was given to them by the local advertising agency Carson-Roberts. It developed for them the slogan “31 Taste” and presented the very first logo.

What is Baskin Robbins?

Baskin Robbins is an international chain of restaurant stores that sell their signature multi-flavored ice cream and sweet pastries. The company is registered in the USA and owned by Inspire Brands.

1947 – 1991

Baskin Robbins Logo 1947-1991

The debut version was immediately built on the motto that promised a unique ice cream every day. Since “31 Taste” was a unique motto and a tempting offer, the creators of the brand naturally decided to make it the basis of the trademark by placing stylized numbers on the company logo. As a result, the first logo looked like the number “31” with dark shadows. It was in a pink circle, and below it was supplemented by the inscription “Baskin-Robbins ice cream.”

There was another version in the form of small pink-brown peas that surrounded “31”. It was then that the iconic pink spoons were introduced, which allowed customers to try any ice cream for free before the final choice.

1991 – 2006

Baskin Robbins Logo 1991-2006

With the millennium’s approach, the company’s management thought about transforming the old logo to modernize it. Designers used the number “31” as the basis. They placed it in the center – between the words “Baskin” (left) and “Robbins” (right). The solid circle was removed, replacing it with a half ring. The figures are depicted slightly sloping, stretching the bottom of the triple.

2006 – 2020

Baskin Robbins Logo 2006-2020

The new logo has become part of the rebranding of the company. And although there were already more than a thousand flavors of the original ice cream by this time, the administration decided to leave the number “31”. She preserved it as a cult brand identity and a legendary mark that marked the beginning of great success.

The numbers are still in the center, but separately: the triple and the unit are uniquely encrypted in the first letters of the founders’ names. Now “3” is the right side of “B,” and “1” is the long left leg of “R.” To make this more visible, the developers highlighted them with color. Under them were the full names of the founders of the company, made by “jumping” letters in lower case.

The last version of the logo was the most winning; therefore, on its basis, we developed a complete package of corporate symbols, presenting it in a variety of options. So, there are versions for stamps, signs, labels, trademarks. They are based on a combination of capital letters “BR”, the number “31” and the expanded name of the network.

Baskin Robbins Symbol

The updated 2006 Baskin Robbins logo uses a commercial font resembling Variex Regular. Playful, lowercase zigzag letters support a fun mood with sweets and delicious ice cream.

From the very beginning (since 1953), the predominant shade of the emblem was pink-lollipop. It merged with the visual identity of the brand and became its integral part. After the emblem redesign in 1991, blue was added to it, aged in the same pastel spectrum.

2020 – 2022

Baskin Robbins Logo 2020

On the one hand, the logo of the coffee houses remained the same, but on the other, it was corrected, which is almost invisible. This is due to the delicate intervention in the emblem so as not to disturb its good structure because the combination of the central letters “BR” perfectly conveys the number “31”. Therefore, everything is left as it is. Small changes have affected the font (the words have become a little more wavy) and the color of the inscription (pink is transferred to a light scale and looks cleaner).

The wavy text style is retained. The designers added a curved shape to the bouncing letters, so the inscription “BASKIN ROBBINS” came out dynamic. The color palette is shifted to the light spectrum: pink has become brighter by literally a couple of tones.

2022 – today

Baskin Robbins Logo

In 2022, Baskin Robbins changed the font and color of the logo for the first time in a long time. If she limited herself to a simple rearrangement of elements two years ago, then this time, the experiments have gone too far. The iconic pink and blue inscription with custom glyphs is a thing of the past, giving way to a wordmark that contains strict brown sans-serif letters. At the same time, the designers retained the sacred number 31 for the restaurant chain at the junction of “BR” and even singled out the unit by adding a characteristic protrusion with a semicircular hollow behind the “R.” Both figures are still pink, but now the shade is darker. The words “BASKIN” and “ROBBINS” are to the right and left of the abbreviation. Their austere style contrasts with the relaxed atmosphere of ice cream restaurants.

Font and Colors

Baskin Robbins Emblem

The new Baskin Robbins logo lacks even a hint of the bold, playful typeface used in previous versions. The inscription consists of bold sans-serif letters and looks proportional, despite the asymmetry. The “K” stands out the most: apparently, the designers adapted this glyph to the style of the restaurant chain. The rest of the characters are reminiscent of Rene Bieder’s Gentona SemiBold typeface, with only the “S” resembling a similar letter from AE Type Inc.’s Acronym Bold. The inscription is entirely translated into the upper case.

Baskin Robbins Logo

As for the “BR” abbreviation, it has a custom design. “B” is shaped like a figure-eight with two rectangular ledges on the left side. The “R” also has one rectangular serif. It is located on top so that the back of the letter is as similar to a unit as possible. As before, the number “31” is highlighted in a dark shade of pink. The rest of the logo is brown. The chocolate pink palette is in line with the concept of one of the most famous ice cream brands in the world.

Baskin Robbins Logo

Baskin Robbins color codes

Seal Brown Hex color: #402021
RGB: 64 32 33
CMYK: 0 50 48 75
Pantone: PMS 4975 C
Rose Bonbon Hex color: #f05097
RGB: 240 80 151
CMYK: 0 67 37 6
Pantone: PMS 212 C

What is the meaning of Baskin Robbins logo?

The letters B and R in the fast-food chain logo represent the name Baskin Robbins. In turn, the number 31 denotes a wide variety of different flavors – one for each day of the month.

Why is Baskin Robbins logo pink and blue?

The pink color in the Baskin Robbins logo originally symbolized cherry. Blue was added later, perhaps to provide a cool hue to balance the hot pink palette visually.

Why is there a 31 in the Baskin Robbins logo?

The number 31 corresponds to the number of ice cream flavors in the early 1950s, when Baskin Robbins had a logo with the encrypted ‘3’ and ‘1’ on the recommendation of Carson-Roberts Advertising. Despite the expansion of the assortment, it was decided not to change the emblem.

What are the 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins?

Baskin Robbin’s ice cream does not have 31 tastes, but 13,000. The famous motto ‘31 flavors’ is just an advertising gimmick designed to attract attention to the network.

What does the logo symbolize Baskin Robbins Logo?

The Baskin Robbins logo symbolizes joy. This idea was proposed by the Carson-Roberts agency, combining graphics and slogans. It came up with the idea of using the number 31 - the maximum number of days in a month. And applied it to ice cream: every day is a new taste. After all, ice cream, from the point of view of the brand, is a celebration of small joyful moments. So, if there is BR ice cream, then every day will be joyful. And this is an indication of a rich assortment.

Did Baskin-Robbins change logo?

Yes, ice cream maker Baskin Robbins has changed its logo four times. The last redesign occurred in 2022 when it was decided to return to the original color scheme. As a result, the emblem is colored brown (representing chocolate) and pink (representing cherry). The font has also been changed to demonstrate the company’s development: the new inscription looks businesslike and emphasizes that the brand is maturing. He also has ice cream with new flavors.

Who created the Baskin-Robbins logo?

The very first Baskin Robbins logo was created by Carson-Roberts advertising studio. It was she who helped to unite two businesses (Burt Baskin from Glendale and Irv Robbins from Pasadena), develop a concept, come up with a slogan, implement them into an emblem and draw it. And the company itself came up with the idea to completely combine the letters ‘BR’ with the number ‘31’. This was implemented in 2006.

How did Baskin-Robbins get its logo?

The famous ice cream brand Baskin Robbins got the logo after the concept was agreed with the advertising agency Carson-Roberts. It recommended focusing on 31 flavors of ice cream to merge the firms of two relatives: Burt Baskin and his brother-in-law Irv Robbins. As a result, a logo appeared with the number ‘31’, which was then harmoniously introduced into the capital letters ‘BR.’

Why did Baskin-Robbins change logo?

Development, progress, and the desire for new flavors are the reasons why this brand changed its logo in 2022. According to Jerid Grandinetti (Vice President of Marketing and Culinary), the Baskin Robbins emblem reflects the desire for change and the unique role of ice cream in human life.