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The Baylor University logo was created by creative designers who managed to combine the iconic Baylor Bears monogram with a serious wordmark. The combination of bright yellow block letters “BU” and sophisticated dark green inscription proves that the emblem of the educational institution can be both strict and informal at the same time. The use of the monogram symbolizes the university’s close relationship with its sports teams.

Baylor University: Brand overview

Founded: February 1, 1845
Waco, Texas, United States
Baylor University is a private, research-educational institution of higher education in the United States. It is the largest Baptist institution of higher learning globally, producing bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The university also offers doctoral and professional degrees, as it is an R2 institution. In addition, it has many fraternities that started as local and joined international movements in the 1970s. It also has its athletic department called the Bears. The teams are part of the Big 12 Conference and compete in NCAA Division I. The university’s location is in Waco, Texas, and the year of its inception is 1845.

Meaning and History

Baylor University Symbol

The university is named for its founder, R. E. B. Baylor, a county judge and former member of the U.S. Congress. In 1841 he and Pastor William Milton Tryon proposed opening a local university in Texas. Thirty-five Union Baptist Association delegates voted in favor of the idea. Three years later, the leadership petitioned a higher organization, and in the winter of 1845, the president of the Republic of Texas, Anson Jones, signed an executive order to that effect.

Missionary James Huckins was the fundraiser for the construction of the campus, so he is considered the third founder of Baylor University. Independence land was set aside for the university. And this institution was the first in Texas to offer courses in law, medicine, and mathematics. In 1851 the administration made it a men’s school but then brought it back to coeducation. The first female graduate came out of its walls in 1855.

Interestingly, one of the university heads was the great-grandfather of the future president of the United States – George Washington Baines. The institution of higher learning has kept its authentic symbols throughout its existence, so it has one seal and one academic emblem.

The university emblem is much simpler than the seal. It is combined of two parts: text and graphic. On the left is the monogram, formed from the university’s abbreviation. It is an interlaced “B” (top) and “U” (bottom) with triangular notches under the serifs. A vertical line separates the yellow letters from the full name of the institution of higher education, which is in a different typeface. Above both “i’s” are miniature rhombuses rather than dots. The “y” has a shortened tail, and the “t” has a serif on the bar, which is not typical of the classic style.


Baylor University Seal Logo

The seal is concentric circles of different sizes assembled into a single whole. These include thin and wide stripes that contain important information. In the center is a five-pointed star. Thanks to the one-sided shadows, it looks three-dimensional. It is surrounded by the motto in Latin, “Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana.” It is in classical serif type and is divided by four bold dots, two on each side.

This is followed by a thin delimiting ring of dark green. Behind it is a wide field with the date and place of the university’s founding. This word combination is done in grotesque. Farther back is a double line, followed by the name “Baylor University.” In type, it echoes the inscription in the middle of the seal. The frame looks like a tightly twisted rope. This stamp marks documents, orders, diplomas, and everything concerning the educational and administrative process.

Baylor Bears Logo

Baylor University Logo History

Baylor Bears is the name of 17 teams at Baylor University, which has been in existence since 1845 in Waco, Texas. Mack Rhoades heads the department. The athletes are in the Conference Big 12 and compete in Division I of the NCAA. The university’s most successful teams include soccer, baseball, track and field, tennis, and two basketball teams, men’s and women’s.

The author of the first logo for the Baylor Bears is the artist Arthur Evans of the Disney Film Company. This explains the cartoon style of the bear, which, according to the concept, represents the mascot called Sailor Bear. But later, the sports department was forced to change the logo because Evans drew the same bears for several other teams. Later, another version was proposed by Elmer Fisher and Joey Taylor. Then came the idea of Fuzzy Green Bear, designed by SME Branding.

1969 – 1996

Baylor Bears Logo 1969

The logo shows a bear, or rather his head. The logo shows a cartoon-like smirk on his funny face as if the animal is challenging his rivals. The stern gaze and frowning eyebrows also evidence this. The character’s eyes are large, semicircular, and expressive. The ears are slightly pulled back as if the animal is listening to something. On the bear’s head is a cap of a sailor (a visor), and on it is written the capital letter “B” with serifs. It stands for both words of the university’s team name, “Baylor Bears.” The fur, nose, and shadows are rendered in fine monochrome strokes.

1997 – 2004

Baylor Bears Logo 1997

Gradually, management decided to move away from the cartoon style of the emblem and approved a new version. It depicts a large angry bear with a big fat paw pointing forward to scare opponents. The fearsome beast has powerful teeth and huge claws, highlighted in yellow, and an angry look confirms its unkind intentions. In front of the beast, placed on the floor in full-face, is the name of the university department.

2005 – 2018

Baylor Bears Logo 2005

In 2005, after a redesign, the team adopted a radically different logo, consisting only of text. The institution’s name to which the athletic department belongs was taken as the basis. Therefore, there are only two letters on the logo – “BU” from “Baylor University.” They are arranged diagonally and made in the form of a monogram. Their elements are partially intertwined: the left serif “U” is in the lower gap “B.”

2019 – today

Baylor Bears Logo 2019

The modern version is based on the previous one and repeats it completely in form. But otherwise, they are different. In the logo approved in 2019, the green color is lighter by several tones. The thin letters have no trim, and triangular notches complement the lines that make them up at the top. The “U” fragment, located in the lower “B” gap, is separated from the rest.

The university soccer team has been in existence since 1898. It competes in Division I FBS as a member of the Big 12 Conference. Since 2014 it has played home games at McLane Stadium. The head coach is Matt Rhule.

Kim Mulkey coaches the women’s basketball team. In 2005, the women’s basketball team won the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship in Division I. Men’s team went through a scandal in 2003 but still won three straight games (2008, 2009, and 2010).

Font and Colors

Baylor University Emblem

All three marks of Baylor University’s identity (seal, academic emblem, and athletic logo) are unified in color: they use green. In addition, the athletic department logo and the university-wide symbol include the same abbreviation, placed diagonally.

The word logo includes lettering based on Goudy Oldstyle, a traditional American typeface. The university’s signature colors are green and gold.

Baylor Bears emblem

The university football team has existed since 1898. Competes in Division I FBS as a participant in the Big 12 Conference. Since 2014, he has been conducting home games in the McLane Stadium arena. The head coach is Matt Rhule.

The female team coach is Kim Mulkey. In 2005, basketball players won the first division of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship. The men’s team in 2003 experienced a scandal, but then it still managed to win in three series in a row (2008th, 2009th and 2010th years).

Baylor University color codes

Brunswick Green Hex color: #154734
RGB: 21 71 52
CMYK: 70 0 27 72
Pantone: PMS 7729 C
Selective Yellow Hex color: #ffb81c
RGB: 255 184 28
CMYK: 0 28 89 0
Pantone: PMS 7549 C