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Designers developed the Bershka logo in a business style, demonstrating the company’s innovative approach to fashionable products. Its novelty lies in the fact that teenage clothing does not require flashy symbolism – the products speak for themselves about their prestige and quality. As a result, this brand’s identity is very modest and practical.

Bershka: Brand overview

Founded:April 1998
Founder:Amancio Ortega
Barcelona, Spain

The famous Spanish youth fashion brand Bershka was created by the Inditex Group corporation in 1998. This conglomerate also owns well-known brands like Zara, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, and Uterqüe. Within just two years, the Bershka brand became recognizable and popular worldwide, facilitated by a policy-oriented toward mass fashion for 14-25-year-olds, affordable prices, and a vast assortment. Annually, the collection is entirely updated, comprising over 4000 clothing, footwear, and accessory items. Today, Bershka is sold in more than 1000 stores through a mass-market franchising system and is represented in 74 countries. The headquarters is located in Arteixo (Spain), with primary production in China and Bangladesh.

Meaning and History

Bershka Logo History

This global leader in youth trends started small. Initially, it was entirely dependent on the marketing policy of its parent company, Inditex Group, which launched a casual line for teenagers. However, as Bershka’s popularity grew, it began to promote itself with quality clothing, offering youthful looks in sporty and casual styles. Accordingly, in the early stages, the emblem was restrained and undefined – precisely the impression thin glyphs in a neat design would make. However, there came a time when the brand “matured” and desired more individuality, impressing with an ultra-wide name in the logo.

What is Bershka?

Bershka is a youth fashion brand owned by the international group Inditex. Its target audience is individuals aged 15 to 35 who keep up with the latest fashion trends. The brand’s collections are updated weekly and focus on modern urban style, featuring basic items and seasonal trends. The wide range of products includes sportswear, casual wear, various accessories, footwear, and even cosmetics.

1999 – 2023

Bershka Logo 1999

The Bershka logo is simple and succinct – the brand name is black on a white rectangular plate. The font used is Trade Gothic Regular, with thin but clear lines and ample space between letters, making the word easily readable even from a distance. White letters on a colored background, maintaining the font and proportions, are allowed for designing signs and storefronts of partner stores.

Experts believe the design was very successful. The concise, rounded, and elegant letters create a sense of stability and, at the same time, energy and freshness. This is precisely what’s needed for products in the youth segment.

2023 – today

Bershka Logo

The logo has acquired confident features to demonstrate Bershka’s stability in the fashion world and its coming of age, as the brand adopted it for its 25th anniversary. It also emphasized the focus on the youth segment and highlighted its leadership. The result is a clean and reliable image, showcasing a wide range of products and engagement in modern life – specifically, in social networks and other distribution channels. The fashionable company changed the typography, abandoning the thin font that conveyed insecurity, skepticism, and childishness. The ultra-wide font ABC Whyte looks equally good on websites, labels, billboards, and mobile device displays. The letters are even, smooth, strict, and grotesque.

Font and Colors

Bershka Emblem

The brand’s arsenal includes another emblem – on a dark orange, white background with the letters Bsk in a white frame, slightly tilted. Underneath, to the right, is the brand name in small font. This logo is sometimes used on tags and for marking products in Asian countries. Orange evokes a sense of happiness – just what young people need.

Bershka color codes

Vampire BlackHex color:#050606
RGB:5 6 6
CMYK:18 2 2 98
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C