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The emblem of the Turkish team, the Besiktas logo, spectacularly shows the unity of East and Europe, the birthplace of the club. The heraldry and color scheme reflect the team’s commitment to its country and national identity through its concise graphics.

Besiktas: Brand overview

Founded: 3 March 1903
Besiktas, Istanbul
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Gymnastic club Besiktas was founded in the area of the European part of Istanbul in March 1903. Wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, and gymnastics were the first sports directions of the new athletic society. The football section appeared there only in 1911, but it became the main affiliate soon.

Initially, red and white were the colors of Besiktas. But after the defeat in the Balkan wars (1912-1913), the coloring was changed to black and white in a sign of sorrow over the lost territories. It was a temporary decision until the Turks conquer all the Balkan lands. Unfortunately, there was no revenge, and the club’s colors remained black and white.

Meaning and History

Besiktas Logo History

The first Besiktas logo was created in 1915. It consisted of the word Besiktas (at the top) and the letters J (right) and K (left), written in Arabic. This version of the emblem was used until 1928 when Turkey switched from Arabic to the Latin alphabet.

The “European” emblem, officially published in 1928, differed not only in the inscription but also in appearance, taking the form of a heraldic shield. In the beginning, it was an intricate 10-coal configuration, which took a modern look after the rebranding of 1953 (to the 50th anniversary of the club).

In the new Besiktas logo, the Turkish flag moved from the corner to the center as a reminder that Besiktas, as a national team, held a friendly match with the Greek national team in their arena Dolmabahce Stadon on May 16, 1952. The game finished with a result of 0:1.

Since 1992, when Besiktas became the country’s champion for the 10th time, a “ceremonial” version of the sign has been periodically used. It is decorated with two champion stars (the “5 wins – 1-star” principle operates in Turkey).


Besiktas logo 1903

The first Besiktas logo was circular and contained Arabic lettering. Above was the team’s name, on the right – the letter “J,” on the left – “K.” Free-standing symbols denoted the initials Jimnastik Kulübü. The Arabic-language version was in use until about the 1930s. When Turkey switched to the Latin alphabet, the club got a different emblem – this time in the form of a heraldic shield. In addition to the inscriptions, the arrangement of elements has changed: the designers have given the Turkish flag a new look and placed it in the center.


Besiktas logo 1959

In the 1950s, the logo has acquired a modern look. Now the initials Besiktas Jimnastik Kulübü are at the top, and the team’s debut year (1903) is at the bottom. Between them is a small red heraldic shield with a white star and a crescent. The same shield, but much larger, serves as a background for all the elements. It is lined with vertical black and white lines.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Besiktas Emblem

The Turkish flag, which is in the center of the logo, reminds us that Besiktas is the first sports organization. Another message is encrypted in the graphic sign: black and white stripes together with other components of the emblem from the number 1319. According to the Gregorian chronology system, this is the year the club was founded, according to the Islamic calendar, which is equivalent to 1903. For a short time, the version with stars above the shield was used, where each five-pointed star denoted victories in championships.

Besiktas Symbol

Since the lettering became Latin, two types of fonts have been featured on Besiktas logos. The first is a standard sans serif, and the second is a custom typeface with serifs and decorative elements.

As for the color palette, everything is not so simple. There is a myth that the first official colors of a football team were white and red, and the black and white combination only appeared after the Balkan War, which ended in 1913. Legend has it that the club used black as a sign of mourning. Some written sources give the same information.

The team itself denies such rumors. On the occasion of her centenary, she presented her first emblem – proof that her colors have always been black and white. However, red also does not stand aside, because it is an important part of the Turkish flag, depicted in the shield in the middle.

Besiktas color codes

Red Hex color: #e00505
RGB: 224 5 5
CMYK: 0 98 98 12
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C