20+ Best Almond Milk Brands and Logos

Best Almond Milk Brands and Logos

A long time ago, during the Middle Ages, people started drinking almond milk when they couldn’t have regular milk, especially when fasting for religious reasons. Fast forward to 1876, a doctor named J.G. Kellogg from America thought almond milk was a great idea for people who couldn’t drink regular milk because it made them feel sick.

Then, from 2000 to 2010, almond milk became popular because people were looking for healthy things to eat and drink that came from plants, not animals. Many brands make almond milk because so many people like it. It tastes nutty and can be used in coffee, smoothies, and baking.

The logo, or the picture and design you see on the almond milk package, is super important. It helps the almond milk stand out from all the other drinks at the store and tells people what’s special about it:

  • You might see pictures of almonds or nuts on the logo to show it’s made from plants.
  • They often use calm colors like soft blue, light brown, and gold, making people think of almond milk as a natural drink.
  • Words like “Plant Power” or “Freshness Every Day” are sometimes added to the logo to tell everyone that almond milk is fresh and good for you.
  • The way the words look on the logo usually reminds people of healthy and nature-friendly products, which is important for people who care about that stuff.

A good logo is important for almond milk companies because it helps people remember their drink and choose it over others. It’s a big part of why people decide to buy almond milk.


Alpro Logo

Alpro started making plant-based drinks in 1980, giving people a healthy choice that’s good for the planet, too. They make almond milk and other products without dairy, lactose, or soy, which is great for people caring about the environment and animals. Alpro offers many tasty options like unsweetened, original, and even chocolate and vanilla flavors, making it a popular pick for trying almond milk.

The company began with soy drinks and has grown to include almonds, oats, and more, thanks to its founder, Vandemoortele Group. They opened a big factory in England in 2000 and got even bigger when Danone bought them in 2009. Alpro is known worldwide, especially in Europe, with more than 1000 people working for them. You can find their products in stores everywhere, like different kinds of milk and yogurt.

Alpro’s logo is simple and shows they care about health, the environment, and our planet. It’s a sign that Alpro is a go-to brand for eating more plants and caring for the world around us.

Blue Diamond Almonds

Blue Diamond Almonds Logo

In 1910, a group of almond farmers in California started the California Almond Growers Exchange. Their goal was to work together to sell and process almonds better. By 1915, they opened their first processing plant in Sacramento. This was a big deal because they could handle everything about almonds alone.

In 1936, they changed their image and name to Blue Diamond Almonds, showing California’s sunny and golden vibe. By 1969, “Blue Diamond Growers” became their official name. They grew a lot, making almond products like Smokehouse Almonds in 1948 and Nut Thins crackers in the 1950s.

Now, Blue Diamond is known all over the world for processing nuts and works with over 3,000 almond growers in California. They sell lots of products in more than 100 countries. People like their almond milk because it’s healthy, has no dairy, and contains calcium and vitamin E. They make many different flavored products to ensure something for everyone.

The Blue Diamond logo shows their pride in their long history and commitment to making high-quality almond products. They care a lot about the environment and farming in a way that’s good for the planet.

Califia Farms

Califia Farms Logo

Califia Farms was started in 2010 by Greg Steltenpohl, who created Odwalla juice. He wanted to make tasty and healthy plant-based drinks as an alternative to dairy. The company first made almond milk in three flavors, aiming to win over people in California in 2011.

Califia Farms is special because it uses almonds that aren’t treated with pesticides or antibiotics. They offer almond milk in different flavors like unsweetened, vanilla, and chocolate, and make sure everything is free from soy, dairy, and gluten. The brand grew fast because people and stores liked their products. They kept creating new things, like cold brew coffee and special almond milk and even opened a big factory in California in 2013 with some help from investors.

In 2016, Califia Farms introduced a mascot, “Queen Califia,” to show off its California vibe and love for plant-based food. Califia Farms is a big name in the US for plant-based drinks, with around 300 people working there and a wide variety of products. Their logo with Queen Califia stands for their commitment to being innovative, high-quality, and supporting a healthy, planet-friendly lifestyle.

SO Delicious

SO Delicious Logo

So Delicious Dairy Free was started in 1987 in Eugene, Oregon, by a guy named Mark Brawerman. At first, they made frozen desserts without dairy, using coconut milk. This was just the beginning. They later added more products like ice creams, yogurts, drinks, and creamers made from almonds, cashews, and oats, not just coconut milk. They wanted to make food for people who don’t eat dairy, whether because of health, diet, or just want to.

The company changed its name to So Delicious Dairy Free in 2006 but kept the old name, Turtle Mountain, for business. They did this to reach more people, selling their stuff in regular grocery stores all over the U.S. and other countries. They’re big on using non-GMO ingredients and adding good stuff like calcium and vitamin D to their products, making them a healthy choice.

In 2017, a big company named Unilever bought So Delicious, which helped them grow even more and develop new dairy-free foods. So Delicious is a big deal in the plant-based food world, making more than $100 million annually. They’re known for making tasty and healthy dairy-free foods that people like. Their logo shows they’re top-notch in quality, taste, and healthiness, making them a go-to brand for folks looking for great dairy-free options.


Dream Logo

Dream is a brand that makes almond milk, a healthy option for people who don’t want to drink regular milk. They make sure their almond milk is full of good vitamins and minerals and is free from dairy, lactose, and gluten. This is great for anyone with food allergies or wanting to eat healthier. Dream’s almond milk comes in different flavors, like original, unsweetened, and vanilla, so it can be used in coffee or cooking and still taste great.

The brand started with Robert Nissenbaum, who opened an organic food store in Missouri in the 1970s. He wanted to help people eat healthier, and by 1982, he started Imagine Foods and introduced Dream’s first plant-based milk. Now, Dream is part of SunOpta and keeps making new products focusing on being good for the planet.

Dream’s logo focuses on clean, natural food for your health and the environment. It shows that Dream is about helping people live healthier lives with plant-based food.

Good & Gather

Good & Gather Logo

Target launched a new food and beverage brand called Good & Gather in August 2019. This brand has over 2,000 items like dairy, fruits, veggies, pasta, meats, granola, and fizzy water. They made this line because customers wanted tasty, good-quality food that doesn’t cost too much. Good & Gather doesn’t use fake flavors, sweeteners, synthetic colors, or high-fructose corn syrup. They check everything they sell to ensure it tastes great and is good for you. If you don’t like something, you can get your money back.

Good & Gather is a big part of Target’s plan to do better in selling food. They’re getting rid of some old brands to focus on this one. This makes shopping easier and shows Target cares about selling good stuff, not just cheap stuff.

A lot of people buy food at Target, so they keep adding new things that are fresh and interesting. One of the things they’re excited about is almond milk. It’s good for people who don’t want dairy and care about the environment. It fits into many diets and still tastes good.

The Good & Gather logo is simple, showing that the brand is about clean and honest ingredients. They promise to give you food that tastes good for you, too.

Great Value

Great Value Logo

Great Value is a brand from Walmart that started in 1993. It was created to give people cheaper grocery options without giving up on quality. When it first began in 1992, there weren’t many products, but the idea was to make shopping affordable for everyone. Great Value sells many different foods, like snacks, frozen food, and dairy products.

One of the things you can buy from Great Value is almond milk. People like it because it’s good for you, doesn’t cost too much, and comes from farmers who care about quality and the environment. You can find it in different flavors, like unsweetened or chocolate, making it a great choice for families who want something healthy to drink.

Over the years, Great Value has grown a lot. It started with just a few items and now sells thousands of products. Walmart made this happen by investing in how these products are made, which helps keep prices low and ensures everything is made correctly, respecting people and the planet.

Great Value is a big part of Walmart’s grocery business, making over $30 billion annually. It proves you can have good quality without spending a lot of money. The Great Value logo signifies that you’re getting a good deal on something good for you and the planet. It’s all about ensuring families can buy what they need without spending too much.


Elmhurst Logo

Elmhurst was a regular dairy milk company but changed to make plant-based drinks like almond and oat milk. They believe in keeping things simple and healthy. This change happened because more people wanted food that was good for them and the Earth. Elmhurst ensures their products don’t have fake stuff, and they get their nuts from farmers who take good care of the land.

The company was started in 1925 in New York by Henry Schwartz. It was just a small milk business at first. But in 2017, they saw that many people liked plant-based milk, so they stopped making cow milk and started making milk from almonds and oats. Henry’s son, Max, helped make this big change, and they even built a new place to make all their plant milks in New York. Elmhurst has become good at making this milk taste creamy like regular milk.

Their logo shows how Elmhurst has changed over the years. It’s a sign that they’re all about keeping their foods pure and simple while helping the planet. They want to give people a healthy choice that’s good for the environment.

Malk Organics

Malk Organic Logo

Malk Organics was started in Texas in 2014 by August Vega and her son Jason Schroeder. They began making their almond milk because Jason had trouble digesting dairy. This small project turned into a big business as they began to sell their almond and pecan milk in Austin, using local markets and stores to reach more people.

Their main goal is to make healthy, pure almond milk for people and the planet. They use organic almonds to make sure their milk is nutritious, helping the environment and supporting small farmers at the same time. Malk is about being healthy, simple, and caring for the earth.

In 2017, they built their place in Austin to make even more kinds of milk, like oats and seed milk. With some help from investors in 2019, Malk’s products, all certified organic, became available all over the country.

Malk keeps focusing on being simple, healthy, and eco-friendly. Their logo shows their commitment to quality and caring for the environment. Malk offers a great alternative to dairy milk and is good for your health and the planet.


Mooala Logo

Mooala is a company that makes drinks from plants, and it was started in 2012 by someone named Jeff Richards. Jeff wanted to make drinks for people like him, who couldn’t have regular milk. Mooala makes almond milk and stuff like yogurt without using milk from cows. Everything they make is organic, which means they don’t use certain chemicals or things that aren’t natural. People like Mooala because they care about eating healthy and caring for the planet.

Jeff started Mooala because he couldn’t find any good milk that wasn’t from cows. He first made drinks from bananas and almonds that were high in protein. People in Texas and the Midwest got to try them first, and they liked them. So, Mooala grew and made even more drinks like chocolate, vanilla, and coffee.

The company grew and started selling directly to people in stores like Walmart. They even got money from another big company to help them grow faster. Now, Mooala sells all sorts of drinks, from oats, bananas, almonds, and peas. You can find them in lots of stores and online.

Mooala’s logo is fun and friendly, showing that they want to make eating healthy without having dairy fun and easy. Their drinks are for people who care about what they eat and want it to taste good.


Simply Logo

Simply Almond Milk joined the Simply Beverages family in 2020. This family already had natural drinks like Simply Orange and Simply Lemonade. Coca-Cola made this almond milk to give people a plant-based milk choice. It’s different because it doesn’t use extra stuff to make it thick or mix well. The milk comes in three types: original, unsweetened original, and vanilla. It’s good for vegans and keeps things simple with few ingredients. You can buy a 46-ounce bottle for $3.99.

This almond milk is part of Coca-Cola’s move to offer more vegan foods. They started this when they bought Innocent, a British company that makes juices, smoothies, and plant milks, in 2013. Almond Milk is found in big U.S. and Canadian stores like Target and Walmart.

The Simply logo shows what the brand is all about. It’s clean and simple, which matches how they make their drinks. The logo helps people understand that Simply offers pure and good-tasting options like Simply Almond Milk.

Better Than Milk

Better Than Milk Logo

Better Than Milk makes almond milk that’s good for you and the planet. They ensure their almond milk is natural, without any fake or bad chemicals, so it’s full of good things like vitamins and protein. This is perfect for people who want to eat healthier and not have dairy.

They have different flavors like original, vanilla, and chocolate, so there’s something for everyone. You can use their almond milk in all kinds of food and drinks because it’s lactose-free and low-fat but still tastes great.

This almond milk comes from the Lessini Mountains in Italy, where the water is super clean. They care a lot about the environment, so they use special eco-friendly packaging and caps made from sugarcane.

Better Than Milk has many important labels like USDA Organic and Vegan, showing they’re serious about making high-quality, tasty drinks from almonds, oats, and rice. They want to help people live healthier lives and take care of the earth simultaneously.

Their logo looks clean and natural, showing they’re all about keeping things simple and caring for the environment. They promise to give you delicious drinks that are also good for the planet.

Member’s Mark

Member's Mark Logo

Member’s Mark is a brand that sells good almond milk and other stuff at Sam’s Club, which is part of Walmart. Their almond milk is special because it’s smooth and good for you, just like regular milk, but without lactose, which is great for people who can’t have dairy or are looking out for their health and the environment. They make sure to use farm ingredients that don’t harm the planet.

In 2015, Sam’s Club decided to simplify their brands and chose Member’s Mark as their main one. They started offering new products for your home, not just food but also things. Now, Member’s Mark makes up a big part of what Sam’s Club sells, and they make their products in the U.S. but get some ingredients from other countries to ensure everything is top-notch. For example, they work with coffee growers in Colombia for their coffee.

You can find Member’s Mark products at Sam’s Club, and some items are available at Walmart and on Amazon. This makes it easy for lots of people to buy their products. The logo of Member’s Mark shows they care about quality, being good to the environment, and making customers happy. It’s all about being great but affordable and kind to the planet.


Lechia Logo

Lechia is a special brand that makes a kind of milk from almonds. Kristen Palmer and Christian Goga started this company to make food that was good for people and the planet. They make good almond milk that’s not just for drinking. You can use it in cooking, too, like when you need milk that foams up, mixes well, or works in baked goods.

Their almond milk is made with the best organic almonds, and they add chia to it. Chia is a tiny seed with good stuff like omega-3, fiber, and calcium. Lechia’s milk is great for your heart, brain, and bones. It helps your stomach feel good. They promise only to use natural, clean ingredients because they care about making healthy food that doesn’t harm the earth.

Lechia’s logo, the picture you see on their products, shows everything they stand for – making pure, high-quality food in a way that’s good for the environment. It reminds everyone that Lechia is all about offering a better choice than regular dairy products without compromising health or caring for the planet.


Symken Logo

Symken is a company from Mexico that makes different kinds of plant-based milk like soy, almond, and coconut. They focus on making milk that’s good for you and doesn’t have things like lactose, gluten, or preservatives. Symken’s products are great for people who want to eat healthy because they contain vitamins and minerals.

The company behind Symken, Soyamigo, believes in making food that’s good for you, tastes good, and is easy to use daily. They offer many options, including vegan and vegetarian, so many people can enjoy their products.

Symken greatly cares about the environment, especially when making almond milk. They get almonds from farms that look after the planet. Their almond milk is known for being creamy and great for cooking. This shows Symken’s big focus on being eco-friendly.

Symken’s logo shows its dedication to nature, health, and caring for the environment. When people choose Symken, they pick a brand that matches their values of living healthy and looking after the planet.