Best Android Games Logos

Best Android Games Logos

In recent years, electronic games have begun to play a special role in the life of a modern person, taking up an increasing part of his free time. In this wave, in 2012, the Google Play virtual store was created and launched, combining all previously created stores and presenting offers for any age of all existing genres. Today, it offers many options and types of video games, whose range is constantly expanding, and the toys themselves are being finalized and improved. In such a crowded environment, making the right choice is especially difficult. To ensure the attractiveness and differentiation of Android games from each other, the system of bright, colorful icons in the Google Play store is widely used.

In addition to the function of providing a choice, game icons contribute to the speed of their recognition and the convenience of grouping and storage. For these reasons, each modern developer pays no less attention to the formation of a unique identity for their product, especially icons, than to the process of creating the game itself. And you can see this by visiting the Google Play store itself, evaluating the number of options most frequently downloaded by users, and getting acquainted with their top list.

Most downloaded games of all time

To determine the degree of real popularity of a particular game, and therefore to draw a conclusion about its interest, the download frequency indicator helps. This is facilitated by creating a list of store positions with the most frequent manifestation of interest in them. Thanks to him, it becomes possible to save time searching for something special based on the choice already made by most gamers. In addition, the list is a real confirmation that each game that makes it up will give the user many unforgettable moments, bringing great pleasure from the exciting gameplay.

1 Subway Surfers

Logo Subway Surfers

One particularly attractive mobile runner, Subway Surfers, invites players to feel like limit-breaking graffiti artists. Together with the main character, the player is in constant motion, trying to escape from the police, trying to catch the violator of the order who painted the subway car. Following him, you need to collect bonuses, constantly shorten from various objects, trying not to lose speed. The game stands out with its fun and colorful icon featuring a funny and cunning protagonist with a spray can of paint in his hand. In the background, in the car window, you can see the contours of city skyscrapers in a blue translucent haze, which immediately sends you to the game’s storyline.

2 Candy Crush Saga

Logo Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga has long been a legendary puzzle adventure game played by millions today. Free and colorful, characterized by many levels in which you need to quickly and successfully rearrange and combine candies of various shapes in bright multi-colored wrappers. The need to make a smart move against the backdrop of rainbow cascades and enchanting colors of delicious candy combinations makes the puzzle especially attractive. The colorful icon causes an irresistible desire to play with such goodies and simply be sure to eat something like that. The image presents a variety of smooth and shiny candy shapes on a cheerful light blue background. The contrasting use of bright and saturated colors – the main red and the variety of colors of small sweets on the chocolate surface favorably enhance this effect.

3 Pou

Logo Pou

Caring for your pet, which is a bizarre creature named Pou, is the main plot of the original and exciting game of the same name. For this, the user is provided with everything necessary. It is required to take care of the character – bathe and dress him, feed, play and talk with him, collect coins, and experiment with potions. The main thing is to provide Pou with timely nutrition and a good mood, maintaining health at the proper level. The game is very similar to the once popular Tamagotchi. The game’s icon was the image of the character himself in his bizarre form and light brown color. Today it has gained worldwide fame, and a cute “face,” with a shy smile painted on the side, began to appear on the monitors and displays of many gadgets.

4 Temple Run 2

Logo Temple Run 2

The continuation of the runner that many liked – Temple Run at number 2 immediately became a hit on downloads. It has increased the number of obstacles of various types, bonuses, and many additional features. To maintain recognizability and attract the attention of fans of the first issue, the visual identity of the sequel was made in the same style but in an individual way. This affected the color scheme, in which a red hue appeared along with the traditional light orange. The icon has become brighter and more accurate to reflect the traditional ornamental style of Latin American Indians. At the bottom of the composition, a symbolic representation of a mountain stream running through a scattering of scattered stones appeared, which indicates the appearance of new elements in the game.

5 Hill Climb Racing

Logo Hill Climb Racing

Almost taking off over a steep slope, the cartoon car from Hill Climb Racing has become the most famous icon among fans of racing video games with simple animation. Fascinating and attractive with its uncomplicated plot and colorfulness, the gaming platform requires you to go the route by car as far as possible, overcoming various obstacles, performing dizzying stunts, and collecting coins. Her icon with a sky-azure background, which depicts a cartoon character sitting behind the wheel of his bright red car, overcoming a steep slope with light green grass, immediately attracts attention. Brown primer was added for contrast. The feeling of movement, speed, and power with which the car overcomes an obstacle is created with the help of stones flying out from under the rear wheel and the gaps of the front wheel between the ground and the body.

6 My Talking Tom

Logo My Talking Tom

Especially popular today is a mobile pet simulator – My Talking Tom, made in 3D. As the 14th installment in the much-loved Talking Tom and Friends series, this release provides its users with an unforgettable, daily fun adventure. At the same time, the character can speak, which radically distinguishes the platform from similar ones, making it unique and especially attractive. The choice in favor of this game is especially influenced by the icon with a simple, modestly smiling “face” of the grayest hero, the owner of piercing huge emerald eyes, pale pink ears, and a “leather” nose.

7 Despicable Me

Logo Despicable Me

Despicable Me is a series of video games about the beloved cartoon character from the film of the same name and his minions. All games are exciting and endless runners with abundant game locations taken from movie plots. Running, sliding, dodging with tons of levels, items, and prizes, constantly updated goals and tasks, and a wide selection of costumes are the basis of this incredible game world. The icons of each game are distinguished by the richness and depth of the brightest colors, which are emphasized with darker tones for better appeal, providing the cheerfulness and attractiveness characteristic of the created game atmosphere. Each of the icons uses an image of the game’s main character, made in a characteristic style for him, reflecting his character and features.

8 Angry Birds

Logo Angry Birds

One of the most downloaded video games has become a platform from Finnish developers – Angry Birds. The game’s goal is to take revenge on the greedy pigs that steal bird eggs. The player must launch birds at pigs from a slingshot, destroying their shelters to do this. To complete the level, all pigs must be destroyed. A bright and colorful icon was created to identify the game, depicting an incredibly round bright red “angry bird” against the background of rays of dark and light blue tones diverging from it. The character’s contours and frowning, angry eyebrows are made in black for the best perception and memorability of the emblem. The central element of the composition – the yellow beak – gives the image a personality, making it more attractive.

9 Fruit Ninja

Logo Fruit Ninja

Video arcade from Australian developers – Fruit Ninja is one of the leaders in downloads. Its gameplay is based on the need to quickly and accurately cut the emerging fruit with a sword. The game requires attention, good reaction, and accuracy. The presence of different modes and a large selection of cutting tools allow you to shorten the “thorny” path to the best achievements. It is attractive and originally executed; the icon also helps to choose in favor of this toy. Its basis is the image of a sharp knife with a shiny blade, which on the fly is separated by a juicy watermelon, whose bright scarlet splashes of sweet juice spread over the realistically made surface of a wooden cutting board.

10 Clash of Clans

Logo Clash of Clans

Strategy lovers have given their preference to Clash of Clans. Responding to its direction, the game provides for the possibility of setting up your village, developing it together with your clan, participating in epic clan wars to capture resources, and earning grandiose rewards. Barbarians and sorcerers, warriors, and heroes are waiting for their ruler in the attractive world of Clash of Clans. The world is characterized by a riot of colors and hand-drawn unique characters with their original, detailed equipment. To make the game recognizable, an icon was created with an authentic image of its main character’s head, whose facial expression speaks of his constant readiness to smash the enemy to complete victory.

Top games – paid and free from Google Play

The very concept of “Top” speaks for itself – this is the top level, the most popular and in demand, presented in the category. The suggested option for Google Play online store offers is not only a reflection of the popularity of games with users. It is a way of grouping information so important to users in terms of choices and preferences, helping to decide based on what others have already done. At the same time, the rating covers all areas – paid and free, which often becomes decisive for players deciding whether to turn their attention to a paid group.

1 Fishdom

Logo Fishdom

Among casual PC games, the free-to-play game Fishdom has aroused great interest among gamers, making it a member of the top list of the most popular on Google Play. Its genre belongs to the category “three in a row,” and the gameplay is built on the need to form the inner world of the aquarium with the decoration of space. Upon completion – the finished aquarium can be used as a screensaver. The cartoon world is distinguished by its colorful and colorful variety of inhabitants and decorations and exotic forms of the plant world. The icon reflects one of the game moments, in all the bright multicolors characteristic of the game – the pursuit of a striped orange-yellow predator for a smaller yellow fish with black stripes on a rich blue background with darker transitions with increasing depth.

2 Brawl Stars

Logo Brawl Stars

With its eccentricity, special attention was drawn to the free Brawl Stars application, created in the MOBA genre, which supports purchases with a mobile device. Like all such mobile applications, Brawl Stars is made in the colorful design of its world using a particularly attractive musical accompaniment. The dynamics of a multiplayer game with 3×3 battles and a decisive battle for survival, which allows you to play as one player or several at once, distinguish the application among similar ones. Many modes, improving abilities, collecting skins, and much more ensured its popularity. The recognition of the application is provided by a concise but bright icon, made in several shades, ranging from yellow to dark orange, against which the outline of a stylized skull, the main symbol in the game, is applied in black.

3 Roblox

Logo Roblox

Roblox, a free multiplayer online game application, made a splash in the gaming world with its appearance in 2006. It is a gigantic metaverse with offers in a wide range of genres, with the possibility of choosing them by the player. It provides an internal constructor that allows users to create their world, genre, and game – both paid and free. She gained immense popularity among children and youth audiences under the age of 16. The game is identified by an icon depicting a concrete square block with a square landing hole in the center on a gray – from light to dark raster background, symbolizing the main essence of the game – the use of creativity in a world very reminiscent of a Lego constructor device.

4 Wordle!

Logo Wordle!

A free browser-type game – Wordle, has attracted many fans of word games and crossword puzzles. For those who are used to constantly training their brain, the application has become a real revelation, allowing you always to have the opportunity to try your hand and demonstrate your mind and skills in several unique game modes of this platform. In addition to the interesting offers themselves, Wordle attracts attention with the colorfulness of the game world and a variety of graphic solutions. A bright thematic icon, represented by white letters of the Latin alphabet scattered over its space, made in a round and bold font, helps find it among Google Play offers quickly. Each letter is placed in a circle filled with one of the soft shades of various cheerful tones of the color scheme. The central element is the first letter of the name of the game – W, made on the corporate background of the Word text editor.

5 Minecraft

Logo Minecraft

A stable and improved version of Minecraft, a paid indie sandbox game created in 2011, aroused great interest among users. Users expect an infinite number of worlds to explore, where you can build absolutely everything – from a hut to a castle. The game can be played alone or with friends. Its recognizability is ensured by a peculiar icon formed with the help of various shades of green and brown. The pixel division of the image background is performed, which echoes the graphic structure of the game world. The central element is a text block – a three-dimensional title of the game in grayscale, made in a unique computer font that provides individuality and ease of remembering.

6 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Logo Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

The family of action-adventure games in the Top Google Play is the paid Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The fifth continuation of the GTA game cycle has entered the top applications of the store today. It presents a third-person action game in symbiosis with a car simulator, where the story unfolds according to the player’s chosen decisions in a large world to be explored. This version added many new features and increased the number of types of vehicles, which affected the success of the application. It is distinguished by an icon made in a strict and concise style. It is a black square with the title of the series in bold white in the traditional style, with the title of the issue in gothic below it. Black letters have a contrasting white stroke that distinguishes them.

7 Coin Master

Logo Coin Master

The popularity of Coin Master determines its addictive gameplay, colorfulness, and the possibility of free use. It is available on Facebook, opening up wide possibilities for multi-user use. Acquiring the skills of the Coin Master, traveling through time and magical lands, fighting, the ability to become a hippie or a warrior, a pirate or a king, a Viking, building your village, and daring outings beyond its borders – these are the features of the game gameplay. In a family of similar games, it is distinguished by an icon depicting a pink main character with a black “zorro” mask, a cloak, and a gold coin in his hands, on which an attribute of royalty is engraved – a crown. The background is made in a blue background, which provides the required contrast for the visualization of the entire composition.

8 Pokémon Go

Logo Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO proved to be so popular that gamers began to lose their attention, playing even where the risks of threat to health and life increased, which led to the decision to block it in many countries. This free version opens up a wide range of opportunities to join trainers worldwide online by becoming a member of the Battle League. Traveling around the game world helps you become stronger, get a lot of rewards, and catch other Pokémon. The main element of the game’s identification mark is the Pokeball – a means of catching and storing Pokemon. It is round in shape and opens in the middle – along the black border of white and red at the time of capture. The Pokeball is depicted on the bright blue surface of the ring against the background of the wooden wall of the room. The color scheme also includes a light brown corporate color.

9 Gardenscapes

Logo Gardenscapes

Released in 2016, the free-to-play Gardenscapes immediately attracted attention with its combination of traditional mechanics, typical for games with a combination of three in a row. Being a puzzle that requires finding effective solutions to restore your garden, creating comfort in every corner of it, the game attracted the attention of many users, which led to its entry into the Top Google Play. The game identification icon represents one of the game moments where the hero delivers the key to the lock that blocks the heroine in the garden maze. It uses the main corporate colors – bright green of the bushes that form the contours of the labyrinth, gold – of the key and lock, and brown – of the paths. The heroes’ clothes are also made in bright, colorful multicolor, attracting users’ attention and facilitating their visual search.

10 Hay Day

Logo Hay Day

The free-to-play multiplayer game Hay Day by Supercell has entered the list of Top Games in the store. She attracted the attention of those passionate about running their farm and those who like to care for animals. The addition was a fascinating exploration of the valley, harvesting, and the possibility of decorating and arranging the farm itself. Among similar games and on the Google Play leaderboard, it stands out as a cheerful icon with the head of a white rooster with a bright red comb and a yellow beak, set against a blue sky with small clouds and a rural view on the horizon. The cartoonish execution of the bird with its bulging eyes draws attention, which corresponds to the visual performance of the character in the game.

11 Geometry Dash

Logo Geometry Dash

Paid 2D platformer – Geometry Dash was created for iOS/Android and further developed as a gaming PC application. A fascinating arcade game that includes jumping and flying throughout the game plot, overcoming the dangers of this geometric world, has fallen in love with many users. The game icon represents the image of its main character – a light yellow square with a transition to orange, with square turquoise eyes and a rectangular mouth, the contours of which are highlighted with a black border for contrast. There is a round and bold letter R on a yellow background in the upper left corner, reflecting the game’s belonging to the RobTop Games direction. The lower left corner is occupied by the black shape of one of the geometric obstacles – a triangle with a white border. Image elements are made on the main background of the gameplay.

12 Clash Royale

Logo Clash Royale

Another very popular representative of the Clash of Clans universe was Clash Royale, a free RTS game released in 2016 with CCG elements. It was downloaded by more than a million users in the first year. This was facilitated by attractive gameplay based on battles, where it is necessary to carry out the destruction of the enemy’s towers while maintaining their three – two towers of princesses and one royal. This is achieved using a deck with unique cards. The game stands out among the abundance of offers in this genre with a bright and colorful icon representing the faces of warring kings in golden crowns and ribbons in the colors of both sides – bright blue and red in a gradient design. Separated by the lightning symbol, they are located on backgrounds of light shades of blue and red, according to their affiliation.



The appearance of the beloved classic board game MONOPOLY, even in a paid electronic version, immediately attracted the attention of not only fans. Its amazing graphics, original animation, and the ability to play without ads ensured an indescribable pleasure from the game. Thrown dice, justified risk, the desire to get more money, and the ability to invest it correctly – are the main elements of the game gameplay. A unique icon, on which a high-quality character in a black top hat and tuxedo is depicted against a blue field made of squares with light and dark shades, ensures its recognition. The play of shadows creates the impression of volume. In the foreground, at the bottom of the image, on a rectangular plate, is the logo of the game – its name in white sans-serif, lowercase letters, printed on a red gradient background, which makes the sign accent.

14 Bridge Constructor Portal

Logo Bridge Constructor Portal

Paid electronic puzzle and simulator Bridge Constructor Portal occupies a leading position in terms of popularity. The successful hybrid of the classic Portal™ and Bridge Constructor™ proved particularly successful. As a new laboratory employee with portals, the player’s task is to develop and build bridges and ramps, a wide variety of structures, thanks to which the story men quickly and safely reach the finish line with the help of their cars. The colorful design of the application is reflected in the icon’s design. Its concise reflection of the storyline provides an opportunity to get some idea of ​​the gameplay and recognizability. The visualization is a round-shaped bright orange portal that opens, from which little men appear on a forklift with a load and a trailer against a gray gradient background. Silhouettes of black men for clarity of their perception are highlighted with a white outline.

15 World of Tanks Blitz PVP battles

Logo World of Tanks Blitz PVP battles

Online game – World of Tanks Blitz PVP battles belongs to the category of free and is a massively multiplayer strategy and shooter based on the gameplay of World of Tanks. The dynamics and realism of 7×7 PVP battles in the multi-million dollar inform the fans, the possibilities of online play, and various maps, types of vehicles, modes, and strategies – this is World of Tanks Blitz PVP battles. The realism of the world and the detailing of military equipment in full accordance with its design features make the game especially attractive. The developers created an icon depicting a moving tank firing from a laser weapon against a light blue sky with scattered white clouds and snow-capped mountain peaks on the horizon to make it easy and quick to find among the offers. The original camouflage in the form of a red inscription “BOOM!” on the frontal protection and the image of a cartoonish “evil” projectile on the side armor attract special attention.

16 Pubg Mobile


Pubg Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile) is a shareware online action game of the multiplayer battle royale genre. Being a mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it repeats the gameplay of the original game – after airdropping on the island, up to 100 participants start a battle with each other. Options – single or team execution until the last survivor or only one team remaining. Its icon represents a playable character in summer combat gear against a blue sky. In the foreground is the full three-level title of the game. The first part is made on a golden rectangular plate in black letters. The middle part is executed in gold lowercase letters with black shadows, creating volume. The third block is printed in thick gray type on a rectangular plate with a reddish tinge. This design brightly highlights the icon, focusing on the text image.

17 Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Logo Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade

The colorful game world and gameplay of the free strategy Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade attracts with its multi-colored enchantment and scale. Many battles, the possibility of creating a new history for your Viking civilization, raising it from the depths of oblivion to new heights with the help of wars of conquest or the virtue and wisdom of the ruler, traveling to unknown lands, or the desire to help your people – all these are just some of the possible storylines. A characteristic feature is the game’s identification icon. The central place is occupied by the image of a heroic warrior in the original helmet and armor against the background of a light brown letter C – the first letter of the word Crusade.

18 Standoff 2

Logo Standoff 2

A shareware multiplayer action game in the genre of a classic first-person shooter – Standoff 2 is especially loved by gamers. It favorably characterizes the variety of regimes and the filling of a huge arsenal of modern weapons from different countries. Continuing the tradition of the previous version, the game allows you to take action around the world. It features many new maps and updated ones from the first part. To make your choice in favor of Standoff 2, the icon representing the game on the network also offers. The image of a character in a mask with a pistol “naked” on a light blue background immediately catches the eye, making it easy and quick to find it in the electronic game store.

19 Lords Mobile: Tower Defense

Logo Lords Mobile Tower Defense

The free MMO strategy Lords Mobile: Tower Defense has entered the Top of the electronic application store. The application is particularly popular, as evidenced by the official data of 60 million subscribers. The game is characterized by several game modes, including PVP battles. Gameplay provides the need to develop the army and improve your fortress, attack enemy fortifications, capture resources, and the best warriors of the enemy. The visual identifier of the application is represented by an icon depicting the head of an attacking hero wearing a golden winged diadem and an embedded sapphire. The character is equipped with a short sword. The blue gradient background highlights the central figure in contrast. In the lower left corner is the abbreviation of the developer’s name.



Fans of virtual sports games in 2017 were pleased with the appearance of a shareware football simulator – FIFA Mobile, which creates conditions for unprecedented immersion in the exciting atmosphere of the world-favorite game. It provides an opportunity to play each of the 15,000 leading players in the world included in the game base and apply 600 of the most famous teams in the most dynamic gaming events. The voices of legendary sports commentators accompany matches, and the new game engine provides the dynamics of changing the time of day. Players are waiting for realistic tournaments with the real atmosphere of matches in stadiums in the real world and the possibility of creating their form. At the same time, an important feature of visual identification is the dependence of the image on the icon on the one with whom the organization has currently signed a contract for the position of “face of the company.” The icon necessarily uses a photographic version of the face or figure of the selected athlete in an attractive playing position.

21 Township

Logo Township

The free game application – Township, in the genre of casual games, farm, completes the list of the most popular games from the Google Play Market. She offers to try her hand at urban planning and agriculture. The gamer’s task is to build and develop his city, the mayor of which he will be, the construction of factories and harvesting, manufacturing goods based on agricultural products. The player is immersed in a colorful and exciting game world, the search for which is facilitated by the icon presented in the store, made in compliance with the features of game visualization. The main element of the logo is a red-haired heroine in a blue dress, waving merrily from the window of her red truck carrying bottles of milk in blue caps. The car rushes along a golden field of ripened wheat on one side and manicured carrot beds on the other. The emblem provides ease and speed of search in the Google Play Market, is easy to remember, attracting attention.

22 Evertale

Logo Evertale

Another attractive game from the Google Play Market is a paid role-playing adventure – Evertale. A feature of the game is the use of an isometric camera. Its plot is based on the hero’s meeting with real adventurers, which helps him save the territory of Erden from Pandemonium. Many battles with the most terrible monsters, the possibility of joining various guilds, and chatting with other users provide the gamer with many unforgettable minutes. Bright graphics and anime style make the game especially attractive. Her icon represents the head of the main character with big eyes and cute horns with hair secured in two neat side ponytails with bright red beads. She is shown in the process of making a gum bubble against a backdrop of white lettering on a dark green wall.

23 Bloons TD 6

Logo Bloons TD 6

Paid strategy – Bloons TD 6 is featured in the Google Play Market’s Best Games Review as the most downloaded app. It features addictive gameplay and the colorful design of the game world. Little nimble monkeys – the game’s main characters form a strong defense with the right combination. Thanks to the improvement and increase in the level of their abilities, the gamer gets the opportunity to destroy the incoming balls. A large-scale multicolor strategy constantly attracts many players, allowing four users to play simultaneously. Finding it in an electronic game store is very easy, thanks to the logo containing the image of a brown monkey in a green protective helmet with a yellow circle in the center, enthusiastically scribbling from his green-gray machine gun. The character is depicted on a blue background, with light and dark rays radiating from the center. Behind the hero, multi-colored balls fly up, which must be destroyed.

24 Ragdoll Turbo Dismount

Logo Ragdoll Turbo Dismount

Another simulator from the category of free – Ragdoll Turbo Dismount, demonstrates high demand from gamers worldwide. They are attracted to a large number of deadly motorcycle stunts. As a result, the character crashes into walls and breaks his bones while allowing the player to communicate and share his successes with friends. The game uses a unique ragdoll physics system and natural-sounding effects that imitate hits and crunching bones. Add fascination on several levels and the ability to choose different types of motorcycles. The choice to download the app is particularly influenced by the logo representing a broken and bleeding character in a blue T-shirt and shorts soaring over a collapsing black motorcycle. The latter slides down the gray steps and crashes into a brown beam. The composition is made on a light gray background, making it stand out.

25 Zen Match

Logo Zen Match

A colorful and captivating free head, especially loved by the gamer’s fair half, Zen Match has a high download rate, one of the Top Popular Games on the Google Play Market. By playing it, users sharpen their minds, find optimal solutions for solving everyday problems and overcome trials. The multi-level mahjong of tiles with a relaxing effect lets you clear the playing field, decorate your room and find inner peace. The application logo is a colorful picture, the central element of which is a bright red ladybug reclining on the blank pages of a book placed above the peaceful green of the meadow. Below is another book with a pink five-petal flower with a light yellow center. Light white clouds float peacefully over the entire composition in the azure summer sky. The icon exudes peace and tranquility, which the game itself seeks to reward users with.

26 Five Nights at Freddy’s

Logo Five Nights at Freddy's

The list of especially popular games on the Google Play Market includes Five Nights at Freddy’s, a paid action game that is a summer job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Children come here with their parents seeking to have fun and have a tasty snack. At the same time, food choice is presented in an unlimited space. But the main characters and central characters are robots – Freddy Fazbear with his friends, programmed to create fun and joy for visitors. The gamer appears as a security guard, ensuring order from the inadequate night behavior of robots—a game with subtitles in many languages. The game’s logo is an image of a smiling protagonist, similar to a brown bear with a flashlight in his hand but performed on a gloomy black background.

27 Bingo Blitz – Bingo Games

Logo Bingo Blitz - Bingo Games

Bingo Blitz – Bingo Games from the Google Play online store is included in the list of the best free electronic games that belong to the category of board games. It is full of new emotions that will be experienced by everyone who goes on an unforgettable online adventure along with the games of this cycle. The exciting world of bingo games is full of many tasks and gifts, awards, and souvenirs. The ability to play in a multi-card version increases interest at times. Power-ups and special cards, exciting mini-games, and trips worldwide – all this is the Bingo Blitz multiverse, represented by an attractive and cute cheerful blue cat that greets players on a gradient multi-beam blue background. A yellow-sweater-clad cat sits behind a bright yellow wording called Bingo in the bold, round, cheerful font. Below is the second word with a slight right slope and upward direction. The words are separated by one of the game symbols – a red circle with a black border, in which a white five-pointed star is drawn.