Best Antivirus Software 2024

Best Antivirus Software 2024

In the early 1990s, when computers started getting sick with viruses, people began creating antivirus software to help. A smart person named Yuri Lipatov made one of the first virus scanners in 1988. It was a big deal because it helped fight off these computer viruses.

Soon after, companies like Norton and McAfee made their antivirus programs. They were smart because they could find new or changed viruses, not just the ones they already knew about.

When 2000 came around, even more sneaky computer bugs like internet worms and trojans appeared. So, antivirus programs had to improve and protect against more types of bad software, like spyware and rootkits.

In the last ten years, antivirus programs have become even smarter. Now, they can protect against tricky tricks like phishing (when someone tries to trick you into giving away personal info) and identity theft. They use the cloud (invisible storage space on the internet) and artificial intelligence (a way for computers to think and learn) to find dangers quickly.

If you’re looking for the best antivirus software in 2024, here are some tips:

  1. Choose one that uses artificial intelligence to find threats before they’re even known.
  2. Pick a program that uses the cloud to know about threats right away.
  3. Make sure it uses artificial intelligence to watch how apps behave so it can catch anything suspicious.
  4. Don’t forget about tools that keep your personal information safe, like VPNs (which keep your internet connection private) and password managers.
  5. Look at what experts say in tests from websites like and to help you decide.

So, that’s how antivirus software has changed over time. Now, it’s smart and helps protect our computers from many dangers.


Bitdefender Logo

Bitdefender is a computer security company started in Romania in 2001 by Florin Talpeș and his team. They made one of the first antivirus programs because more people were using the internet, which meant more computer viruses. Bitdefender worked hard to keep computers safe as the internet grew.

Over time, Bitdefender added more services like internet security, VPNs (which keep your internet use private), and protection against identity theft. By 2010, it became one of the top names in keeping computers and businesses safe from viruses and malware.

Bitdefender uses smart technology, like machine learning and AI, to stop different kinds of cyberattacks, including ransomware and phishing. Even now, with over 1,600 experts, they’re still finding new ways to keep our digital world secure.

Their antivirus software is easy to use but good at protecting against threats. It works well on different systems without slowing them down and lets users adjust settings for their needs. Bitdefender watches apps closely to immediately catch any strange behavior, making it a smart choice to keep your computer safe.

They make it easy for everyone to get help, with lots of online advice, direct support, and forums where users can talk to each other. Bitdefender has different prices, including a free version and more complete options that you can try before you buy, making it a budget-friendly choice.

The Bitdefender logo is simple but shows they’re all about strong, no-fuss computer security. It’s a sign that they’re trusted to protect your online life without complicating things.

Norton 360

Norton 360 Logo

Norton 360 is a computer security program that helps protect your online stuff. It’s easy for anyone to use and does more than stop viruses. It keeps your online identity private with a VPN, helps you remember your passwords, and saves your important files online. Norton works on many different computers and gadgets and lets you adjust settings to fit your needs.

They have a help team ready all the time and different plans you can choose from, even giving you a chance to try it out for free. Norton started a long time ago with a program called Norton Utilities, but the Norton 360 we know started in 2007. It was a big deal because it did more than older security programs, protecting against more online dangers.

In 2022, a company called Gen Digital bought Norton and gave it a new look, but it still does its main job of protecting your devices from threats. Over the years, Norton added new features like tools to make your computer run better, security for your phone, and services to keep your private information safe even on the dark web.

The Norton logo, with its checkmark, is a way to show that it’s a trusted name in keeping your digital world secure and easy to use.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab Logo

Kaspersky Lab started nearly 30 years ago with Eugene Kaspersky and his team, using his experience in Russian cyber defense. They wanted to make antivirus programs that protect people from all kinds of bad stuff on the internet, like viruses, ransomware, and tricky scams. They began in 1998, helping regular folks and businesses stay safe online.

As the internet grew, Kaspersky kept improving, adding new protection. They became famous for their smart antivirus that learns from new threats. They made security programs for computers and phones, helping everyone from single users to big companies.

With the rise of sneaky attacks like ransomware, Kaspersky has worked even harder to keep devices safe. Their huge team finds new dangers daily, helping protect over 400 million users worldwide.

Kaspersky’s programs are easy to use, with helpful tools like VPNs for private browsing, safe online shopping, and controls for parents. Even though it might make your computer work a bit harder, it’s worth it for the protection you get.

Their simple logo shows that Kaspersky means serious business regarding keeping you safe online. Thanks to their top-notch security and easy-to-use design, it’s all about ensuring people can use their gadgets without worrying.


McAfee Logo

McAfee is a big name in keeping computers safe. They simplify security software for everyone, from one person to big companies. Their software has tools like virus protection, firewalls, and safety for web and email. They have a cool feature called “My Home Network” that shows you all the devices on your network and checks if they’re safe. McAfee ensures your devices run well and stay safe without slowing them down. It works on many types of computers and phones.

They’re great at helping customers anytime with live chat, phone, or online forums. McAfee has different plans you can try for free to see if you like them. They ensure something for everyone’s budget, from basic to full coverage.

McAfee was started in 1987 by a guy named John McAfee. It was one of the first companies to make antivirus software when more people started using personal computers. Over time, they grew by buying other security companies. In 2010, a big company called Intel bought McAfee for a lot of money and was part of Intel for a while. But in 2017, McAfee became its own company again, focusing on making the internet safe for everyone.

McAfee has many products to keep your online life safe like anti-malware, VPNs, and services to watch over your identity and keep your phones safe. They’re all about making the internet safer for everyone, from home users to big businesses.

The McAfee logo, with its shield, shows they’re all about protecting people from online dangers, making sure everyone’s digital world is secure.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Logo

Trend Micro, started in 1988 in Los Angeles by Eva Chen, Steve Chang, and Jenny Chang, is known for being good at stopping computer viruses before they cause trouble. They use cloud technology, which means they can stop threats before they reach your computer or phone. Their software is easy to use, making it simple to keep your online shopping and important files safe without slowing down your computer, whether a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

They care about helping their customers, offering help any time and lots of online tips and discussions. Trend Micro has different levels of protection, from basic to very advanced, and lets people try the premium stuff for free to see if they like it.

Over the years, Trend Micro has kept up with new tech, like protecting smart devices and using artificial intelligence to find threats. They’ve added more tools to keep your information safe, proving they’re leaders in cloud security.

With over 6,500 people working for them and protecting half a billion devices worldwide, Trend Micro is a big name in cybersecurity. Their main office is in Irving, Texas. Their unique logo shows they’re all about providing top-notch security, staying ahead of new threats, and being a trusted name for regular people and businesses.



ESET NOD32 is a very good antivirus program made by a company from Slovakia called ESET. It started in 1987 and was good at finding viruses because it could figure out what new viruses were doing without having seen them before. At first, in 1992, it was just for finding viruses and trojans, but then it got better and could find malware and spyware, too. It worked on Linux computers and later on Windows and Novell NetWare.

In the 2000s, ESET made NOD32 even better by adding a firewall to stop hackers, tools to catch spyware and scams, and other features to keep computers safe without making them slow. In 2006, they made a new version, NOD32 Antivirus 3.0, easier to use and protected computers in real-time without slowing them down.

Now, ESET NOD32 is used by over 110 million people worldwide. It works on many different devices and is known for not making your computer slow while keeping it very safe. It’s great for people who play games or use computers that aren’t very powerful because it doesn’t interrupt or slow down the computer. They even let new users try it for free to see how good it is.

The logo of ESET NOD32 shows how much they focus on keeping computers safe. It’s a special design that people all over the world recognize. It stands for being one of the best at stopping viruses while being easy for everyone to use.

Sophos Home

Sophos Home Logo

Sophos Home is a security program that keeps individuals and families safe online. It brings the kind of protection usually found in businesses to your home. The program is easy to use and has strong features to stop malware, and ransomware and even filter websites. A cool part is that you can look after all your devices from one place, which is great for people with many gadgets or families who want to keep everything secure together. Sophos Home works on many types of computers and doesn’t slow them down, letting you change settings to fit your needs.

Sophos Home gives lots of help online through direct support and educational stuff to help you understand how to use it. A free version and a paid one offer more protection, like better real-time security and keeping your online shopping safe. You can try the paid features before buying, showing how much Sophos cares about making customers happy and keeping them safe.

Sophos was started in the UK in 1985 by Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer, aiming to provide businesses with top-notch IT security. By 1997, they began offering security products for home users and small offices under the Sophos Anti-Virus name. Over the years, they added more features for home users, and in 2015, they brought everything together under Sophos Home. Now, after 35 years, Sophos is a big name in cybersecurity, used by over 240,000 organizations worldwide.

The Sophos Home logo, which looks like a shield, shows their promise to keep your digital life safe. It tells you that Sophos is about giving you strong security that everyone can use.


Malwarebytes Logo

Malwarebytes started in 2008 when Marcin Kleczynski and Bruce Harrison decided to make a free tool to eliminate malware. At that time, most antivirus programs you had to pay for didn’t catch the newest, trickiest viruses. Malwarebytes did something different. It looked at how programs behaved to find and stop new or very complex viruses, which other antivirus software often missed.

By 2009, many businesses wanted stronger security, so Malwarebytes made a version just for them. This business version had special tools to manage security for many computers simultaneously. As viruses got more complicated, Malwarebytes kept improving its virus-fighting tools, even adding a way to undo the damage from ransomware attacks.

Over the years, Malwarebytes grew by buying other security companies. This helped it protect against even more online dangers like harmful websites and computer exploits. Now, Malwarebytes helps over 60,000 businesses and regular people stay safe from viruses and other online threats.

The Malwarebytes logo represents what the brand is about making powerful, reliable, and simple tools to fight malware. It’s a sign that they’re all about keeping your computer safe in an easy-to-understand way.

Webroot SecureAnywhere

Webroot SecureAnywhere Logo

Webroot SecureAnywhere is a cybersecurity program that stands out because it’s fast and doesn’t slow down your computer. It was started by Bob Schneibly and Mike Rogers in 1997. They wanted to make a new antivirus that works quickly and well. In 2003, they came out with their first security software that could spot spyware and viruses immediately. Over time, they added more features like protection against identity theft and online backup services.

In 2011, Webroot launched SecureAnywhere, a program that uses the cloud to scan for dangers quickly without using much of your computer’s power. This was a big deal because it differed from the old-school antivirus programs that could slow your computer. Then, in 2015, a company called Carbonite bought Webroot, which helped them get even better at protecting computers from viruses by using new tech like machine learning and cloud technologies.

People like using Webroot SecureAnywhere because it keeps their computers safe without making them slow. It works with many different types of computers and is easy to use. They offer good customer support. Webroot has different prices depending on what you need, from just one person to a whole family, and they let you try it out for free first.

The Webroot SecureAnywhere logo is simple but focuses on making strong, easy-to-use cybersecurity. It stands for their goal to keep your online life safe, clear, and efficient. Even though Webroot might be bought by another company called OpenText, it’s still known for being a fast, cloud-based security leader and always looking for new ways to protect against cyber threats.

F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE Logo

 In 1988, in Finland, Petri Allas and Risto Siilasmaa started a Data Fellows company. They first made tools to keep PC files safe. But in 1994, they switched gears and made one of the first antivirus programs, F-Secure Antivirus. This started their focus on keeping computers safe from viruses and other online dangers.

By the end of the 1990s, they were making all kinds of security software for keeping files safe, for safe internet use, and for protecting against hackers. In 1999, they changed their name to F-Secure Corporation to show they were all about cybersecurity.

In 2006, F-Secure made a new product called F-Secure SAFE. It was made easy for regular people to use to protect their computers and personal stuff. It had everything from antivirus to parental controls all in one.

F-Secure is known worldwide for making software that keeps over 100 million devices safe. Their F-Secure SAFE product is good at protecting people online without making their devices slow. It’s easy for anyone to use, with a simple setup and options for different needs. They even offer a free trial, so you can check it out before you buy.

Their logo stands for trust, safety, and being ahead in tech. F-Secure promises to keep your digital world secure.

Panda Dome

Panda Dome Logo

Panda Security started in Spain in 1990 thanks to Mikel Urizarbarrena, who was really into studying antivirus software for his big school project. At first, Panda was all about fighting off the computer viruses that were starting to be problematic. They came up with something smart in 1997 called TruPrevent technology. It could stop viruses that the usual antivirus couldn’t see, making Panda a big deal in keeping computers safe.

Panda improved their security tools when more people started using the internet in the 2000s. They ensured regular people and companies could keep their computers safe with antivirus, firewalls, and other cool safety features. In 2007, Panda started using cloud technology, which meant they could quickly send updates to keep up with new threats.

In 2016, Panda changed the name of what they offer to Panda Dome, which put all their security tech in one place that was easy for anyone to use. Panda Dome made sure computers were safe without slowing them down, and it had lots of helpful tools like a personal firewall, parental controls, a VPN for safe internet browsing, and checks on apps to stop bad software.

In 2022, Panda joined another company called WatchGuard to reach even more people worldwide. After over 30 years, Panda is still working hard to keep people and their computers safe with their Dome security suites.

Panda Dome’s logo shows how simple and secure their tools are. It’s a symbol that tells you Panda is about keeping you safe online in an easy-to-understand and useable way.


TotalAV Logo

TotalAV is a computer security company that was started in the UK in 2016 by a group called They wanted to make online safe and easy for everyone, even those unfamiliar with computers. Their program is simple to use, helping to stop viruses, malware, and scams without complicating things. TotalAV makes computers run faster by getting rid of stuff that’s not needed.

They have great email, phone, and chat support, plus many answers to common questions on their website. You can try TotalAV for free or choose from plans that protect more devices and have extra features. They’ve made it affordable and let you choose what works best.

Over the years, TotalAV has added services like protection against identity theft, private internet access with a VPN, and tools to improve devices. It’s grown from a basic antivirus to a full package that keeps your home’s computers safe and easy to use.

Their logo is simple and shows what TotalAV is all about, keeping your online life safe in an easy way. TotalAV ensures families can use the internet safely without being cybersecurity experts.

G Data

G Data Logo

G Data Software started in Bochum, Germany, in 1985 by Kai Figge and Andreas Lüning. They were among the first to make antivirus software in 1987. Their software was smart; it could find viruses that were hard to catch. As computers and the internet changed, G Data made more security products, not just antivirus. They made tools to keep both regular people and businesses safe online.

G Data kept updating its tools to fight new kinds of internet dangers, like ransomware, using new technology like machine learning. Even after over 30 years, G Data still creates new ways to protect computers.

Their software is easy to use, with a clear design that has special features for safe online banking and watching out for suspicious activities. G Data ensures computers stay safe without slowing down, and they work on many types of computers.

G Data ensures their customers get great help with questions or problems. They offer plans that fit people’s needs and how much they can spend, including a trial to try things out.

The G Data logo shows their promise to make safe, advanced security tools.


Intego Logo

Intego is a company that started in Paris, France, in 1997 by Laurent Marteau. Its goal was to make safety programs for Mac computers, which Apple makes. In 1998, Intego created two programs, Intego NetBarrier and Intego VirusBarrier, to protect Macs from internet dangers and viruses.

In the 2000s, Intego made more tools, like Personal Backup to save your files, ContentBarrier for parents to control what their kids see online, and Mac Washing Machine to clean up and speed up the Mac. In 2007, Intego opened an office in Austin, Texas, because many of their users were there, and they wanted to help them better.

As technology got more complicated, Intego used new things like AI (artificial intelligence) to fight off newer and trickier internet threats like malware and ransomware. This means Mac users can feel safe and keep their computers running well. Intego now has many tools for everything a Mac user might need to keep their computer safe and clean.

The Intego logo shows their promise to make great, easy-to-use security programs just for Macs. It stands for Intego’s long history of being the top choice for Mac users who want the best computer protection.

Dr.Web Antivirus

Dr.Web Antivirus Logo

In 1992, Igor Danilov and Sergey Belov started Dr.Web, a company that made one of the first antivirus programs in Russia. They worked together at a government place and wanted to make a tool to find and eliminate computer viruses. Their first product was for DOS and OS/2 systems, designed to protect computers from viruses.

As time went on, Dr.Web grew and started to work on computers that ran Windows and Linux. They added new features like scanning for viruses in different ways and learning to spot new threats before they could cause harm. They added tools to block unwanted emails, spyware, and websites and even put in controls for parents to use.

In the 2000s, Dr.Web added more features like a firewall, which helps block hackers, and started using machine learning to spot bad computer behavior. They worked on stopping ransomware, an attack that locks your files until you pay money.

Dr.Web protects computers and phones worldwide in more than 230 countries. They keep over 300 million devices safe. Dr.Web has grown and works in many places, including Russia, Europe, and Asia.

The Dr.Web logo is simple but shows what the company is all about strong and easy-to-use protection against computer threats. It reminds people of the company’s long history of fighting against cyber dangers.

PRO32 Total Security

PRO32 Total Security Logo

PRO32 Total Security is an antivirus software made for Windows computers. It’s made to keep your computer safe from viruses, malware, and other online dangers. The software is easy to use, with a simple setup that lets you quickly start scans, change settings, and use its many safety features. These include watching for suspicious activity, blocking harmful internet content, and keeping kids away from bad stuff online.

It protects against online threats like viruses, ransomware, and phishing. It ensures you can safely surf the internet by checking sites and downloads for risks. PRO32 Total Security is known for being strong and efficient, which keeps your computer safe without slowing down. This lets you use your computer without worry, knowing it’s safe.

For help, PRO32 offers many options like a helpful website, phone and email support, and live chat. It has different prices, so you can choose what works best. You can even try it out before buying.

The logo for PRO32 Total Security looks strong and trustworthy, just like the software, ensuring your computer is always protected.