15+ Best Canned Chili Pepper Manufacturers Brands and Logos

Best Canned Chili Pepper Manufacturers Brands and Logos

For a long time, people in Latin America have loved eating chili peppers. But, it wasn’t until the late 1800s that people in the United States started putting these peppers in cans to eat them all year round, no matter where they lived. From the 1930s to the 1950s, canning chili peppers became a big deal because of new technology and because more and more Americans wanted to try foods from Latin America. Now, you can find all kinds of canned chili peppers in the store, from the ones that are not too spicy to the really hot ones. You can get them whole, cut up, or mashed into a paste. People use them to make their food taste better, whether cooking meat, making sauce, or adding something extra to snacks.

Canned chili peppers have become something you’ll likely find in kitchens everywhere, showing how much people enjoy adding a bit of spice to their meals. It’s like having a piece of the world’s many flavors at home. Whether made by a small family business or a big company that sells food everywhere, each canned chili pepper has a special taste. These peppers do more than just make food spicy; they unite people over a love of tasty dishes and show how much we like trying different flavors worldwide.

Hormel Chili

Hormel Chili Logo

Hormel Chili is a famous food in America, loved for its rich, meaty taste that’s easy to make without losing its delicious flavor. George A. Hormel started the company in 1891 Austin, Minnesota, focusing on making good meat. Over time, they added many different foods, always looking for new and better ways to make them.

The Hormel Chili logo has bright yellow letters on a red background, showing how warm and yummy their chili is. The design looks fun and inviting, with a special touch on the letter ‘o’ to make it stand out. It also says “Since 1891” to remind everyone how long they’ve been around, making tasty chili that brings a bit of spice and heartiness to your meal. You know you’re in for something good when you see this logo.

Hormel Chili’s story is part of the bigger story of Hormel Foods. In the 1930s, George’s son Jay Hormel started making new foods like Dinty Moore® stew, SPAM®, and Hormel® Chili. Hormel Chili came out in 1935 and quickly became a favorite because it’s tasty, easy to cook, and you can use it in many ways.

Through the years, Hormel Foods improved Hormel Chili by adding new flavors and options to match people’s tastes. This drive to keep improving comes from the company’s early leaders and helps Hormel Chili stay a big part of American food.


Campbells Logo

Campbell Soup Company started long ago, in the late 1800s, when Joseph A. Campbell and Abraham Anderson teamed up in Camden, New Jersey. They first made canned tomatoes, veggies, and jellies but soon started making soups and minced meats. When Anderson left in 1876, Campbell led the company to grow a lot because more people wanted canned food.

By the 1890s, Campbell’s was making over 60 different kinds of canned foods and became famous for its tasty soups. A big change happened in 1899 when John T. Dorrance invented condensed soup, making it cheaper to send soups nationwide. This helped Campbell’s become very popular. Over time, the company made more foods like tomato soup and chicken noodle soup and bought other companies like Pepperidge Farm and V8 Juice.

Campbell’s also got great at advertising, ensuring almost everyone in America knew about their soups. They kept getting bigger by buying more companies and making new food. Campbell’s chili is one of their newer foods. It’s made with red and jalapeno peppers, beef, chili powder, and cayenne pepper, which gives it a spicy and rich taste. It’s cooked in chicken broth, making it a warm and comforting food for when it’s cold outside.

The Campbell’s logo is known all over the world. It shows the company’s long history of making good food and being creative with what they make. Campbell’s has been around for over 150 years, making foods that families enjoy together.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's Logo

Trader Joe’s started in 1958 and has become a special place to shop for groceries in America. It’s known for its unique food items, like a famous canned chili, and its easy-to-recognize logo with big red letters that remind people of old-time markets. This logo shows that Trader Joe’s wants to be friendly and fun and offer good deals on interesting products.

The first store opened in Pasadena, California, in 1967 by Joe Coulombe and was first called Pronto Market before changing to Trader Joe’s. This new name was chosen to make people think of exciting, far-away places with lots of different and new foods. By selling its brand of products, Trader Joe’s was able to give customers good quality stuff at lower prices, making it a leader in the grocery business.

In the 1970s, Trader Joe’s began to open more stores in Northern California, decorating them with a sea theme and making shopping there a nice experience. When Aldi Nord bought it in 1979, Trader Joe’s kept its special style but grew even more. By the 1990s and 2000s, there were over 500 stores nationwide, all sticking to bringing innovative and affordable products to their customers in a friendly place.

Today, Trader Joe’s keeps changing how we think about grocery shopping by bringing in new products while ensuring they offer good quality, great prices, and a shopping experience that makes customers happy.


Amy's Logo

In 1987, Andy and Rachel Berliner started Amy’s Kitchen in Petaluma, California, to make healthy organic meals for their daughter, Amy. She needed to eat natural foods because of her health. This small family project grew into a big company that makes vegetarian and organic meals for everyone. As more people wanted to eat healthy, Amy’s Kitchen grew too. They made a big kitchen in 1996, sold over $50 million in 1999, and even started selling their food in Europe in 2002. By 2007, they made more than $300 million a year and opened another kitchen in Santa Rosa, California. The company kept it in the family, with Andy and his daughter Rachel leading as CEO.

Amy’s Kitchen has over 2,000 people working there and makes over 250 different foods, bringing in over $600 million yearly. They are famous for making tasty food, like their chili, which uses organic chili peppers and a special mix of spices. They also add olive oil and chicken broth to make it taste like home.

The logo of Amy’s Kitchen is simple but shows what the company is about making simple, high-quality, and caring food. It reminds people how the company started small and became a big name in healthy, vegetarian food.

Old El Paso

Old El Paso Logo

Old El Paso started in 1938, making Tex-Mex food easy and fun for everyone. At first, they canned chili peppers, but now they make meal kits too. Their bright yellow and red logo shows a desert with a big rock and cacti. It looks like Mexican art and makes you think of the Southwest. It says “ESTABLISHED 1938,” showing they’ve been around a long time, sharing Mexican flavors with the world. The logo also has a tiled roof design, making it feel like home cooking.

The company began as the Mountain Pass Canning Company in Texas, canning fruits, vegetables, tortillas, and taco shells. They chose “Old El Paso” to celebrate the Southwest’s food and culture. In the 1950s, they started focusing on Mexican-style foods like taco kits and salsa, becoming popular in the U.S.

Over the years, different companies owned Old El Paso. Pet Inc. bought it in 1978 and added more Tex-Mex foods. Then Pillsbury bought it in 1985, investing in new foods and ads, making Old El Paso a top Tex-Mex brand. Since 2001, General Mills has owned it, growing the brand even more. Even though it’s not just in Texas anymore, Old El Paso is still all about Tex-Mex food, and many love it.

Wolf Brand Chili

Wolf Brand Chili Logo

Wolf Brand Chili started in 1895 in Texas and is known for making chili that feels like a warm hug from the South. Its logo, with a rich red background and tough-looking letters, shows how deep and traditional this chili is. The logo also has a star, reminding everyone it’s from Texas, and says “Since 1895” to show how long they’ve been making chili.

Lyman T. Davis, a rancher who loved to cook, created the chili recipe in Corsicana, Texas. He and his partner made a special chili with ancho chilies, spices, beef fat, and dried meat, which was very popular among the local workers. When the oil industry in Texas started booming, Davis saw a chance and began selling his chili, quickly becoming a favorite.

In 1921, Davis started putting his chili in cans and named it “Wolf Brand” in honor of his pet wolf. This was the start of selling his chili to more people, and by 1924, he had his own company. Over the years, Wolf Brand Chili became a big name worldwide, spreading across the United States, even as different companies took over.

Now, Conagra owns it, but Wolf Brand Chili is still made in Texas and sticks to Davis’s original recipe from 1895. This commitment means every can is full of true Texas taste and tradition, bringing those bold flavors to people everywhere.

Stagg Chili

Stagg Chili Logo

In 1956, Clement L. Hirsch, who came from Austria and knew much about food, started Stagg Chili. He began in San Antonio, Texas, and his chili became known for being flavorful and satisfying, quickly earning the name “The Chili Lover’s Chili.” Hirsch used his family’s recipes to make chili that people liked, helping his brand grow popular in the Midwest and Texas.

Stagg Chili’s logo is simple but stands out. It has bold black letters on a plain background, and the ‘G’ in the ‘STAGG’ design makes the brand look unique. This logo does a great job of showing what Stagg Chili is all about great taste and quality.

In 1996, after being on its own for 40 years, Stagg Chili became part of Hormel Foods. This was a big moment for the brand. With Hormel, Stagg Chili kept making its famous chili in Texas and also started offering new kinds of high-quality chili products, like special cans people like to collect, in 2004. Being with Hormel, Stagg Chili continued to make various chili products for stores and restaurants, always sticking to its roots in San Antonio.

Skyline Chili

Skyline Chili Logo

Skyline Chili started in 1949 in Cincinnati, Ohio, when Nicholas Lambrinides, a man from Greece, made a new kind of meal mixing chili with spaghetti. This mix, called Cincinnati chili, was something new and special that mixed American and Greek tastes.

The logo of Skyline Chili shows a picture of a city with a blue background and a yellow oval around it. It celebrates Cincinnati, where this chili comes from. The name “Skyline” is written in a fun way, and “CHILI” is in big, red letters so everyone can see it. The logo also says “EST.1949,” showing how long they’ve been making chili.

Nicholas started with just one restaurant, which became so popular that he opened more. By the 1950s, there were three in Cincinnati. In the 1960s, his sons helped the business grow to 15 places. Later, Skyline Chili grew even more, spreading through Ohio and Kentucky and reaching Indiana and Florida. They now have about 160 places where they serve their special chili.

Skyline Chili is still run by the same family and led by CEO Kevin McDonnell. They have been making chili like Nicholas did, keeping the tradition alive and making people happy with their food since 1949.


Gardein Logo

Gardein is a company that makes food that tastes like meat but is made from plants. It started because they wanted to give people who don’t eat meat or want more eco-friendly options something delicious to eat. Their logo is simple but cool, with a green leaf to show it’s all about plants. They put “Plant-Based Protein” on their products so everyone knows it’s good for you and the planet.

In 2003, a guy named Yves Potvin started Gardein in Canada because he saw that not many companies were making food like this. They began selling their food in 2009, making things that taste like chicken, beef, and fish but are made from soy and wheat. People liked it because it’s a healthier choice and it’s better for the Earth.

Gardein became popular, especially around the 2010s, as more people started to eat plant-based foods. They made lots of different foods, like burgers and snacks. A big company called Pinnacle Foods helped them grow in 2014, and then another company, Conagra, bought them in 2018. This helped Gardein get their food into more than 25,000 stores all over North America.

Now, Gardein makes a lot of different plant-based foods, even breakfast and pizza. They’re still based in Canada and keep making food that’s good for people and the planet. Yves Potvin, who started it all, is still helping lead the way with Conagra’s help. Gardein has become a big name for people looking for tasty, meat-free food.


Herdez Logo

Herdez is a big name in Mexican food, starting in 1914 in Monterrey, Mexico. It’s known for making real, tasty Mexican dishes. The logo has bold red letters on a white background with a green slogan, “Con toda confianza es,” meaning “With all trust is.” This shows Herdez’s promise to deliver true Mexican flavors. The colors are like the Mexican flag and show the fresh, high-quality ingredients they use.

Over the years, Herdez became very popular for Mexican food by partnering with companies like Hormel and McCormick de Mexico. These partnerships helped Herdez add more foods like mustards, mayonnaises, and jams to its lineup and helped get American goods into Mexico. This made Herdez even stronger in the market.

Herdez went public in 1991, meaning people could buy shares in the company. They started making canned products in 1961 and teamed up with Armour Co. in 1970 to sell popular foods in Mexico. By the 1960s, Herdez had 80% of the Mexican mole market, showing its big role in Mexican food culture.

Herdez has been partnering with big brands to bring Mexican foods to the U.S. market. This move keeps Herdez’s food real and tasty for everyone. Herdez respects its Mexican food roots while looking forward to new chances to share its food with more people.

Dennison’s Chili

Dennison's Chili Logo

Dennison’s Chili has been around for over 100 years, making chili that tastes like home. Its logo uses maroon and gold colors to show it’s a top-quality food. The logo looks fancy with shadowed letters and says “Since 1915,” reminding us how long they’ve been at it. This chili brand started with the Dennison brothers in Ohio and has kept making tasty chili under Conagra’s care. They’ve kept up with the times by offering chili in cans and microwave bowls.

In 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic caused some trouble for Dennison’s Chili. They had to stop making chili for a while, which made many customers worry because it was hard to find their favorite chili. People wondered what would happen to Dennison’s, thinking they might have to change the brand or face other problems. But there’s still hope that Dennison’s Chili will come back strong, with talks of new things that excite fans.

Dennison’s Chili is more than just food; it’s about sticking through tough times and staying connected with those who love their chili. Everyone looks forward to what’s next for Dennison’s Chili, showing how much people love this part of the American chili tradition.

Tony Packo’s

Tony Packo's Logo

In 1932, Tony Packo, whose parents came from Hungary, started a place called Tony Packo’s in Toledo, Ohio. It began with a simple food truck selling tasty hot dogs with a special seasoning to factory workers. This was the start of a restaurant that became famous for its Hungarian flavors and amazing chili. By 1938, Tony Packo’s moved from a truck to a permanent place, and that original café is still open today.

Tony Packo’s became well-known because of its unique Hungarian hot dogs with chili sauce and a friendly place that drew in many people, including famous ones. This helped it get known far and wide.

The logo of Tony Packo’s, with its bright yellow and green colors, fun chili pepper, and star, shows off the restaurant’s happy vibe and Hungarian background. The way the name is written also adds a festive feel, just like the fun times people have when they eat there.

With Tony retired, his family, led by Bob Packo, keeps the restaurant going. Tony Packo’s is still loved for its special tastes and warm welcome.

Casa Fiesta

Casa Fiesta Logo

Casa Fiesta started more than 70 years ago in El Paso, Texas, because of a big love for Tex-Mex food. The goal was to make family meals tastier with real Tex-Mex flavors, making Casa Fiesta a go-to place for these foods. Over the years, they’ve kept the classic tastes people love and ensured their food fits modern health needs. They’ve found a good mix of delicious and healthy.

Their main spice is a chili pepper mix with smoky ancho peppers and slightly hot espelette peppers mixed with olive oil and some herbs. This makes a great chili spice perfect for adding flavor to sauces and marinades. Casa Fiesta is all about adding excitement to regular cooking, giving food lovers a chance to try new things with a bit of spice.

The Casa Fiesta logo shows what the brand is about, with colors and designs celebrating Tex-Mex food’s rich flavors. It’s a way to welcome people to try bold and fun cooking.


ChilliMan Logo

ChilliMan was started by Joseph DeFreitas, who was good at making chili and even won big chili cooking contests. He learned a lot from his dad and uncle, who were in the restaurant business, and that helped him create ChilliMan Chili in 1953. It took him two years to develop a special recipe and plan his business.

Joseph became famous worldwide after winning the International Chili Championship in 1973 and the World Championship in 1975. Even after he stopped competing, he stayed active in the chili world by starting a chili cooking championship in Illinois and joining the International Chili Society for Life.

The special thing about his chili is the mix of ground beef, Chilli Man Chili spices, tomato sauce, and Tabasco sauce, which people in the Midwest love. The way “chilli” is spelled with two “l” s is special to Springfield, Illinois, and shows how important chili is there.

The ChilliMan logo looks fun and exciting, with its slanted, cursive letters that seem to move. The logo is simple, just black and white, showing that ChilliMan focuses on chili’s fun and basic goodness without complicating things.


Nalley Logo

Nalley is a well-known food brand from the Pacific Northwest with a long history of making delicious, homestyle foods. It all started when Marcus Narančić, a young man from Croatia, came to New York in 1903 with just ambition and fifteen cents. He moved to Tacoma, Washington, and started making “Saratoga Chips” in a local hotel kitchen. This was the beginning of a big success story in American food.

In 1918, Marcus took a big step and rented a warehouse for five dollars a month to sell his potato chips directly to customers and stores. Soon, he added pickles, chili beans, salad dressings, and more to his lineup, making his company a key part of Tacoma’s economy. The factory was right along State Route 16.

Marcus Nally passed away in 1962, and 1966 the W.R. Grace Co. bought his company. Even though the company changed hands, the Nalley name stayed strong. People love Nalley’s chili, beef tamales, stewed meats, and beef hash because they taste great and remind them of traditional food.

The Nalley logo has a deep red oval with a sunny yellow banner, showing its long history since 1918. The simple design shows the brand’s focus on making quality food. The red and yellow colors look good and make you think of the tasty meals Nalley has been making for more than 100 years.