Best Free VPN 2024

Best Free VPN 2024

The story of free VPNs started in the mid-2000s when more people started using the internet and wanted to keep their browsing private. At first, these free VPNs were simple and didn’t do much.

Then, around 2010, things changed. New free VPNs like Betternet, ProtonVPN Free, and TunnelBear came out. They were still free but offered more features, making many people want to use them. These VPNs make money by showing ads to the users who don’t pay and offering extra features for a price.

One of the newest free VPNs is Cloudflare WARP. It’s fast and free because it uses Cloudflare’s big network of servers. Nowadays, free VPNs are very popular all over the world. They help people use the internet safely and keep their information private. But there are also paid VPNs that offer even more features.

If you’re looking for the best free VPN in 2024, here are some things to think about:

  1. Speed: You want a VPN that lets you browse the web fast.
  2. Limits: Some free VPNs limit how much data you can use. Look for one that lets you use more data or has no limit.
  3. Privacy: Make sure the VPN doesn’t record what you do online.
  4. Servers: It’s good to have many servers to choose from, especially in different countries. This helps you get around blocked sites.
  5. Safety features: Look for a VPN that protects you from online threats like hackers and trackers.
  6. Reviews: It’s always good to see what others say. Check out reviews on websites like Cnet, TechRadar, or VPNMentor.

Picking a free VPN with these things in mind will help you find one that’s safe to use and doesn’t cost anything.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN Logo

Proton VPN was started in 2017 by the same people who made ProtonMail, an email service that keeps your messages private. It’s a tool that makes internet use safer and keeps your information private. It uses strong encryption to protect your data and ensure your online activity isn’t tracked. This VPN works on all computers and phones and lets you adjust its settings to make your internet faster or more reliable.

The people who made Proton VPN care about keeping your information private. They promise not to keep records of where you go or what you do online, and they’ve had checks done by outside experts to prove it. They have a special feature that helps keep your identity secret, even in places where the internet is heavily controlled. Proton VPN has a free version that doesn’t limit how much data you can use, which is not something all VPNs offer. If you choose to pay, you get even more features, like using it on up to 10 devices at once and getting access to servers worldwide.

Since it started, Proton VPN has been all about protecting your privacy and making the internet a safer place. They added a free version to help more people use the service and new features to keep your information safe. They’ve gotten a lot of money to help them keep growing and adding new technology. Today, Proton VPN is used by millions of people who want to keep their online activity private.

The logo of Proton VPN shows what the company stands for, keeping your online life secure and private. It symbolizes their promise to protect you in the digital world.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Logo

Hotspot Shield started in 2008 and quickly became known for its fast VPN connections. It uses a special technology called Hydra VPN protocol that makes things like watching videos, playing online games, and browsing safely on public Wi-Fi fast and smooth. The app is easy to use on computers, phones, and tablets, making it simple to switch between servers and change settings. It keeps your information safe with strong encryption and has a feature that stops all internet traffic if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

One of the best things about Hotspot Shield is that it lets you get around blocks that stop you from seeing certain websites and videos, especially useful for people traveling or living abroad. The free version has a daily limit on how much data you can use, but the paid version lets you use as much data as you want and access servers in over 80 countries; plus, it offers help any time you need it. They promise to give your money back within 45 days if you’re unhappy with the paid service, which is a generous offer.

Over time, Hotspot Shield has grown from a tool to help people get around website blocks to a full VPN service focusing on internet freedom and safety. It became popular, especially in Asia and the Middle East, and now has nearly 650 million downloads. It keeps adding new features and expanding its server network, offering secure and fast internet access everywhere.

The Hotspot Shield logo features a shield, which stands for the company’s goal to keep your online life private and safe from any dangers, like a shield in the digital world.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN Logo

TunnelBear is a VPN service that’s easy to use and safe. It started in 2011 in Toronto by Ryan Dochuk and his friends. They wanted to make a VPN that keeps your data safe with strong encryption and doesn’t keep any records of where you go online.

TunnelBear has grown a lot since it started. At first, they let people use it a little for free every month. Now, it works on all kinds of computers and phones. In 2018, a bigger company called McAfee bought TunnelBear, which helped it grow even more. But even with new owners, TunnelBear kept working on making its VPN faster and safer for more than 25 million people worldwide.

One special thing about TunnelBear is that they let experts check their security to make sure it’s good. This is uncommon and shows they care greatly about being open and earning people’s trust. Their logo has a friendly bear, which shows that their VPN is powerful but still easy for anyone to use. They believe in keeping your online life safe in a simple way everyone can enjoy.


Psiphon Logo

Psiphon was made in 2006 to help people in places like China, Iran, and Syria, where the government greatly controls the internet. It was created to make it easier for people to get to any website they want without being stopped. Psiphon works on computers and phones, using special technology to get around these internet blocks. This means even if you’re in a place where the internet is heavily watched and controlled, you can still get fast and reliable access to the internet.

Over the years, Psiphon has helped millions get the information they need. They keep improving it to get through even the toughest internet blocks. A lot of smart people from all over the world help make Psiphon better by sharing their ideas and improvements.

Psiphon is free, but it shows ads to make money. A paid version called Psiphon Pro gives you extra features for an even better internet experience. This money helps keep Psiphon going and keeps your internet use safe and private.

Psiphon’s logo, which shows the idea of freedom and breaking free from digital control, captures what they’re all about. They believe everyone should be able to access the internet freely, and they work hard to make that happen for people worldwide.

VPN Proxy Master

VPN Proxy Master Logo

VPN Proxy Master comes from Singapore and helps people stay safe and private online. It lets you connect to many servers worldwide for quick and free internet. It’s good at keeping your internet fast while ensuring your information is safe. It uses strong encryption to keep what you do online private.

The service is easy to use, so you can immediately start using it. It can work with up to 20 devices simultaneously, depending on your chosen plan, which is great for individuals and families. It respects your privacy and doesn’t keep unnecessary data about you. It has support and lets you pay with cryptocurrencies, which helps keep you even more anonymous.

There are two types of service: free and premium. The free service is good for basic use, and the premium service gives you more features like unlimited data, more servers to choose from, and connecting more devices simultaneously. You can choose what works best for you, and there’s always someone ready to help if you need it.

VPN Proxy Master uses some of the best security methods to keep your computer safe, but it might not work as well on phones. It has special features for safe browsing and downloading, but people who want to watch shows on Netflix or other streaming services might have trouble.

The logo of VPN Proxy Master shows its main goal: to keep you safe and connected fast everywhere. While it’s a good choice for keeping your internet use safe, you should consider its limits with streaming and its cost compared to other options before deciding on a monthly plan.


HideMe Logo

HideMe VPN was started in 2012 by eVenture Limited in Malaysia. They wanted to make a VPN (a secret tunnel for your internet use) that’s fast and keeps your information safe. They made it easy for everyone to use, whether you know a lot about computers or not. This VPN works with many types of internet rules to ensure you can find the right mix of speed and safety, and it works on all kinds of devices like computers, phones, and tablets. You can even change some settings to make it work better for you.

HideMe has a free version that gives you 10GB of monthly data, much more than other free VPNs. If you need more, you can pay for unlimited data and access servers worldwide, which is great for people who download a lot of stuff or want extra privacy. They don’t record what you do online and use strong ways to keep your information safe. They have people you can talk to whenever you need help. You can try the paid version without risk to see if you like it.

Over the years, HideMe worked hard to have servers everywhere and make the internet faster and safer. They added more security, like hiding your IP address (like your home address but for the internet), protecting you from bad websites, and fighting viruses. By 2018, they had a big network with over 300 places in more than 60 countries and over 10 million users. They teamed up with other companies to include HideMe in different software and antivirus tools, making it a good choice for many people.

The logo of HideMe is simple but shows what it stands for keeping your online stuff safe and private. It looks like a shield, which fits because it protects your digital life and keeps you free to explore the internet without worries.

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN Logo

Atlas VPN was created in 2019 by Rachel Welch and her team. They wanted to make a VPN service that protected users’ privacy. In 2020, they introduced a new way of doing things where people could use their service for free or choose to pay for extra features. This made it easier for more people to use a VPN.

In the first two years, Atlas VPN worked hard to grow and get better. They added more servers to make their service faster and more reliable for users everywhere. They passed some tough security checks to protect users’ privacy.

By the end of 2022, Atlas VPN had more than 10 million users worldwide. This showed they were one of the top VPN services. They keep developing new privacy features and making their service available on more devices. They work with other companies to help more people use VPNs.

Atlas VPN is easy to use and offers strong security features. It works on many devices and has free and paid options for different needs. They focus on making their customers happy, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Their logo shows a globe with a shield, representing their commitment to keeping the internet safe and open for everyone.

iTop VPN

iTop VPN Logo

iTop VPN started in 2016 and quickly became a big deal in the VPN world. Over 10 million people use it because it’s good at keeping your internet use safe and private. They promise not to keep any records of what you do online. iTop VPN has lots of cool stuff like blocking ads, a safety feature that cuts your internet if the VPN stops working, and it works with Netflix and other sites for watching shows and downloading files.

ITop VPN is special because it’s super secure and easy to use. Whether you care about privacy or want to watch shows from other countries, iTop VPN covers you. It works on computers, phones, and tablets, making everything simple, whether browsing, watching shows, or playing games.

iTop VPN has special servers for watching Netflix and other sites without interruptions. It has a feature for using social media and messaging apps in places where those might be blocked. You can use it for free with some limits or pay for more features like more data, better security, and connecting more devices simultaneously. They offer great support all day and night, plus deals and trials to try out the extra features. iTop VPN’s logo is simple and easy to recognize, showing they’re all about keeping the internet safe and easy for everyone.


TurboVPN Logo

TurboVPN started in 2018 in Singapore and got popular because it’s easy to use, especially on phones like iPhones and Androids. You just need one tap to connect safely to the internet. It’s great for people who want fast and simple internet access without any hassle.

In just a few years, lots of people started using TurboVPN. By 2020, over 50 million people had downloaded it, and they kept adding cool stuff like blocking ads. They made it possible to connect to the internet in over 30 countries, making TurboVPN known worldwide.

By 2024, TurboVPN had more than 150 million users. They made a big investment to improve their service, like making the internet faster and more secure. They care a lot about keeping your online stuff private and using strong encryption to keep your data safe. If you need help, they’re always there to support you. You can pay for a VIP upgrade if you want more features without ads.

The TurboVPN logo, which stands for speed and safety, shows exactly what they’re all about: giving you a fast and secure way to use the internet.

Planet VPN

Planet VPN Logo

Planet VPN quickly became popular for people looking to keep their online activities safe. It helps users hide their internet activity and protects them from being tracked online, watching videos, or playing games. Right from the start, Planet VPN set up 390 servers in 50 countries, making it easier for people, even in places with strict internet rules, like China, to use the internet freely.

Users can choose between a free version that’s still fast and a paid version that doesn’t limit how much you can use it or add extra fees. This makes sure everyone can have a safe and smooth online experience. Planet VPN works with all the big computer systems and internet browsers so that many people can use it.

The service has grown significantly, with over 1260 servers in more than 60 countries. Even though it’s pretty new, Planet VPN has options for both free and paid use, giving everyone a chance to protect their privacy online. With strong security and the freedom to use the internet without worry, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to stay safe online.

The Planet VPN logo, with a globe wrapped in a shield, shows how the service aims to keep users’ access to the internet safe and without borders. It stands for the company’s goal to let people everywhere use the internet freely and privately.


PrivadoVPN Logo

PrivadoVPN started in 2019 and quickly became known for keeping your online activity private and safe. It works with a lot of different devices, even ones like Fire TV. Because it’s based in Switzerland, a place with strict privacy laws, it’s a great choice if keeping your information safe is important to you.

PrivadoVPN has a free plan that gives you 10GB of data monthly and lets you use servers in 12 places worldwide. This is good for people who don’t use the internet heavily but still want to be safe. If you need more, their paid plans offer unlimited data and more servers, and you can connect more devices simultaneously. They focus on keeping your details private, with features like a no-logs policy and SOCKS5 proxy support. They have good customer support.

The PrivadoVPN logo is simple and shows that they’re all about keeping you safe and private online. It makes people feel like they can trust PrivadoVPN to protect them online.

PrivadoVPN is available for many platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, AndroidTV, and Amazon Fire TV. You can set it up on routers and Linux. They have servers in 60 cities across 47 countries. Their service includes strong encryption, support for streaming, a kill switch if your VPN connection drops, no logging of your activity, fast speeds, SOCKS5 proxy, and split tunneling. You can use it on up to 10 devices simultaneously. This makes PrivadoVPN a good option for anyone using the internet safely and privately.

Whoer VPN

Whoer VPN Logo

In 2008, a team from Russia made Whoer VPN to help people use the internet privately and without giving away who they are. They started with a simple tool that lets you visit websites without showing your real IP address. This was just the beginning. They then made a VPN service with free and paid versions for different needs.

Whoer became popular because it promised not to keep logs of what users do, was easy to use, and didn’t cost too much. By 2012, a million people were using it. In 2016, they made a new technology to make their VPN even more private, helping it work even when others tried to block it.

From 2016 to 2018, Whoer grew a lot, reaching 10 million users. They made apps for computers and phones and added new features to make the VPN work better for everyone. Now, Whoer VPN is used by over 50 million people in over 190 countries. It has servers in 90 places and lets you watch over 400 streaming services like Netflix.

Whoer VPN is all about letting you use the internet freely and privately. It uses strong encryption and promises not to keep records of what you do online. You can start with a free version; if you want more features, there’s a paid subscription. You can even pay with cryptocurrencies for more privacy.

The Whoer logo shows what they stand for: privacy, safety, and reaching out to the world. It’s a symbol of their goal to make the internet a safe and private place for everyone.


WireVPN Logo

WireVPN is a new type of Virtual Private Network (VPN) that’s fast and secure. It’s made to be easy for everyone to use, connecting you to servers all over the world quickly. This is great for people who like to play online games or watch movies without waiting. WireVPN is special because it makes the internet fast and keeps your information safe at the same time.

They care a lot about keeping your private stuff private, just as much as about being fast. WireVPN uses the newest security to make sure your data is safe. They have a free version for everyday internet use and a paid version for people who need more security and want to connect many devices simultaneously. WireVPN is known for being reliable and having great customer service, making it a good choice for speed and privacy.

The WireVPN logo shows they’re about to be fast, safe, and reliable. The design is simple and modern, which people who like good design and useful technology will like.

WireVPN promises not to keep records of what you do online, gives you unlimited data, and lets you use it on as many devices as you want. They have servers everywhere, so you’ll always have a strong connection. WireVPN is made for everyone worldwide, works in many languages, and is perfect for safe web surfing, enjoying movies, or anything else you do online. Plus, it’s easy to use without signing up or registering many devices.