Most Famous Logos of Gambling Sites

Most Famous Logos of Gambling Sites

A visual picture is a tool that helps the audience to more clearly perceive the message that is being broadcast. Among these visual images are company logos. It is not for nothing that they are so popular with representatives of business, educational and charitable organizations, and government agencies. Of course, well-known betting sites cannot do without them. We bring to your attention a selection of 10 such successful logos.

What is the Best Gambling Site Logos?

This includes the logos for William Hill, Gambling Bulldog, ProTipster, Ladbrokes, 888sport, BetRivers, 22bet, BetMGM, Stake, DraftKings.

William Hill

William Hill Logo

Bookmaker William Hill, which is located in London, is known all over the world. The successful combination of italic and regular font underlines the brand’s status. It is not for nothing that this logo is recognized as one of the most recognizable in the betting industry. The William Hill logo design emphasizes elegance and solidity. However, it doesn’t look oversaturated. Visual and semantic balance is maintained.

Gambling Bulldog

Gambling Bulldog Logo

Gambling Bulldog is a brand with a strong emphasis on uniqueness. The company’s concept is conveyed in its logo – through a stylish image of a bulldog in combination with a bright font. The shades of the United Kingdom flag used in the logo make it attractive. Also, this symbolism is used on the character’s bow tie. Originality, brightness, contrast, and expression are what make the logo concept winning.


ProTipster Logo

ProTipster is a well-known online resource that offers popular tips for a variety of sports. His recommendations are provided in free and paid formats. This is the so-called consultant site. The concept of this resource is based on simplicity and minimalism. The first part of the word is highlighted in blue, making it easier to read and making a semantic emphasis. The contrast of white and blue colors is the key to the logo’s recognizability. However, it was not always in this particular color scheme. As soon as the site came up, the color of the logo was red. But blue is a better solution for the company’s image. It is associated with professionalism and more credible.


Ladbrokes Logo

Ladbrokes is the most famous gambling group operating in the UK. As in the previous example, the logo conveys the tradition of minimalism. Despite this, a powerful brand is associated with attractive designs that are memorable. Ladbrokes’ text logo and color scheme have not changed over the years. In 2011, this logo was redesigned. The modern font combined with the L-shaped symbol brought a novelty but did not break the usual concept. It’s a great balance between tradition and modernity.


888sport Logo

888sport is an online resource for a well-known company based in Gibraltar. This international site attracts those who like to check their predictions for the outcome of major events. It is considered dynamic and reliable at the same time. The color scheme of the site is quite original for its industry. Usually, bookmakers choose blue, red, and white colors. And here is a combination of orange and white. Such a move immediately attracts attention to the logo.


BetRivers Logo

BetRivers is a renowned platform offering online betting opportunities. It operates exclusively in America. In the logo design, elegance can be noted, which is at the heart of its concept. An interesting visual accent is a way the letter R is used. The dark blue tones in the logo are associated with reliability and the golden tones with status.


22bet Logo

22bet is one of the oldest internet resources in the field. It attracts visitors with unique reward schemes. The logo design is unusual and contrasting. Large numbers make it spectacular. The dark muted color scheme is an interesting design solution. These visual advantages allow you to present your company name so that the target audience will remember it.


Bet MGM Logo

BetMGM is the most famous bookmaker that owns many offices throughout America. But the presence of a large number of stationary outlets does not negate the fact that the site of this bookmaker is also working properly. Therefore, many people from all over the world place their bets. The company logo is a lion engraved on a golden-brown background. Such a logo is naturally associated with luxury. It reminds of prestige and chic. It is not for nothing that this logo can often be found at luxury resorts.


Stake Logo

Stake online casino is one of the few companies in its field that accepts cryptocurrency. The logo is characterized by minimalism. At the same time, the curved font gives it a unique character. This makes the logo memorable and also conveys the brand’s concept.


Draft Kings Logo

DraftKings is the bookmaker that pioneered legal sports betting. The company’s logo is clear in meaning. It is easy to remember and recognizable. Throughout the company’s existence, it has undergone only minor changes.

What is the best gambling site?

The rating of the best gambling sites is built, taking into account the chances of winning. According to this indicator, the first places are occupied by El Royale, Casino, Intertops Casino, Lincoln Casino.

What is the most legitimate online gambling site?

There are many legitimate online casinos on the Internet. Among them are Las Atlantis Casino, Wild Casino, and other establishments with a good reputation.

Can you go to jail for online gambling?

There are no laws in the United States that would criminalize online gambling. There is a chance of going to jail because of this, but it is quite low. Law enforcement agencies primarily target companies that provide gambling services.