Best iOS Games Logos


Best iOS Games Logos

The latest modern gadgets, such as smartphones, have long gone beyond the category of devices designed only for calls and communication. They have successfully evolved into multifunctional devices, which, among other things, open up wide opportunities for entertainment and games. Here, not only “clicks” and endless runners, farms, and arcades have already become available, but also console games, especially the cult legends of the gaming world of past years, have transferred from the PC. Today, this gaming direction, designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad, is gaining no less popularity among gamers than the console versions. The developers are looking to improve and make the logos and game icons more visually appealing on these systems. Those who prefer the convenience and comfort of entertainment using the iPhone and iPad can look at a specially prepared review of the best logos of the most downloaded games for these systems. It reveals the features of the visualization of each game and gives a brief description of them.

1 Angry Birds

Angry Birds Logo

Today, there is hardly a gamer who has not played at least once the most popular puzzle game – Angry Birds. By its popularity, the game occupies a leading position in the ranking for iOS. An attractive feature of the application is the need to shoot birds with a slingshot at the greedy pigs and their fortifications to avenge the stolen eggs and the fact that the pigs prevent the birds from living. It became the beginning of the creation of a whole cycle of games, among which it is this classic that continues to attract special attention. This is supported by her colorful logo, which is made with a blue gradient background, on which several lighter rays are marked. It provides an advantageous visual contrast for the main image – the game’s main character. A red bird named Red with a yellow beak opened in a menacing cry with a formidable facial expression, especially stands out against a blue background, providing a memorable and recognizable game emblem.

2 Minecraft

Minecraft Logo

In this list, the leading place is occupied by the already legendary indie sandbox game – Minecraft. The basis of the game is the blocks from which the game worlds are created, in their huge variety. Blocks are not only construction elements. Game characters are also created from these elements. The world is characterized by pixelation and the presence of prints. All these features are reflected in the recognizable logo, built based on small brown and green pixels. The central element of the icon is a horizontally positioned name of the application in a three-dimensional gray gradient font. To highlight it, a shadow in the form of a pixel stroke was applied.

3 Wordle!

Wordle! Logo

The selection of games for iPhone and iPad includes an application that users deservedly noted – lovers of word games and puzzles – intellectual Wordle! It is characterized by the presence of a wide variety of games with letters, offering to compose, and guess words, allowing you to train your brain and raise your intellectual level. The brilliance and originality of the visualization were reflected in the application logo, which successfully echoes the content, accurately reflecting the essence and style. The icon is made in the form of a square containing five multi-colored round sectors, among which the central part is occupied by blue with a white letter W – the first letter of the game name. The remaining circles are inscribed with other letters that make up the name.

4 Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Logo

Candy Crush Saga is one of the leaders in the list of the best games for iOS, a free classic puzzle game that requires you to make rows of the same bright and delicious types of candies. Such a selection automatically deletes the created row, giving the player prizes and opportunities, moving him to new levels. It is distinguished by bright and saturated colors, selected from the variety of the entire color palette. This colorfulness and “candy” variety were reflected in the logo, which is only a partial representation of the types of candies used in the game. The central composition resembles the shape of a boxing glove made of two bright red and orange candies, on which a chocolate ball is conveniently located, sprinkled with various colors of small round sweets. A light blue background favorably underlines the image. In the lower right corner of the icon, in a red semicircle with a white contrast border, there is the name of the developer, made in a fancy yellow font.

5 Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO Logo

Developers of iOS games have not bypassed the very popular multiplayer role-playing game Pokémon GO, the leader in ranking the most downloaded applications for several years now. Its basis is determining the location of objects and characters in augmented reality. Players are invited to capture Pokémon, fight and train their assistants by purchasing additional game items. The logo of the application is the image of her means of capturing characters – Pokeball, which has the shape of a ball and opens in the middle at the time of capture. The ball is made in red and white, whose borders are marked by a black line that outlines a central black element called a poke. The trap is located on a dark blue surface with a light pattern against the background of a wooden shield of the playing hall with a red and yellow ornament with black lines.

6 Roblox

Roblox Logo

The multiplayer social platform Roblox has also earned its redesign for iOS with huge user interest. It’s a challenging but fun adventure that lets you create your games, locations, and worlds while interacting with many of its users simultaneously. Building, earning money that can be cashed out, and much more becomes available with a deep dive into the incredible world of the Roblox virtual universe. You can get acquainted with the game by downloading it by clicking on the icon, which shows a game element in the form of a square gray block in a gradient design with a square landing hole in the center. The block is shown on a pure black background without being overloaded with unnecessary visual elements to ensure its contrasting highlighting.

7 Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Logo

Multiplayer real-time strategy – Clash of Clans from the Finnish company Supercell is also available for the iOS version, which has significantly increased the number of its users. Its gameplay attracts gamers with the need for careful planning and miscalculation of each step. The storyline allows the implementation of defensive and offensive actions while requiring the user to develop their village, capture resources, and complete many quests using various tricks. The high popularity of the game has made its logo one of the most famous. A menacing grin, splashing with gray saliva, the eyes of the protagonist, reduced from anger, whose face is the central element of the composition, are familiar to every player. He is distinguished by a light yellow helmet, made in the tone of the color shade of his drooping mustache. Image contrast is provided by the use of a maroon gradient background.

8 Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. Logo

A free application – an exciting simulator Plague Inc has added its presence to the review of the best game logos for IOS. Despite its not very good gameplay – the task is to infect the whole planet with a virus, the dynamism and sharpness of the plot of the pandemic simulator are captured from the first minutes after reading the news and choosing the tactics of action. The pseudo-real world fascinates with its gloomy but rich colors, where red, black, and white colors predominate, which became the basis for creating a recognizable logo created without additional explanatory text elements. The central figure of the logo is the symbolic designation of the virus, its shape resembling a shuriken, the white color of which stands out against the gradient background of the icon design. The ends of the symbol are bent in the direction of conditionally formed circles and have the sharpness of sharpened blades.

9 Monopoly – Classic Board Game

Monopoly - Classic Board Game Logo

One popular game highlighted by gamers of all ages is the free app Monopoly. This is a digital interpretation of any classic board game played by many generations. As in the original, the gameplay is based on the need to roll the dice, diligently avoid prison, and make practical investments. One of the game’s features is the desire of developers to create an original but recognizable visualization based on the achievements of modern technologies. The application logo has a bright, saturated blue background, effectively highlighting the superimposed image of a gray-haired “monopolist” in a black top hat, frock coat, with lush white mustaches with curled up tips, typical for representatives of wealthy business groups of the late 19th century. Beneath it is the game’s name in white lowercase, placed on a red rectangular banner with a white border.

10 Among Us!

Among Us! Logo

Free app with in-app purchases – Space Action style multiplayer game. The plot is a detective; it consists of forming a crew, some of whose members become traitors at random. Formed two teams – the crew and the traitors. The crew, with the help of deduction, reveals the latter. He wins when all traitors are revealed or when all puzzle tasks are completed. The game’s icon was based on the image of one of the characters, who is represented in his red spacesuit against a bright yellow background. The figure’s contours are outlined with thick black lines, making the image stand out even among the many game logos presented in the review.

11 Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Logo

Rise of Kingdoms, an app about civilization building, which presents the world of eight great empires – France, Rome, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, China, Korea, and Japan, was a favorite for fans of MMO strategies. The player must choose “their” civilization for the construction of cities, supporting its successful development, and defeating enemies. The setting is ensured in accordance with the national characteristics and the color of the chosen country, which makes the colorful and musical game especially attractive. A colorful logo, which is more serious than other similar applications, helps you choose a game among many applications. The icon depicts an image of a warrior with an original helmet, thoughtfully scratching his beard. A golden fibula is visible on his shoulder, supporting a bright scarlet cloak over brown armour. In the background is a lowercase letter C – the first letter of the word Civilization, in dark yellow, keeping with the game’s general style.

12 Clash Royale

Clash Royale Logo

Clash Royale strategy has also added to the review of the best games for iOS, becoming especially popular among fans of this RTS genre. The gameplay is attractive for its plot and poses a lot of tasks for the gamer related to rescue the princesses. Here, knightly battles, and the destruction of the enemy’s towers, effectively defending your own 3. Victory is rewarded with a chest, coins, trophies, or a crown. Rewards and their number vary depending on the selected game mode. The application has elements of playing cards, which are reflected in its logo, divided in half by a vertical shiny lightning bolt. Each of the sectors has its background, characteristic of the colors of the players – bright blue and red shades. On each field are depicted the faces of warring kings with lush mustaches, golden crowns with edging, and robes of matching colors.

13 Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Logo

For IOS, it was redesigned and immediately became especially popular, quickly reaching the top of the ranking of the famous arcade game from RobTop Games called Geometry Dash from 2013. The puzzle’s interesting gameplay is the need to press the display when a geometric figure appears timely, which sequentially changes from a square to other options. The game requires you to move, fly, jump, and overcome obstacles constantly. The main element of the visual identity is a square in a yellow-orange gradient design, which has light turquoise square eyes and a rectangular mouth of the same color. In the lower left corner, there is one of the obstacles in the form of a dark triangle, and in the upper right corner in the yellow semicircle, the letter R is applied – the first letter of the name of the creator of the game. To highlight the icon and draw attention to it, the outlines of the icon are surrounded by a frame of three stripes – bright red, yellow, and white separating them.

14 Royal Match

Royal Match Logo

Royal Match in the puzzle genre, with excellent controls and an interesting game story, also added to the best games for iPhone and iPad. It features excellent graphics and an attractive logo that makes the app instantly recognizable. The player helps King Robert’s empire restore its former glory by completing tasks. Colorful, dynamic, with a cheerful musical accompaniment, the application is easily recognizable by the portrait of the king, made in 3D format. A smiling Robert with a full beard, a gold crown, and a contrasting red and yellow robe provides the required recognition. The clarity of the visual perception of the image is achieved through the use of a dark blue background, on which are placed bright, eye-catching stylized stars.

15 Coin Master

Coin Master Logo

Among the popular games for iPhone and iPad, a special place is occupied by the arcade – Coin Master, the plot of which is especially attractive to gamers. The player’s task is to build a Viking settlement with subsequent development. Its attractiveness is also explained by the ability to play with several users at once, making the application interesting for those who like to play with friends. The process takes place in real-time. Participants can unite in clans, fight among themselves, winning resources for their construction. Those who want to get acquainted with the attractive game plot will recognize the game by its original logo, which shows a sly grinning hero of the game – a pink pig in a black cloak, gloves, and mask of the famous Zorro, who holds a gold coin with a royal crown. The clarity of the visual perception of the image is provided with the help of a bright blue background, not overloaded with additional elements.

16 Heads Up!

Heads Up! Logo

Heads up! – is a representative of card and word games, which has become one of the few in this category that has managed to gain high popularity among gamers. For nine years since its inception by Warner Bros. Interactive, the free app has not ceased to arouse increased interest, constantly being in the top positions of the download rating. Its cheerful plot, colorful design, and the ability to play with friends ensured such a high rating. Charades and guessing games in such a fun style made Heads Up! A favorite family game is the center of any home party for many. A large role in the popularization of the application is played by its colorful, high-quality, confident icon. It represents part of the face of the fair-haired and blue-eyed heroine – Ellen DeGeneres, who holds a blue card over her head with the game’s name in large white letters. Against the blue background, the darker silhouettes of many people playing Heads Up!

17 Nexomon

Nexomon Logo

Nexomon for iOS is a role-playing game typical Pokémon Go-style game. It is distinguished by bright animation, a rich color palette, and funny characters – nexomones. Everyone who chooses this application strives to collect 300 different characters by completing many tasks, moving from level to level, and assembling a team for an epic journey. The game’s emblem is a cute nexomon, characterized by increased fluffiness, whose coat is distinguished by the presence of dark gray and red shades. Nexomon is located throughout the logo area. The upper right corner of the icon occupies a small segment of the bright blue sky from the game world.

18 Bacon

Bacon - The Game Logo

Free casual game – Bacon – The Game, the gameplay of which is the need to lay bacon on a huge variety of surfaces steadily. At the same time, the bacon has a very smooth surface with a steep slope, which greatly complicates the task. By solving it, the player moves to a new level. This constant “work” has become especially attractive for many, bringing the iOS application to the category of especially popular ones. The game stands out from the rest with its original logo, a stylized image of a piece of bacon in the characteristic shades of pink for this product. Its curved shape mirrors the in-game version, demonstrating one of the challenges that the player will encounter in the gameplay.

19 Fishdom

Fishdom Logo

Casual game – Fishdom, a match-3 game that was free for PC and aroused great interest among gamers, has been redesigned for iOS. This dramatically increased the number of puzzle users, ensuring its high popularity and inclusion in the game in various Top Reviews. Fascinating gameplay that involves creating and decorating your virtual aquarium is supported by various types and shapes of the aquarium world and the multicolor of the applied color palette. In the course of actions, the player, passing through various levels, earns money, with the help of which decorations for three aquariums are purchased, each of them is improved. Recognition of the game is provided by a colorful icon representing one of the game episodes. A predatory red fish with yellow stripes tries to catch small bright yellow stripes with black stripes on a blue background, symbolizing the water depths of the aquarium.

20 Bingo Clash

Bingo Clash Win Real Cash Logo

Real money games are gaining more and more popular among users, among which Bingo Clash has become a puzzle. The free puzzle game allows you to test your skills obtained in this type of toy and provides the opportunity to compete with other players at any time, winning various prizes and awards. Multi-level tournaments, multiplayer options, a large selection of prize pools – all this is Bingo Clash, which is easily recognizable due to its attractive icon. The visual identifier of the game is a full-color image of the playing field, developed into cells with digital and symbolic values ​​on a white, gold, and blue background. The table is made on a contrasting dark purple background. Above it is the name of the game in large white print. Rays of a lighter shade than the background emanate from each letter. The inscription completes the symbol of a dark purple five-pointed star in a white circle.