Best Video Editing Software 2024

Best Video Editing Software 2024

The best video editing software in 2024 comes from how technology and users’ needs have changed over time. Video editing software has become easier and more useful, fitting the growing needs of pros and hobbyists. In 2024, there are many options, each with special features that make it good for certain tasks and skill levels.

The story of video editing software began in the 1980s when editing was mostly a straight-line process. It needed magnetic tapes and analog equipment, making it a tough and limited work method. Editors had to move video segments from one tape to another physically.

By the late 1980s and early 1990s, non-linear editing (NLE) started as computers got better. This lets editors bring video into a digital form and edit it in any order, not tied to how the frames were lined up on tape. This change made editing way more flexible and easier to do.

Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer were among the first non-linear editing programs in the early 1990s. They gave editors tools to cut, join, add effects, and transitions without losing the original video’s quality. These programs helped shape the future of video editing.

As computers got better and more powerful, video editing software became easier for everyone, not just the pros. This change made editing videos something anyone could try. Now, the software has cool features like fixing colors, putting together different video pieces, 3D animation, and more.

Today, there are lots of video editing programs out there. Some are easy for beginners, and some are made for making movies. The latest trends are high-quality videos like 4K, using the cloud to work with others, smart tools that do boring tasks for you, and better ways to work with virtual reality and 360-degree videos.

How video editing software has grown shows how much people want to make great videos. In 2024, the software you choose depends on what you need for your project, how skilled you are, and which operating system you like. No matter what, today’s technology and software let you bring your big ideas to life.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Logo

Premiere Pro by Adobe is a big deal in video editing. It’s made for all kinds of people who want to make videos, whether you’re just starting or you’ve been making videos for a long time. One of the best things about Premiere Pro is that it works well with other Adobe programs like After Effects and Photoshop. This makes doing cool things with your videos easier, from adding special effects to fixing colors.

The software has many features that make it stand out, like editing videos to look good in virtual reality, making colors look just right with something called Lumetri Color, and improving sound with Adobe Audition. You need a pretty good computer to use all these features, especially for big projects like editing 4K videos or working with VR.

Premiere Pro started way back in 1991 as Adobe Premiere. It was one of the first editing programs that let people arrange video clips on a timeline. Over the years, it’s improved, adding things like editing from multiple camera angles and making sound better. In 2003, it changed to Premiere Pro. It added even more features, like fast video playing back with the Mercury Playback Engine and ways to work on videos together over the internet.

Lately, Adobe has been adding new stuff to keep up with what video creators need, like editing for VR/360 videos, making videos look good in high quality (HDR), and a smart tool in the 2023 version that changes the shape of your video to fit different screens perfectly. With every update, Adobe shows they care about making Premiere Pro better for everyone.

The logo for Premiere Pro is purple with a “Pr” on it. It shows how Adobe combines creativity with making videos efficiently, reminding us of how important Premiere Pro has been in making video editing what it is today.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Logo

DaVinci Resolve began in 2004, made by da Vinci Systems. It was first known for making colors in movies and ads look good. Back then, people making movies and shows wanted better tools to improve their work, and DaVinci Resolve offered just that with its fancy color-fixing features.

In 2009, a new company called Blackmagic Design took over. They had big plans and didn’t just keep DaVinci Resolve great at color correction; they added many video editing features. This change made DaVinci Resolve useful for all video projects, not just for making colors pop.

One of the coolest things Blackmagic Design did was make a free version of DaVinci Resolve in 2016. This was a big deal because now, anyone making videos for fun or with a small budget could use some of the best editing tools without spending much money. This helped more people start using DaVinci Resolve and made it popular.

By February 2024, DaVinci Resolve 17 had come out, showing even more improvements. It worked better with the newest Apple computers, made editing faster with a smarter layout, and added more ways to make video colors look amazing. Over the years, DaVinci Resolve has gotten over 20 big updates, making it a top choice for professional moviemakers and people just having fun making videos.

The DaVinci Resolve logo’s design and style remind everyone of its roots in innovation and its focus on helping creators make their videos look incredible. It’s like a signal to everyone who loves making videos that DaVinci Resolve is here to help turn their ideas into something awesome.

Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro Logo

Final Cut Pro by Apple is a video editing software that works great for people who are just starting and have been editing videos for a while. It’s made easy for anyone to use but still has many powerful features. One of its coolest features is the Magnetic Timeline, which helps you edit videos without problems like clips bumping into each other or getting out of sync. It’s good at organizing your clips and works super well on Apple computers, making editing smoother.

Final Cut Pro has some special things you can’t find anywhere, like detailed color editing, working with high-quality HDR videos, and editing 360-degree videos. It’s built to work perfectly with other Apple software, making your editing project even better with extra effects and compression tools. You need a pretty recent Mac, a bit of memory, and a good graphics card to run it, but it’s made to work well for many different video projects.

Apple lets you try Final Cut Pro for free for 90 days, which is a long time to see if you like it without buying it immediately. Instead of paying every month, you buy it once and get all the updates and help you need without extra cost.

Final Cut Pro started in the 1990s with a different company before Apple bought it and made it what it is today. Since its first version in 1999, it’s gotten a lot better, adding features like editing from multiple cameras and keeping up with technological changes, like when Apple computers switched to Intel processors. Even though some people didn’t like the big update in 2011, Apple kept improving it, and now it’s a top choice for video editing on Macs.

The logo for Final Cut Pro shows what it’s all about, making it simple to turn your ideas into amazing videos and combining ease of use with the ability to do advanced stuff.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements Logo

Adobe Premiere Elements is a video editing software that’s easy for everyone to use, whether you’re just starting or have been editing for a while. It has a special setup where you can pick Quick mode for simple edits or Expert mode for more detailed work. This way, you can learn and get better at your own pace.

What makes Adobe Premiere Elements special is its use of Adobe Sensei AI technology. This smart tech helps with things like picking the best parts of your video to show and organizing your clips without making it hard. Many creative options exist, like different effects and switching scenes and titles. Adobe updates the software and always has the newest cool video-making features.

The software works on Windows and Mac computers, but you need a good computer to run it well. Adobe offers much help online, like guides and a place to ask questions. You can buy the software once and use it forever, and there’s a trial version to try before you buy.

Adobe Premiere Elements started in 2004, mixing the pro-level stuff from Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects into something easier for everyone. It began with features like automatic editing and making DVDs, and over time, it added things like sharing videos online, making colors look better, and editing 4K videos. The latest updates, including in 2021, brought in more AI features to make editing easier and more fun.

In 2023, Adobe Premiere Elements is improving, using AI to make video editing smoother and more creative for everyone. The logo and everything about the software show Adobe’s goal to make creative tools that help people make their video ideas real, easily, and with style.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Logo

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software that’s great for anyone wanting to make videos, whether you’re just starting or you’ve been making videos for a while. It’s designed to be easy to use, so you can find your way around all its tools without getting lost. Filmora lets you play with text, use lots of filters and effects, and even add animations to make your videos interesting and look professional without too much hard work.

It works on both Windows and Mac computers and is made to run smoothly on different types of computers, even if yours isn’t the latest model. You can adjust the settings to ensure it works best with your computer. Filmora keeps improving with updates; you can try it out for free to see if you like it. Buying the full version won’t break the bank and gives you access to even more cool features.

Filmora started in 2014, aiming to be a simple tool for editing videos at home. It began with basic things like cutting clips and adding transitions. Over time, Filmora added more features, like tracking movement in videos, playing with the speed, and supporting high-quality 4K videos. They’ve also added more visual effects and tools for changing colors and making animations. In 2019, Filmora started using AI to make editing easier, and the latest version, Filmora v13 in 2023, introduced even more ways to be creative with your videos.

The Filmora logo represents the software’s focus on creativity and making video editing fun and accessible for everyone. It shows Filmora’s dedication to helping you turn your ideas into videos that share your story, combining imagination with technology.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie Logo

Since it came out in 1999, Apple iMovie has made video editing easy for everyone. It’s a part of the Apple world, designed for people new to editing. iMovie makes turning your videos into cool movies simple without needing to learn a lot of complicated stuff. It has a straightforward way to combine video clips, features like movie templates, and the chance to use other Apple apps, making everything smoother.

iMovie works well on Apple computers and iPhones because it’s made for them. It can handle high-quality videos easily. Plus, it’s free if you have an Apple device to edit videos like a pro without spending money.

When iMovie first came with the iMac DV in 1999, it was a big deal for editing videos at home. Apple keeps updating iMovie, adding the ability to edit 4K videos and work better with iPhones and iPads. This means iMovie grows with what people need.

The iMovie logo looks like a star, which fits because it helps people tell their stories in a standout way. It’s a key part of Apple’s apps, making creative projects possible for everyone who uses Apple stuff.

For over 20 years, iMovie has been a go-to for making videos on Apple devices. It started as a new thing with the iMac DV and has become a big part of Apple’s apps. Its story shows Apple’s goal to bring good video editing to people who aren’t pros, keeping iMovie loved by Apple fans everywhere.

CyberLink PowerDirector 365

CyberLink PowerDirector 365 Logo

PowerDirector 365 by CyberLink is a video editing software for beginners and experts. It’s known for being easy to use but has many advanced features. You can drag and drop parts of your video to make editing simple and fun. Cool features like AI Style Transfer make your videos look like art and can even handle 360-degree video.

The software works well on many types of computers because it’s made to run smoothly, especially for Windows users. CyberLink offers lots of help with tutorials and a community you can join. You can try PowerDirector for free to see everything it can do before deciding to subscribe. Subscribing gets you the latest updates and lots of special effects.

PowerDirector was started in June 2001 by a company in Taiwan called CyberLink. It was one of the first easy-to-use video editing programs for regular people, not just professionals. Since it started, it’s gotten many updates, like better effects, new ways to edit videos, and even using AI for cool effects. The latest version, PowerDirector 20, came out in March 2022, has over a thousand effects, and works on Windows and Mac computers.

For over 20 years, PowerDirector has been one of the top choices for editing videos and keeping up with new trends and technology. Its modern and sleek logo shows that CyberLink makes video editing advanced yet simple for everyone.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Logo

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is a video editing software that makes creating videos easy for beginners and offers cool tools for more experienced people. You can simply drag and drop clips to start editing. If you’re ready for more, there are options like editing videos from multiple cameras, adding special motion effects, and even working with 360-degree videos. One of the best things about VideoStudio is it comes with special effects from famous companies, giving you lots of ways to get creative with your videos.

This software doesn’t need the latest computer to work well, which is great because more people can use it without upgrading their PCs. It’s made for Windows users and comes at a good price, especially considering all the features it offers. Corel lets you try it out for free and provides lots of help through guides, online forums, and customer support.

VideoStudio first came out in 1994 by a company called Ulead Systems. It was one of the first video editing programs for people at home. Over the years, it added new features like editing from different camera angles and making stop-motion animations. When Corel took over in 2006, they added even more, like editing in HD, fixing colors, and working with UltraHD 4K videos.

Now, with Corel in charge, VideoStudio keeps getting better. The latest version, VideoStudio Ultimate 2023, includes over $1100 worth of software, showing Corel’s big effort to give users a lot of value. The VideoStudio logo reflects Corel’s goal to help people be creative and make video editing possible for everyone, opening up a world of possibilities for making videos.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Logo

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is a video editing software that’s easy for beginners and packed with powerful features for people who have been editing videos for a while. It makes creating videos simple with things like drag-and-drop editing. You can edit videos from different cameras simultaneously, track movements within your videos, and even work with 360-degree videos. It also has cool tools for changing colors and making smooth changes from one scene to another, making your videos look professional.

The software works on many computers, whether powerful or just average, so many people can use it without trouble. Before you buy it, you can try it out to see everything it can do, and it’s priced in a way that’s good for what you get. Pinnacle Studio keeps improving with new updates, and they offer great help and support to their users.

Pinnacle Studio started back in 1994 by a company called Pinnacle Systems. It was made for people who want to edit videos on Windows computers. Over the years, it got a lot of new features to keep up with what video editors need. In 2005, a company named Avid Technology bought it and kept adding more cool stuff to it. When Pinnacle Studio Ultimate came out in 2010, it included even more special effects and tools.

Through the 2010s, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate kept adding new tech like editing from multiple cameras, better tools for changing colors and updating to work faster and better. The latest version, Pinnacle Studio 26 Ultimate, came out in September 2022 with new ways to organize your videos and smart editing tools, plus a bunch of extra content worth over $1300.

The logo for Pinnacle Studio Ultimate shows it’s all about helping you turn your creative ideas into professional-looking videos.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor Logo

In 2004, a company from Russia called Movavi came out with something new called Movavi Video Editor. This software was made for people to use at home, making it easy for anyone to edit videos. You didn’t need to be a pro to use it. It was all about being simple but also good at what it does, so even if you were just starting or knew a bit about editing, you could make cool videos.

Movavi Video Editor was made to work well on most computers without needing the latest and greatest tech. This was different from other editing software that required a powerful computer. It was designed to be easy to use, with a clear layout and a way to drag and drop things where you wanted them. This made editing less scary and fun, encouraging people to get creative.

It had features like AI to make your videos look better, a big library of sounds and clips, and fancy titles. Movavi kept updating the software with better-quality video support, cool effects like a green screen, and better sound options. This made sure it kept up with what people needed.

Movavi Video Editor wasn’t too expensive, making it a good choice for people who wanted good editing tools without spending much money. They also had helpful guides and customer service to help you out.

The Movavi logo is simple but sticks in your mind. It stands for making professional video editing, something anyone can do. It’s all about being easy to use and open to everyone.

Since it started, Movavi Video Editor has been growing and changing with its users, keeping up with new video trends while staying easy and efficient.

Microsoft Clipchamp

Microsoft Clipchamp Logo

Clipchamp was started in Brisbane, Australia 2013 by Alex Dreiling and Chris MacGregor. At first, it was a simple tool for editing videos in your web browser, perfect for people who liked sharing videos on social media. It had easy-to-use features like cutting clips shorter, adding filters, and putting text on videos, all using new HTML5 technology. This made Clipchamp grow quickly, adding more cool editing tools and ways to work with videos online, attracting more people who wanted to improve their videos.

The software is focused on being easy for everyone to use but also has lots of advanced stuff for people who know much about editing. It has a big library of clips and music, letting you work on your videos from different devices without trouble. Clipchamp is made to run well even on computers that aren’t very powerful, and you can change settings to make it work even smoother.

In 2021, a big company named Microsoft bought Clipchamp, planning to add it to their other programs for making and sharing things. With Microsoft’s help, Clipchamp got even better at working with other Microsoft tools, making videos easier for many people. Even though Microsoft owns it now, Clipchamp is still free to start using, and they keep adding new things to make it better.

Clipchamp’s logo is about being creative and getting things done without making it hard. The logo is supposed to be easy to remember, showing that Clipchamp is about making video editing simple and fun for everyone, combining being straightforward, powerful, and full of new ideas.