Best VPN Services 2024

Best VPN Services 2024

In 1995, VPN technology started, and it was a big deal for safely connecting to work over the internet. It made a “safe tunnel” for sending important info without others seeing it. Microsoft and some other companies made the first kind of VPN, helping people work together even when they were far apart.

Later, a new security upgrade called IPSec came out. It made VPNs even safer, so more businesses wanted to use them. When the internet got faster, VPNs became a popular way for people working from home to access their work network safely.

By the 2000s, anyone could use a VPN, not just businesses. This meant people could use the internet privately without worrying about who was watching. Now, VPNs are used worldwide by companies and regular folks to keep their online stuff private and get around blocks that stop them from seeing certain things online.

In 2024, there are lots of VPNs to choose from. You must consider how safe they are, how many places they have servers, if they keep records of what you do, and how fast they are. The best VPNs use the latest security, have servers everywhere, don’t keep track of your online activity, and ensure you can use the internet quickly and safely.


NordVPN Logo

In 2012, four friends—Tom Okman, Eimantas Sabaliauskas, Roland Szabó, and Tommy Olsen—started NordVPN to make the internet safer. They created a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that’s easy for anyone to use, no matter how much they know about technology.

NordVPN became popular because it’s easy to use and has strong security. It offers special servers for extra protection, like Double VPN, which encrypts data twice, and servers that work well with the Tor network. They added CyberSec to keep users safe from harmful websites and annoying ads, making browsing the internet safer and more enjoyable.

They ensured NordVPN works on many devices and has 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee, showing they care about their users. People like NordVPN because it keeps their online information private and secure.

NordVPN has grown a lot since it started. They keep adding more servers worldwide to make their service faster and more reliable. They want to give users a free and secure internet experience. In 2020, they introduced NordVPN Teams for businesses, and in 2021, they bought another VPN company, Surfshark, to offer even more services.

In 2024, NordVPN has over 5,500 servers in 60 countries, making it one of the top VPN choices because it’s fast, secure, and works on many different platforms. They keep working to help people protect their online privacy.

The NordVPN logo represents the company’s promise of a secure, open internet. It’s a sign that users can trust NordVPN to keep their online lives safe and free.


ExpressVPN Logo

ExpressVPN started in 2009 when many smart people who knew much about internet safety decided they wanted to make the internet safer for everyone. They created a VPN service that helps keep our stuff private and secure when we’re online.

What makes ExpressVPN stand out is how easy it is to use. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a computer expert; their app is simple and works fast, making it a breeze to connect to the internet safely anywhere. They’ve developed cool features like split tunneling, which lets you choose what gets protected by the VPN, and TrustedServer technology, ensuring none of your data sticks around on their servers after logging off.

ExpressVPN has awesome customer service that’s always there for you. It works on many different devices, and they promise to give you money back if you’re unhappy in the first 30 days. They’ve even made using their VPN on your home network easy with a special router.

Over the years, ExpressVPN has grown a lot. They started by making their VPN super fast and reliable, then kept adding new features and expanding to over 94 countries. Now, they’re not just about keeping your online data safe; they’re working on bigger projects to protect internet privacy for everyone, like creating a secure router called Aircove.

With more than 3,000 servers all over the planet, ExpressVPN is a big name in internet safety, helping people everywhere stay safe and keep their private stuff private. Their logo is like a badge that shows they’re all about protecting your online freedom and privacy.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access (PIA) Logo

Private Internet Access, or PIA, was started in 2010 by Andrew Lee. It was made to help people stay private online and be safe from people watching them without permission. Andrew wanted to ensure people could use the internet without worrying about others collecting their information. PIA became popular because it was good at protecting people’s privacy and was easy for anyone to use, even if they were not very tech-savvy.

PIA did their service, so you could change it to work just how you liked. They added special tools to block ads and bad software, ensuring you wouldn’t be unprotected if your VPN stopped. It worked on different kinds of computers and phones, and they made guides to help people set it up.

Over time, PIA grew bigger, adding more servers worldwide and keeping prices fair. In 2019, a company called Kape Technologies bought PIA, which helped them use even better technology to keep people safe without slowing the internet.

Today, PIA is known worldwide for being a fast and safe way to use the internet without sharing personal information. They work hard to make sure people can use the internet privately. The PIA logo, which is simple and focuses on privacy, shows what it stands for a safer and more private internet for everyone.


Surfshark Logo

In 2018, some experts in cybersecurity and entrepreneurs started Surfshark. They wanted to make a great VPN (Virtual Private Network) that keeps user information safe and easy to use on many devices. They added features like CleanWeb to stop ads and harmful content and Whitelister, which lets people choose how to use the VPN for more flexibility.

What makes Surfshark special is it lets people use as many devices as they want with just one account. This, along with being easy to use, made it a favorite for individuals and families looking for safety, usefulness, and good value. Surfshark grew fast, adding servers worldwide—from over ten countries to over 3,200 servers in over 100 locations by 2022. This made their service faster and more reliable.

In 2021, Nord Security bought Surfshark, which helped it grow even faster and bring in new ideas. Surfshark has over 500,000 users daily and offers many VPN services with fast speeds, the ability to connect many devices, and special features to get around blocks on certain websites.

The Surfshark logo stands for its promise to make the internet where people can go quickly and safely without being watched. This logo reminds everyone that Surfshark is all about giving users a secure and free online experience.


CyberGhost Logo

CyberGhost was started in Bucharest, Romania, in 2004 by Robert Knapp and his friends. They wanted to make a strong VPN service easy for everyone in Europe. They made an app that lets you connect to the internet safely with just one click, perfect for watching videos, sharing files, or just browsing without anyone tracking you. They made sure to respect users’ privacy by not keeping records of their internet use and sharing reports about how they protect privacy.

As more people wanted to keep their internet use private, CyberGhost grew. It reached a million users by 2011. In 2016, Kape Technologies bought CyberGhost, helping it grow even more. By 2021, they had 15 million users and servers in 91 countries, making the internet safe and private for many people worldwide.

The CyberGhost logo, with a ghost figure, shows they’re all about keeping you hidden online. It’s like having a guardian to protect your online life from others.

CyberGhost is one of the top VPN services out there, known for being easy to use, having lots of servers everywhere, and always keeping your privacy first. As part of Kape Technologies, they keep making their service better for people all over the world.


PrivateVPN Logo

PrivateVPN started in Sweden in 2009. It’s a company that helps people stay safe and private online. They made their app easy to use, so anyone can start using it without any trouble, but it keeps you safe with special tools like leak protection and a kill switch.

This company grew by making smart choices and getting support from investors. In 2016, a big investment helped them grow even more. By 2022, they had users in over 80 countries worth about $100 million. Even though they joined a bigger group called Miss Group, they still run things from Sweden with the same team.

PrivateVPN has a logo that shows what they’re all about: keeping your online life private and secure. It’s designed to be simple, just like their app, which is easy for anyone to use but still very secure.

As part of Miss Group, PrivateVPN keeps working to give people good VPN services that are easy to use, affordable, and come with great customer service. They’re all about helping you use the internet safely and privately.


VyprVPN Logo

VyprVPN was started in Switzerland in 2009 by Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis to help people and companies use the internet safely and without any limits. They first focused on Europe and North America and stood out by caring about their users’ privacy.

They made something called the Chameleon protocol, which helps users get around internet blocks and censorship fast, without slowing down their internet. VyprVPN is super serious about keeping users’ data private and even owns its servers to ensure everything is secure and reliable.

Over the years, VyprVPN grew a lot. By 2012, they had servers in over 50 places worldwide, making it easier for people in countries with many internet restrictions to use the internet freely and quickly. By 2015, they had over 700 servers in more than 70 places, making them one of the VPNs with the biggest reach.

In 2017, Equinix invested in VyprVPN, which helped them grow even more. They reached 2 million users by 2020 and got a lot of praise for their strong network and privacy practices.

Now, VyprVPN has a big network of fast servers worldwide and keeps working on new ways to make the internet safer and more open for everyone. Their logo represents their commitment to being strong, fast, and reliable, showing that they’re all about giving users the freedom and security they need online.


PureVPN Logo

In 2007, a company called PureVPN started in Hong Kong. Their goal was to make the internet safer and more private for everyone. They began by setting up special internet servers in the US and Canada. These servers help people and businesses keep their online activities private and let them visit websites worldwide without any trouble.

PureVPN worked hard to make their service easy to use. They added special features to protect privacy and block annoying ads, ensuring that even people who aren’t tech experts could use their service easily. This made PureVPN popular with many people, from those who just want to surf the web safely to those who need extra security.

By 2009, PureVPN had added more servers in Europe and Asia; by 2014, they had 500 servers in over 140 countries. This growth showed that PureVPN was becoming a big name in the VPN world. In 2016, they reached a big milestone by getting 1 million subscribers, showing that more and more people cared about online privacy and security.

In 2018, PureVPN got a big investment from New World Development, which helped it grow even faster. By 2021, they had over 6,500 servers in 78 countries and over 24 million users worldwide.

PureVPN’s logo, which looks like a shield with a keyhole, stands for their promise to keep the internet safe and open for their users. Today, with servers in over 140 countries and serving millions of users, PureVPN is a major VPN service provider committed to making the Internet a secure and easy-to-use place for everyone.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Logo

Hotspot Shield is a well-known VPN service that uses a special technology called Catapult Hydra to ensure users can connect to the internet quickly and easily. It’s designed to be simple so anyone can use it with just one tap. They offer a free version that’s great for people new to VPNs, giving them some basic services without charging them.

AnchorFree started Hotspot Shield in 2008 to make internet connections safer with encryption and focus on keeping users’ online activities private and secure. In 2011, they launched a paid version that offered more features like unlimited use, access to servers worldwide, and 24/7 customer support. Even though there were some concerns about how private Hotspot Shield was, they’ve worked hard to improve and ensure they offer a safe and private internet experience.

Hotspot Shield has grown a lot since it started. By 2013, it had been downloaded over 130 million times, showing that more people were using VPNs to protect themselves online and get around internet restrictions. They made a big investment in 2016 that helped them grow even more, and they teamed up with DuckDuckGo in 2020 to focus even more on privacy. With their fast and secure technology, they have over 1 billion downloads worldwide and support over 25 million users daily.

The Hotspot Shield logo, which looks like a shield, shows their commitment to keeping users safe and private online. It symbolizes their promise to be a secure place in the digital age.


IPVanish Logo

IPVanish is a VPN service started in 2012 by the Highwinds Network Group in the United States. They began with 40 servers in 13 countries and focused on making the internet faster, safer, and better for everyone. IPVanish is designed to be easy for people to use, letting them connect to the internet quickly and safely from all over the world, and it can be used on as many devices as a person needs. This is great for families or anyone who loves technology.

Over the years, IPVanish has grown a lot. In 2014, Mudhook Media bought it and added more servers worldwide. By 2016, IPVanish was one of the first to use something called SOCKS5 technology, which makes VPN connections even faster and more secure. Later, two more companies, StackPath and J2 Global, owned IPVanish, with J2 Global taking over in 2021 to help it grow even more.

IPVanish now has over 1,500 servers in over 75 places, 2 million subscribers, and 40,000 shared IPs. This big network means users get fast, reliable internet connections and strong security wherever they are.

The IPVanish logo looks bold and shows the company’s focus on speed, reliability, and security. It’s like a shield that protects users from online dangers, showing IPVanish’s promise to keep the internet safe and open for its users.


TunnelBear Logo

TunnelBear is a VPN service that stands out because it’s easy to use and fun. It has a map that helps you pick where you want to connect, which is great for people new to VPNs. They offer a free version with limited data every month and make sure your privacy and safety are their top priority. They don’t keep track of what you do online and check their security often to ensure everything is top-notch.

While TunnelBear doesn’t have all the fancy settings that some other VPNs have, it does have important features like VigilantBear, which stops your data from leaking if your connection drops, and GhostBear, which hides your VPN use so it’s harder to detect. It’s perfect for people who want something simple and affordable for occasional use, with a focus on being easy and fun to use.

TunnelBear was started in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, by Ryan Dochuk and Daniel Kibe. The name comes from how VPNs create a “tunnel” for your data. Between 2012 and 2015, it grew by making its service easy to use and focusing on privacy. In 2016, it made a big investment that helped it grow even more; by 2017, over 5 million people were using it. When McAfee, a big security company, bought it in 2018 for $275 million, TunnelBear kept its name and continued to grow. By 2021, it had over 20 million users, showing how much it has grown since it started.

The TunnelBear logo, which has a bear, shows that the service is friendly and focused on keeping your internet use safe and private, but in a way that adds a little personality.



In 2009, a group of people who care about keeping our online lives private started a company called IVPN. They wanted to make a VPN service that was super safe and always protected users’ privacy. At first, IVPN had just a few servers but focused on keeping things private and secure.

Over time, IVPN grew a lot. They added more servers in different places worldwide and made apps for computers and phones so more people could use them. In 2012, they started using even better security stuff, like servers that don’t keep any data on them and automatic security updates, to keep everything even safer.

Now, IVPN has over 70 servers in more than 45 countries. They keep making their service better, especially when it comes to keeping users’ information safe. IVPN has special features for people who want to stay private online, like blocking trackers and letting traffic go through several servers for extra safety. They ensure they never record what users do. They tell people about this in reports to show they’re serious about privacy.

IVPN is easy to use, even though it costs a bit more. You can use it on up to 7 devices at the same time. It works with many different phones and computers, and you can try it for free or get your money back if you don’t like it in the first week—people who care about keeping their online stuff private and safe, like IVPN.

The IVPN logo is simple but shows they’re all about keeping you safe and private online. It looks like something you can trust, which is exactly what IVPN wants to be for its users.


ZenMate Logo

ZenMate was started in 2014 in Berlin, Germany, by Steven Schoenfeld and Robert Kim. They made ZenMate a simple way for people to use a VPN, which helps keep your internet stuff private. They immediately made free tools for Chrome and Firefox so people could start using a VPN without any hassle.

In 2015, they made a paid version that lets people use more internet and connect to more places, but they kept the free version, too. They knew people wanted an easy VPN that could do more. By 2016, ZenMate made computer apps and grew to have servers in over 30 countries.

In 2017, an Israel-based company called AnchorFree bought ZenMate, which helped make ZenMate even better. They made the internet faster on ZenMate, made phone apps, and added special features for paying users.

Now, ZenMate still offers free service and has paid plans for people who need more from their VPN. They want to keep making it easy for everyone to use a VPN. ZenMate’s symbol is a shield, showing they care about keeping your internet use safe and simple.


Windscribe Logo

Windscribe started in 2016 in Canada. It was special because it cared a lot about keeping people’s information safe and letting people use some of its services for free. This free service showed people what they could get if they paid, but they could still use Windscribe even without paying. It opened for business on April 20th, 2016, and became popular quickly because it offered a free and paid version that gave you more features.

In 2017, Windscribe made its software open-source, which means anyone could look at how it was made. This helped people trust it more. They added more computers to their network to make their service faster and more reliable. By 2018, they added tools to stop ads and protect users better, and they made sure this protection worked on computers, phones, and even routers.

Windscribe kept adding new features, like split tunneling, which lets you choose which internet traffic goes through the VPN, and port forwarding, which is useful for downloading files. They kept making their network bigger, and by 2022, they had services in over 60 countries, ensuring their internet was fast and reliable.

The Windscribe logo shows they are serious about privacy and protecting users. Windscribe is always trying to improve and ensure its users have a safe and fast internet connection. It’s known for being trustworthy and giving good value.


Mullvad Logo

Mullvad VPN was started in Sweden in 2009 by experts in privacy and security. It helps people use the internet safely without sharing personal info. When you sign up, you get a special number instead of using your name, keeping things private.

Mullvad is all about keeping the internet open and safe. It uses two main ways to protect data, WireGuard and OpenVPN, ensuring everything is locked tight and runs fast. The price is easy to understand and the same for everyone, which makes it easy for anyone to start using it. The app is simple, focusing on working well more than looking fancy. Mullvad promises not to keep records of user activity and proves this by sharing reports and having outside checks.

Over time, Mullvad grew by adding more servers worldwide, not just in Europe but also in North America and Asia. It improved by using new technology and ensuring connections were fast and reliable. Even with over 600 servers globally, Mullvad is still run by its original owners and stays focused on protecting users’ privacy on different types of computers and phones. Its logo stands for its mission: to be a safe place for everyone online, keeping them anonymous and secure.


ProtonVPN Logo

ProtonVPN comes from the people who made ProtonMail, a service known for keeping emails safe. This VPN is known for being serious about keeping your online activities private and secure. Unlike many other VPNs, ProtonVPN lets you use unlimited data for free, which is pretty unusual. It has strong security, like special servers that make your online activity even safer, and users can connect to the Tor network easily for extra privacy.

Using ProtonVPN is simple, with an app that’s easy to understand whether you’re new to VPNs or have been using them for a while. It uses advanced technology to ensure your information stays safe and sticks to a strict rule of not keeping records of user activity. You can use ProtonVPN on many different devices, and if you need help, you can email them or check out their support center. They offer a great free version and other options you pay for if you want more features, making it a go-to choice for keeping your online life private.

ProtonVPN was started in 2017 by the same team behind ProtonMail. They wanted to make VPNs available to everyone. It worked on all the major operating systems from the start and initially connected people in the US, Netherlands, and Iceland. In 2018, they made their VPN app open source, which means anyone can check how it’s made. They added faster servers and expanded to 26 countries. By the end of 2019, they had servers in over 50 countries.

In 2021, ProtonVPN got even better with new features and more servers, now over 1,700 in 65 countries. They keep making it better for users on all devices. ProtonVPN markets itself as a high-end VPN, focusing on protecting your online privacy. They still offer a free version so that people can try it out.

The ProtonVPN logo stands for their commitment to online security and privacy. It’s a symbol of their goal to give everyone safe and private internet access, and it’s something users worldwide appreciate.


Ivacy Logo

Ivacy VPN started in 2007 in Singapore because people wanted everyone to use the internet safely, privately, and freely. They wanted to make it easy for anyone to use the internet without limits, no matter how much they know about technology. Ivacy is great because it has many useful features, is easy to use, and doesn’t cost too much. This makes it a good choice for people who need a VPN for different reasons.

Ivacy offers strong protection, a safety feature that stops all internet traffic if the VPN connection drops, and special modes for watching videos, downloading files, and getting around blocks. It supports P2P sharing and has a Smart Connect feature, which is great for safely browsing the internet and accessing content quickly. Ivacy cares about keeping users’ information private, promising not to keep any records of what users do online and using the latest security measures to protect data.

In 2010, Ivacy was the first to introduce split-tunneling, letting users choose which internet traffic goes through the VPN, making it more flexible and efficient. Over time, Ivacy has added more servers, improved its speed and reliability, and added new security features to stay ahead. This includes stealth modes to bypass strict firewalls and better encryption to keep information safe.

Ivacy works on all major devices and has servers worldwide to ensure users have a fast and secure internet experience. They focus on making customers happy, offering help anytime and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Ivacy’s logo represents the company’s goals to provide security, privacy, and free internet access. It shows their commitment to offering a safe online space for a good price, making Ivacy a top pick for individual users and businesses looking for a trusted VPN service.


Astrill Logo

Astrill VPN started in Seychelles in 2009 because some entrepreneurs wanted to help people who travel a lot, live in different countries, or just want to use the internet without limits. They made Astrill let people use the internet freely without worrying about rules that block certain websites, especially in places where the internet is tightly controlled.

Astrill is special because it works well, is easy to use, and has cool features. One popular feature is Smart Mode, which lets you see websites from your country and other countries without disconnecting. This is super helpful in Asia, where the internet has a lot of rules. Even though Astrill costs a bit more, people like it because it’s fast, reliable, and has great customer service available at any time.

In the beginning, Astrill focused on being fast and reliable because that’s important for people in places with limited internet. They set up servers in over 60 countries by 2012 to help travelers and people living abroad. Later, they added features for homes and small offices and ensured everything was super secure with strong encryption, a promise not to keep internet use records, and special ways to hide your internet traffic.

Now, Astrill keeps improving its service, aiming to be the best VPN for people worldwide who want fast and safe internet. Their logo stands for security, speed, and being able to use the internet everywhere, showing that Astrill is all about giving you a free and open internet.


StrongVPN Logo

StrongVPN started back in 1995 in Seattle. It was made to help people stay safe online, especially when buying things online. At first, it was meant for businesses, but now it’s for everyone who wants to keep their online life private. This is super important because there are lots of people and companies trying to watch what we do online.

What’s great about StrongVPN is how easy it is to use. You can quickly pick the best server for your needs, and it keeps your internet connection fast and safe. You can use it on many devices simultaneously, which is perfect for families or if you use a lot of gadgets. They’re always ready to help if you have questions, they don’t charge too much, and you can get your money back in 30 days if you don’t like it.

As more people started using their phones and tablets to go online, StrongVPN grew, too. They improved their service in 2015, ensuring everything you do online is secure and quick. In 2017, they partnered with another VPN service to reach even more people and offer better service worldwide.

StrongVPN has been working on making your internet even faster without giving up security. They’ve added some cool features like a VPN kill switch, which keeps you safe if your VPN connection drops, and they block bad software. They promise not to record where you go or what you do online.

Their logo stands for strong security and trust. StrongVPN has been around for a long time, always finding new ways to keep our online lives private and secure. They want to ensure we can all use the internet without worrying about someone spying on us.


SaferVP Logo

In 2013, Safer Social Ltd. in Israel made SaferVPN to help people use the internet safely and easily. They wanted to make a VPN service that was simple to use so that anyone could protect their privacy online with just one click. SaferVPN became known for being easy to use. They added features like automatic protection when using public WiFi and strong encryption to keep people safe online. They promised not to keep records of what users did online and supported different ways to connect securely, making SaferVPN a trusted choice for online safety.

SaferVPN worked hard to make online security available for everyone, starting with apps for the most popular operating systems. At first, they didn’t have many servers, but they quickly grew, offering more locations worldwide and better, faster connections. By 2016, they added even more security features to protect users’ information from being exposed online.

In 2017, a U.S. company called TeamInternet bought SaferVPN, which became part of StrongVPN. Even though SaferVPN isn’t its brand anymore, its technology and approach to making the internet safer are now part of StrongVPN. This helped StrongVPN grow and keep offering great service to users everywhere.

The SaferVPN logo was simple and showed that they were all about keeping the internet safe and easy to use. Even though SaferVPN has merged with StrongVPN, its goal is to make the internet safer for everyone who still lives with StrongVPN. This change helped TeamInternet reach more people and kept SaferVPN’s ideas of simple, secure, and fast internet protection going for users worldwide.