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The Billionaire Boys Club logo conveys a search for new experiences, a desire to leave a mark in history, and to create something unusual that has never existed before. The emblem’s message is encrypted in cosmic symbols.

Billionaire Boys Club: Brand overview

Founder:Pharrell Williams, Rob Walker, Nigo
Tokyo, Japan; New York City, U.S.
Billionaire Boys Club is a project by renowned musicians Pharrell Williams and Nigo, which combines high fashion and streetwear. The brand is characterized by luxury and a relaxed style. The Billionaire Boys Club logo can be seen in stores across Asia, America, and England.

Meaning and History

Billionaire Boys Club Logo History

The project began as an online store. Managers, designers, and graphic artists from America and Asia collaborated in its implementation, allowing for the opening of brick-and-mortar stores in three major participating cities within a year: New York, Tokyo, and London.

The brand’s logo is intricate and illogical. The emblem connects the brand with the mysterious history of the 20th century. The meaning is not easily understood by customers, but for the creators, the idea is clear and justified.

What is Billionaire Boys Club?

An American-Japanese youth clothing brand for stylish and daring young men, with a predominant cosmic theme in its collections.

2003 – today

The visual representation of the brand consists of the name, which arches upward, and a spaceman’s head wearing a helmet. Sk8thing, one of the co-founders and a master graphic designer, designed and drew the emblem.

The name Billionaire Boys Club originates from a 1983 organization set up as a financial pyramid scheme by Henry Hantum. Its purpose was to swindle money from young, inexperienced heirs eager to get rich quickly. Officially, the club was named BBC after the founder’s favorite restaurant (Bombay Bicycle Club), with the billionaire prefix appearing later as an informal name. The story ended in murder, and two films were made based on it in 1987 and 2018.

The founders interpreted the story in their own way and embedded a different meaning into it. Each word in the ancient title reflects the direction of the brand’s work.

  • Boys – This represents the youth. The style of the outfits is designed for the young generation. Customers are free and confident and spend their time among urban walls. BBC connoisseurs feel at ease on the streets and at gatherings and enjoy movement and dancing.
  • Club – This represents an exclusive circle. Money unites young rich people in a club with unwritten rules for clothing, manners, drinks, and hobbies. According to Pharrell, a similar club exists for those who collect adventures.
  • Billionaires – The brand’s clothing style combines everyday street fashion and luxury.

The portrait of a Billionaire Boys Club customer is similar to the wealthy young people who participated in the BBC pyramid scheme. However, these guys are not chasing money but seeking experiences. They are ready to take risks to try something new. They are rich in experiences.

The astronaut image on the logo embodies the creators’ ideas, which are only understood by them. The shared love for adventure and the desire to grow, reach heights, and explore the unknown led Pharrel and Nigo to think about cosmic spaces. The result is the choice of an astronaut’s head in a helmet as the visual symbol. The cosmic theme and prints are reflected throughout the clothing line.

The letters of the inscription are done in a metallic style with diamond-shaped holes in each symbol. It looks as if the glyphs are pinned to the celestial dome. The brand creators have reached the peaks and left an indelible mark in space.

Font and Colors

The primary logo is in black, signifying simplicity, confidence, and consistency. The shade hints at the cosmic space to which the visual symbol is dedicated to.

The inscription font is unique and designed specifically for the brand. Each letter appears as if forged by a blacksmith and looks very sturdy and durable.

Billionaire Boys Club color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C