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Black Fist logo is a symbol of support, unity, pride, and resistance of the representatives of the Negroid race. It has also been a symbol of fortitude for members of the Black Lives Matter and Black Panther Party movements as they championed the civil rights of African Americans. The sign has existed since the middle of the 20th century.

Black Fist: Brand overview

Founder:Black Power
United States

Meaning and History

Black Fist Symbol

This logo has a very old origin, which dates back to the 60s of the last century, and belongs to the Black Power social movement. A social movement with this symbol was motivated to maintain the security and self-sufficiency of the black population of America. It sought equal treatment between people, regardless of skin color and living outside the red line of African American neighborhoods.

Activists opened hospitals, emergency medical services, schools, printing houses, media outlets, farms, cooperatives, shops, and many other black-owned facilities. Early African American rights ideology was heavily influenced by thinkers such as Robert F. Williams and Malcolm X. Then, the Black Panther Party, or the organization also called the BPP, emerged from the existing movement. Her views are the basic concept of the social movement under the sign of Black Fist.

What is Black Fist?

Black Fist symbolizes unity and resistance among African Americans while fighting for their rights. It expresses anti-racist views and stands for solidarity, pride, and support for the representatives of the Negroid race. This sign has been used since the 60s of the last century and is associated with such social movements as Black Power, Black Lives Matter, and Black Panther Party.

In particular, it was reflected in black nationalism, pan-Africanism, socialism, the Cuban revolution, and other socially significant events and trends. As a result, the confrontation developed, saturated with the spirit of confrontation with whites for the sake of respect for former Africans and the prevention of racism. In 2013, there was a new surge that grew into a resistance called Black Lives Matter (BLM). Black Fist also became its main symbol. He also personified the struggle of African Americans against police brutality in 2020.

The famous Black Fist logo shows a fist painted black. It is firmly compressed: the fifth finger (thumb) closes the two placed next to it. Judging by their location, this is the left hand, which is closest to the heart, so it represents sincere protest and heartfelt solidarity.

The artists used a complex combination of geometric shapes to obtain the desired pattern. In particular, trapezoids, rectangles, triangles, and other elements. There are also straight lines painted in white. This contrast creates the right tension and helps to achieve a conceptual emblem.

But the hand is not fully represented, but only a quarter. The designers had enough of a brush to embody the idea of ​​unity and struggle since the palm is another symbolic sign. In this case, it is tightly compressed, which indicates a readiness for uncompromising protest. The logo generally reflects the inner state of a person seeking to protect his freedom and his right to life. On the border of the wrist is a white stripe representing a blood vessel. At the transition to the palm, he has a small arrow.

Font and Colors

Black Fist Emblem

Black Fist is a graphical logo, so no text exists. Its authors managed to convey the meaning of the drawing without resorting to printed characters. But sometimes, it is accompanied by some slogans. They are written in different typefaces, depending on the events they are dedicated to. As a rule, these are chopped letters in upper case. The color scheme is stable and consists of a monochrome combination of black (hand) and white (background, lines).

Black Fist color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C