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The Black Power logo is a protest against inequality, injustice, and racial discrimination. It’s like an exclamation point against oppression and a warning that black people have the power to fight.

Black Power: Brand overview

Founder:Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
United States

Black Power is a national activist movement created for political self-determination and the unification of blacks. Its name comes from a term used in a 1954 work by Richard Wright. Then this phrase moved from fiction to the sphere of politics. For example, it was first mentioned as a slogan in a speech by Adam Clayton Powell Jr. at Howard University in 1966.

As a revolutionary trend, Black Power was recorded in the 60-the 70s of the 20th century. It supported the racial pride of African Americans, promoted the expansion of their economic rights, contributed to the spread of political freedom, and developed the creation of cultural institutions. But earlier, this phrase was used in a different sense. In the 1850s, it was a national theme and was an alternative name for the power of slave owners in the southern regions of the United States. Frederick Douglass introduced it.

In modern times, with the light hand of Richard Wright, this concept was adopted by the LCFO Lowndes County Freedom Organization. She used it in 1960 with the slogan “Black Power for Black People,” that is, “Black Power for Black People.” The term was then chanted on the Meredith march by SNCC chairman, Chairman Stokely Carmichael. And only then was he picked up by the Black Power Movement and other socio-political trends.

Meaning and History

Black Power Symbol

In each case, Black Power drew on various ideologies related to achieving African American self-determination. The term dictates the formation by blacks of their own identity. It helps them express various goals, from protesting racial oppression to creating a safe socio-economic environment. Therefore, a clenched fist raised became its personification because it denotes unity, struggle, and appeal. Naturally, the sign is black – in the skin tone of African Americans. Such a contrast with the white background emphasizes the idea of ​​the logo.

The visual identity of Black Power has not only individual characteristics but even its name. It’s called Black Fist. The logo depicts the left hand, which is raised straight up. But her palm is not straightened but clenched into a tight fist, as if a person is preparing to strike. At the same time, he shows solidarity with those who protest with him and oppose injustice against people from Africa.

What is Black Power?

Black Power is a public anti-racist movement aimed at the self-determination of African Americans. The term was first mentioned in Richard Wright’s 1954 book of the same name. As the name of a political movement, it was applied in the 1960s of the last century, where it came from a speech by Adam Clayton Powell Jr. delivered to the public at Howard University.

The emblem is characterized by “torn” lines, corners, and a lack of rounding. This testifies to the decisiveness, which is most easily conveyed by precisely such hard strokes and geometric shapes. The presence of trapezoids and rectangles is visible because they make it easy to show tightly clenched fingers in 2D. Contrasting white stripes are depicted between them. They are branched in the palm of your hand and go down to the arm, personifying tense veins or veins swollen from the effort.

The background of the fist is an empty white space, which helps to focus attention on it. This approach echoes the concept of the national movement: struggle without compromise, protest without concession, and confrontation for the sake of justice. At the same time, the contour of the hand is uneven and slightly wavy, as if riddled with wounds.

Font and Colors

Black Power Emblem

Black Power logo graphic. There is no text in it because the idea is conveyed through the drawing. But sometimes, it is accompanied by a slogan, which can be done in any font, depending on the situation and the task. The main color palette is monochrome, clearly reflecting the confrontation and tension of the moment. At the same time, it conveys the skin tone of the protesters.

Black Power color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C