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Henry Brooks founded the oldest men’s clothing brand in New York. The brand’s uniqueness reflects its commitment to its history. The Brooks Brothers logo has its roots in ancient mythology, demonstrating the foundation of the brand’s success.

Brooks Brothers: Brand overview

Founded:April 7, 1818
Founder:Henry Sands Brooks
New York, U.S.
Brooks Brothers is the oldest American fashion brand, tracing its history back to 1818. Its founder, Henry Sands Brooks, established a family business of high-quality men’s clothing. The trademark is now owned by Retail Brand Alliance, and the company’s headquarters is located in New York.

Meaning and History

Brooks Brothers Logo History

Despite the company’s considerable age (it has crossed the 200-year threshold), its logo is even older. It is rooted in ancient Greek mythology and associated with the Golden Fleece. The primary material for making men’s clothing was sheep’s wool. This material was golden to the owner of the family business because it brought him profit.

The company now also produces women’s clothing, but the emblem remains the same as in the beginning – a white sheep tied with a wide ribbon and hanging on it, as in sheep shearing. The company also offers a separate clothing line for Asian customers.

What is Brooks Brothers?

It is a prestigious American men’s clothing brand, one of the oldest in the USA, having been established in 1818. Retail Brand Alliance now owns it.

Brooks Brothers: Interesting Facts

Brooks Brothers is an old and famous clothing store in America, started in 1818. It’s known for making men’s clothes that look good and last long.

  1. Starting Out: Henry Sands Brooks opened the first store in New York City. This store has dressed 40 out of 46 American Presidents, which is impressive.
  2. Ready-Made Suits: Before you could just buy a suit off the rack, Brooks Brothers started making suits that were ready to wear. This was a big deal because it made buying good clothes easier without waiting for a tailor.
  3. Button-Down Polo Shirts: In 1896, the first button-down polo shirt was made, inspired by polo players in England. This shirt became super popular and is still a big deal today.
  4. Other Cool Stuff: Brooks Brothers also created light summer suits called seersucker, colorful madras prints, and shirts that don’t have to be ironed.
  5. Golden Fleece Logo: Their logo is an old sheep hanging from a ribbon, which shows they’re all about making high-quality wool clothes.
  6. The Sack Suit: In the 1950s, a type of suit called the sack suit was made that was looser than others at the time. It became popular, especially in fancy schools and on the East Coast.
  7. Presidents’ Choice: Many U.S. Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama, wore Brooks Brothers clothes. Lincoln was even wearing their coat when something very sad happened to him.
  8. In Movies and TV: Brooks Brothers clothes are often seen about rich and fancy Americans in movies and TV shows.
  9. Around the World: Although Brooks Brothers is a very American brand, stores are also in other countries.
  10. Keeping Going: They’ve had some tough times, like when they had to file for bankruptcy in 2020, but another company bought them so they could keep making clothes.

Brooks Brothers has been around for a long time because they keep making clothes that people want to wear, from Presidents to movie stars, and they’ve changed with the times to keep up with what’s new in fashion.

Font and Colors

Brooks Brothers Emblem

Brooks Brothers chose a verbose logo that directly reflects its line of business. The famous Golden Fleece in ancient Greek myths was a coveted object of power, fought over and causing wars. The image of a sheepskin was widely used in many contexts. For example, the Argonauts sailed the sea for it, and in the 15th century, the image of a lamb on a ribbon was used as a symbol for the eponymous order. It was established by the Duke of Burgundy, nicknamed Philip the Good, who made a fortune thanks to elite sheep wool varieties.

The sheep hanging on a ribbon is an ancient symbol of the brand’s visual identity. Henry Sands Brooks himself proposed this trademark. The idea came to him after a trip to London, where there is a whole pastoral culture with talismans in the form of lambs and sheep. Their images indicated stores where one could buy the best woolen clothing. Noting this trend in the capital’s supermarkets, he ordered similar sheep to be drawn above the entrance to his store. The emblem has been used in its current form since 1850. It consists of two parts: a sheep on a wide stripe and the company’s name.

Brooks Brothers Symbol

Originally, the phrase was handwritten in a retro style. The letters are slanted, sweeping, and confident, with connecting elements, except for the first symbols, which stand separately from the rest. All grammar rules are observed in the name – even capital letters are considered. Thin spirals in the form of steep ram’s horns extend from the letter “B” to the right and left. This font resembles the Edwardian font Scr Alt ITC.

The Brooks Brothers logo is usually dark blue on a white background. A mirror-opposite scheme is also used. There are also golden versions on a black base.

Brooks Brothers color codes

Prussian BlueHex color:#001f37
RGB:0 31 55
CMYK:100 44 0 78
Pantone:PMS 289 C


What does the Brooks Brothers logo mean?

The logo represents the full name of the trademark, as it consists of cursive handwriting and is decorated with small spirals. It presents Brooks Brothers as an elegant fashion brand.

Which presidents did not wear Brooks Brothers?

The Brooks Brothers brand was not worn by presidents of the United States who ruled the country before the company was founded in 1818. Of the modern American presidents, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter did not wear it.

Is Brooks Brothers a good brand?

Yes, Brooks Brothers is a very good and prestigious brand because it uses many natural fabrics. In particular, it prefers materials made from sheep’s wool. It is so good that most U.S. presidents have used its services.

Will Brooks Brothers go out of business?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this fashion brand faced financial difficulties related to a drop in sales. Therefore, it closed several stores and factories. In 2020, the company filed a lawsuit for bankruptcy protection, hoping to avoid it.