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The graphic elements that make up the Brown University logo are linked to its past. This is a reflection of more than 250 years of history, filled with studies and various traditions, talismans, and heraldic symbols – everything on which the visual identity is built. Viewed from this point of view, the emblem is a tribute to the origins of the university.

Brown University: Brand overview

Founded:September 15, 1764
Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Brown University is the oldest private Ivy League university in the United States, founded in 1764 and ranked among the top ten universities in the country. More than 10 thousand students study in it. It is located in the capital of Rhode Island. The Brown University logo combines the college, graduate school, and medical department.

The institution was founded as the College of Rhode Island based on a petition from three colony residents, who demanded that the younger generation be educated. The first rector was Stephen Hopkins, who signed the Declaration of Independence. The university has 49 educational buildings where you can get a bachelor’s degree in 96 specialties.

Meaning and History

Brown University Symbol

For almost 250 years, only one university logo has been known. It consists of the logo and the Brown lettering in fine serif capital letters.

The emblem is a heraldic shield. In shape, it corresponds to the shield of Great Britain. In its center is a red cross of St. George on a white background as part of the British flag. Rhode Island was originally one of the English colonies in North America. Therefore, his roots are closely connected with the United Kingdom what the logo says.

What is Brown University?

One of the best universities in America, whose graduates hold the highest positions in the US government, Congress, and the Supreme Court. The main campus is located in Providence.

The red cross is the symbol of Saint George. He is considered the English patron saint, especially among warriors and cattle breeders. And most of the settlers in Rhode Island were farmers. Therefore, the George Cross in the logo represents the community of the state and the saint’s patronage over them and their university.

Brown University Seal Logo

There are four books in each cell between the cross. They are a symbol of knowledge. And their fourfold use corresponds to the four areas planned to be studied in college: mathematics, languages, history, and geography. In a modern university, books correspond to three academic departments: college, graduate school, and medicine. The fourth book is a military education, which students receive under an agreement with other city institutions in the process of studying.

Books are also a symbol of choice: Brown University has a unique program in which students themselves choose which disciplines they will study, but there are no compulsory subjects. They also demonstrate equal rights and opportunities for children of different faiths: Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox. Such an approach was radical for the time of the university’s founding.

The book shield itself resembles a building with windows. The university is the home of the sciences.

Above the shield is a strip of twisted red and white ribbon reminiscent of the sea’s waves. From it, as from an ocean of knowledge, the sun rises and, like a sword, breaks through the clouds of ignorance with its rays.

The logo says that the university teaches students about various sciences with the help of books. And the more they learn, the faster knowledge dispels ignorance and stupidity. This helps the colony’s inhabitants “rise to the sun,” develop industry and crafts and improve the region’s life.

The name on the emblem is placed after the visual sign. This restores historical consistency. The college was founded in the days of the colonies left in the past. In 1790, the state became part of America, and after that, the educational institution changed its name.

The word Brown in the logo is not only the university’s name but also a reference to the patrons of the university – the Brown family, in whose honor the institution was renamed in 1804. They donated considerable sums to its development.

Font and Colors

Brown University Emblem

The logo of the university is bicolor.

  • Red – passion, love of learning, diligence, the fire of knowledge. The university itself is surrounded by red brick buildings like red stripes demarcate the white cells in the logo.
  • White – these are the pages of books, learning from scratch, nurturing positive character traits.

The colors are considered primary for the UK. White and red, along with brown, are also considered the base colors of the university.

The inscription font is refined and elite Book Antiqua.

Brown University color codes

Zinnwaldite BrownHex color:#381c00
RGB:56 28 0
CMYK:0 50 100 78
Pantone:PMS 4625 C
Medium Candy Apple RedHex color:#e4002b
RGB:228 0 43
CMYK:0 100 81 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C