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A sports show has a hypnotic effect on the fans. Every identity element, including the Bullet Club logo, conveys it. The powerful tool of sports has become an equally powerful tool of advertising, offering a spectacle that tickles the nerves. The atmosphere of peak tension is perfectly embodied in the wrestling association’s badge.

Bullet Club: Brand overview

Founded:May 3, 2013
United States
Bullet Club is one of the associations in wrestling, which appeared in 2013. The team consists of more than ten fighters and often performs in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) or the American Ring of Honor (ROH). Despite the relatively short time since its inception, this organization has a deep history that will be of interest to fans of this show.

Meaning and History

Bullet Club Symbol

Visual recognition of the association’s logo is quite high among professional wrestling fans. Since the establishment of Bullet Club, its logo has not changed because it conveys the characteristics of athletes fighting. The emblem of the team consists of two elements, namely, the verbal name of the brand as well as the image below it. The verbal lettering is done in a classic bold style without serifs. The lettering style is quite unusual, as each symbol has empty spaces, which only adds to the mystery. To the right and left are three arrows pointing down. They resemble chevrons with U.S. Army ranks.

The image is a “Bone Soldier” mask underneath which are two crossed machine guns. Five bullets are displayed to the right and left of the machine guns.

What is Bullet Club?

This is one of the most famous groups in wrestling, which for about ten years performed in the biggest promotions of the sport. They stand out for their unconventional appearance and aggressive style.

Bullet Club representatives did not choose the image for the logo by chance. It should be associated with an imaginary fighter, a terrifying character, which should be wary of all team opponents. Among the group representatives, Mitsuhide Hirasawa, who became famous by performing in Japanese promotions, but decided to try his hand outside the Asian region, stands out.

It should be noted that sometimes for minimalist images, the emblem is removed from the logo. Only the name of the team is left. If the user has nothing to do with wrestling, he may think that this logo does not belong to a sports team but a certain military unit. Perhaps that was the purpose behind the aggressive black and white Bullet Club logo. The athletes decided that they would demonstrate their potential and ambition in this way, pointing out that their opponents would not be easy in the ring. The black and white color scheme was not chosen by chance. The brevity and lack of bright colors indicate that this organization is serious and willing to do anything to win.

Font and Colors

Bullet Club Emblem

A classic bold font was chosen for the verbal lettering used on the Bullet Club logo. However, the lettering style sets it apart from most logos. The shape of the letters is interesting and mesmerizing. Due to the empty space, each symbol is divided into several parts. This demonstrates that this association has its secrets, which the audience will soon learn about.

The color palette of the Bullet Club team is black and white. However, depending on the background, the logo’s color can be changed from white to a subtle shade of yellow. Strict and aged colors look very harmonious without contrasting with each other. The black background and the skull are associations with anger and belligerence, which is what the target audience of a wrestling show demands.

Bullet Club color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C