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Burberry is a member of the fashion industry with a rich history and a British company whose logo pays homage to its past. The Burberry logo symbolizes the desire to stand up for one’s interests, emphasizing aesthetics and luxury propositions.

Burberry: Brand overview

Founded: 1856
Founder: Thomas Burberry
Westminster, London, England
Website: burberryplc.com
Burberry is a representative of the fashion industry, engaged in the manufacture of clothing, accessories, and perfumery. He has been in business since 1856, founded by entrepreneur Thomas Burberry. Grew from a family-owned manufacturing factory in Hampshire to a large fashion structure in London, UK. Today it is one of the most recognizable brands in the luxury segment. It is renowned for its plaid and trendy luxury goods, which it sells in its 500 boutiques.

Meaning and History

Burberry Logo History

For many years, a knight’s appearance on a galloping horse has been associated with the luxury fashion house. Throughout its existence, the iconic emblem remained almost unchanged until 2018; the equestrian knight disappeared completely. But it remains an integral part of the trademark designed by Fabienne Baron. Overall, the company had several logos.

Why is Burberry?

It is a very old brand and British fashion house, founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry.

1901 – 1968

Burberrys Logo 1901-1968

The debut version appeared in 1901 when the fashion house was called Burberrys. The drawn image of a knight on horseback occupied the entire space of the logo. The rider was fully ammunition, and in his hands, he held a shield and a spear with a flag on which was written “Prorsum.”

Also, everywhere there was a symbolic image of the letter “B,” denoting the manufacturer’s name. And its expanded version was under a rider galloping on a horse. It is in uppercase bold serif type. The horse’s tail, the flag, and the feather on the helmet flutter, so it seems like the knight rushes forward at full speed.

1968 – 1999

Burberrys Logo 1968-1999

In 1968, the text part became predominant, so the horse rider is reduced to a miniature size. Only schematic outlines remained of it. The knight was placed above the inscription, in the area of ​​the protruding leg “t,” over which the horse jumps.

The symbols in the logo are lowercase, with the first capital letter. Under the name of the Fashion House, there is a miniature inscription “Of London.” It is made in the same font as the main word. The difference between them is only in size.

1999 – 2018

Burberry Logo 1999-2018

A redesign in 1999 balanced all the elements of the logo. This is the result of the rebranding associated with the company’s refusal from the letter “s” in the name. At the same time, the complete Burberry branding package was rethought.

From now on, the graphic and verbal parts have become comparable in size. The artists returned to the knight, horse, and ammunition the detailing, made in white on dark details. They removed the “Of” article from the lower inscription, emphasizing the word “London.” This was necessary for the visual purity of the small label or label, where all parts should be visible.

2018 – 2023

Burberry Logo 2018

A modern version of the British fashion house’s visual identity was proposed in 2018 by the designer Fabienne Baron. The militant horse rider remained only on the tags, patterns, accessories, and packaging of the company. But he disappeared from the logo. The word “Burberry” is used both on its own and in conjunction with the phrase “London, England,” written in elegant italics.

There is a version with a knight, and he occupies most of the logo, and under it is the name of the company, made in small letters. Below is the founding date of the fashion house – “Established 1856”.

2023 – today

Burberry Logo

Font and Colors

Burberry Emblem

The rider and his horse are depicted in a set of ammunition as if they are performing in a knightly tournament or participating in a battle. On the rider’s head is a helmet with a large feather, and in his hands is a spear and a shield. Together, they symbolize fearlessness, confidence, determination, desire for protection, pride, honor, and nobility.

Burberry Symbol

Several types of the typeface are used in different versions of the logo. One of them is Urania Extra Bold, developed by Dieter Hofrichter. This is a stylish modification of the old school sans serif lettering with straight, neat, and thick lines, corners, clear cuts. In another version (1999), the font resembles the Bodoni group’s style – with thin serifs, complex and smooth stripes.

The emblem is made in black and white, except for the debut version, when it was dark red. According to the company owner, monochrome perfectly emphasizes the elegance, quality, power, and durability of the fashion house.

Burberry color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What does Burberry logo mean?

The original Burberry logo features a horse rider with a shield in one hand and a spear in the other. It denotes the desire of the founder of the fashion house to defend their interests. He also conveys nobility, chivalry, greatness, pride, and sincerity.

What happened to the Burberry logo?

In 2018, the Burberry logo was redesigned: it was updated for the first time in 20 years and developed by Peter Saville. The designer removed the image of an equestrian knight from the emblem, so it is radically different from previous versions.

Why is Burberry’s logo TB?

TB is an acronym for the name of the brand’s creator, Thomas Burberry. Initials have been used since 1908.