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The Cal Poly logo symbolizes the school’s tradition, history, and cultural values. This embodies what the university strives for, reflecting its pride in students who receive knowledge. And the emblem also shows that study and work are inseparable. The Cal Poly logo symbolizes the school’s tradition, history, and cultural values. This embodies what the university strives for

Cal Poly: Brand overview

Founded:March 8, 1901
San Luis Obispo County, California, United States

Cal Poly is a California Polytechnic University located in San Luis Obispo. One thousand four hundred twenty-six teachers and more than 22 thousand students. The Cal Poly logo represents six colleges and 65 majors.

The university was founded as a school in 1901 by order of the Governor of California. Education in polytechnic sciences lasted two years until, in 1933, the Department transformed the school into an institute, a college (1947), and a university (1971).

Meaning and History

Cal Poly Logo Seal

The university’s logo is a heraldic shield with the phrase Cal Poly behind it.

The shield is visually divided into three parts.

  1. At the top of the dark bar is the university’s motto: “Learn by doing” (learn by doing). Cal Poly emphasizes hands-on learning. Students apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The university has its ranch where research and experiments take place. Laboratories are also located on the upper floors of the new six-story science building. At graduation, each student must complete a practical project to use the knowledge gained.
  2. The sun rises from behind the mountains at the second level of the shield. This is reminiscent of the mountains and the sun of California, where the university is located. In a figurative sense, the sun of science, personifying the university, rises and illuminates the earth, spreading knowledge.
  3. The last part of the shield is the largest. It is a white space with a crossed feather and hammer in the middle. The picture unites knowledge and work. It shows that knowledge cannot but translate into action; otherwise, learning wastes time. The image completely echoes the motto. The programs are also built on combining technical knowledge with art.

What is Cal Poly?

Short for California Polytechnic. The university, with a 100-year history, teaches about 22 thousand students annually. Offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Mustang mascot. President D. Armstrong.

The inscription Cal Poly is located approximately at the level of the middle of the shield. This is an abbreviation for the full name—Cal – Californian, poly-polytechnic.

Font and Colors

Cal Poly Emblem

The colors of the university are dark green and gold. The logo is dark green, almost bordering on black. This is the color of velvet, aristocracy, and precious stones. The university gives knowledge, and releases educated aristocrats, who, like precious stones, help society change life for the better. The color means authority, antiquity, and harmony. Cal Poly brings up harmonious and developed people from students. Passes on to them the knowledge accumulated by generations.

Present on the emblem and white. They are used for shields and background inscriptions. This is a symbol of paper, abstracts, and a bright mind.

Cal Poly Symbol

Standard serif font – Centaur. Each word starts with a large capital letter. However, the rest of the elements, which should be in lower case, are also in upper case. This shows the importance of all areas taught at the university. Knowledge is always something important and with a capital letter.

Cal Poly color codes

Brunswick GreenHex color:#154734
RGB:21 71 52
CMYK:70 0 27 72
Pantone:PMS 7723 C
Dark GoldenrodHex color:#c69214
RGB:198 146 20
CMYK:0 26 90 22
Pantone:PMS 7550 C