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Calvin Klein Logo
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Calvin Klein – it Fashion House and the company, founded by clothing designer Calvin Richard Klein and his longtime friend Barry Schwartz. The company is located in the city of New York (USA) and has existed since 1968.

Meaning and History

Calvin Klein Logo History
Evolution of the Calvin Klein Logo

Like any other representative of the fashion industry, the brand pays special attention to the logo. Therefore, he extremely responsibly approached the development of corporate identity. A minimalistic option has existed since the launch of the fashion brand. Its author is Jeffrey Banks, a well-known designer from Wales. At first, the label was placed only on jeans (on the back pocket), but then it was transferred to other products.

In general, during the existence of the Fashion House, he had four emblems. In early 1979, Bruce Weber used a version close to the current version. Until 1982, the verbal form prevailed, without a graphic sign, with subtle and elongated letters. The logo of the 1984-1992s is of great importance and is considered legendary.

1968 – 1975

Calvin Klein Logo 1968-1975

The Calvin Klein logo created in 1968 was made in capital letters and thin, stylish font.

1975 – 1992

Calvin Klein Logo 1975-1992

At that time, an updated logo was presented, built only on the name and surname of the founder, owner, and fashion designer. The font is exquisite, simple, but stylish. There are no serifs in the letters, but they look American practical and chic. The height of the lowercase “i”, “l” and the capital “C”, “K” is the same.

1992 – 2017

Calvin Klein Logo 1992-2017

During this period, the letters became thinner. Although the style has changed, the font remains the same. Another difference from the previous version is the dot above the “i” instead of the rectangle. Moreover, it is distant from the main part so that visually all the signs are the same in height.

2017 – today

Calvin Klein Logo 2017-present

In 2017, the Fashion House redesigned branding. New font and the abbreviation “CK,” formed from the initials Calvin Klein, were introduced into everyday life. Now all the letters are in upper case, except for the separate “c” and “k.”

The company introduced this option in its Instagram account. Peter Saville authors the revised graphic sign. According to the developers, it was a return to the spirit of the original, which existed in the period 1968-1975. The main palette is black and white.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Calvin Klein Emblem

The main concept of the Calvin Klein logo is minimalism. It is he who can be traced in the symbolism of all famous representatives of the fashion industry. No piling up of details, no small details, and no glamor – only laconicism is welcomed.

Calvin Klein Symbol

The brand uses a logo based on the name and surname of the founder of the Fashion House. This is an individual font with elongated thin letters that emphasize the absence of unnecessary details. There are no serifs or graphic signs in it. Jeffrey Banks writes them. The minimalistic style continues with the color scheme: the combination of black and white creates a shocking contrast that reflects the classics.

Signature colors are white (in the sports line), black (in the Haute Couture series), and gray (in general clothing models). They embody purity, elegance, and grace.