Canadian Motorcycle Brands

Canadian Motorcycle Brands

The history of motorcycle production is a separate rich page in the life of Canada. Today several brands are known not only in the state itself but also abroad.

What is Canadian Motorcycle Brands?

Canadian motorcycle brands include Can-Am, Campagna, Havoc, Bombardier, Motorino, and more. There are not so many of them, but Canada has found unexplored niches – first of all, the production of tricycles.


Can-am Logo

Can-Am motorcycles are pretty famous. Especially – the Can-Am Spyder tricycle, which has become a visiting card of the manufacturing company. This vehicle has one wheel at the rear and two at the front. The manufacturer himself calls it a roadster, but experts agree that it belongs to trikes. The tricycle is designed for road travel only, although its concept uses some ideas from the operation of a snowmobile. It has a variety of safety systems, which makes it suitable for long routes. If we touch on the topic of the manufacturer itself – BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), this is a powerful company with a solid history.

The Can-Am logo consists of the company name displayed on a white background in black italic type. Italic fonts are nothing new in motorcycle logos. They evoke an association with dynamics, which provides the required semantic emphasis. Smooth edges add softness to the logo and balance the contrast created by the black type. Even though the logo looks quite simple and restrained, it is recognizable.


Campagna Logo

Campagna was founded relatively recently – in 1988 in Canada. For more than eight years, its founder, Daniel Campagna, worked on creating the T-Rex vehicle. Even though the T-Rex was registered as a motorcycle, it is de facto a three-wheeled vehicle. This two-seater vehicle can easily accommodate the driver and passenger. The T-Rex has been on sale since 1994. However, the scope of its distribution was quite narrow and limited to Canada. After 2000, this vehicle was sold throughout Canada.

The company itself, since 2004, has periodically experienced difficulties, and its officials reported bankruptcy. However, in 2019, the company announced new investors.

The Campagna logo is quite interesting regarding how the central visual element (the stylized C) and the brand name at the bottom are combined. Metallic color with a gradient is an attractive visual solution. In the logo of motorcycle brands, it is used quite often. This is understandable because it is not for nothing that the phraseological designation “iron horse” is used for a good motorcycle. A typeface that resembles a handwritten typeface looks stylish. It smooths out the stiffness that the previously described visual element introduces into the logo. This combination makes the composition balanced and recognizable.


Havoc Logo

This Canadian company is a heavyweight street bike manufacturer. The history of the enterprise began not so long ago – in 2014. The first motorcycle from this manufacturer was themed. Its distinctive feature is graphics licensed by Mike Tyson.

2016 has become a landmark year in the development of the company. A partnership was concluded with Wild West Motor Co. – a powerful American manufacturer specializing in hand-built motorcycles. One of the common developments that the companies unveiled in 2017 was the Havoc 124SS motorcycle.

When you look at the Havoc logo, you immediately notice the hard lines and angles. The sharp edges of the letters seem to remind of the heaviness of these vehicles. Black font is nothing new to motorcycle logos. This is restraint, solidity, contrast. At the same time, visual accents are achieved through other techniques. In the central part of the logo, the letter V stands out, the edges of which are stylized as the wings of a bird. Such a design decision suggests an association with the power of motorcycles and as if invites you to “ride with the breeze.”


Bombardier Logo

The full name of the company is Bombardier Recreational Products. This Canadian manufacturer boasts a solid history that began back in 1942. The company is named after its founder, Joseph-Armand Bombardier. To date, the staff of this enterprise employs about five and a half thousand employees, and her fortune is estimated at several billion dollars. This is not strange, because the company produces a wide range of products, among which motorcycles are only part of the range. The manufacturer also produces motorboats, ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles. While there is a lot of emphasis on manufacturing traditions, advancing technology is also among the company’s principles.

The Bombardier motorcycle line logo is stylish and compelling. Its color scheme is based on black. Only thin white frames dilute the image, which adds a little contrast, but does not distract from the main idea. The name of the company is inscribed in the figure made in the form of a wheel. Clear lines are associated with the specifics and business approach of the manufacturer. And also – with the power and endurance of his motorcycles.


Motorino Logo

Motorino is a renowned Canadian manufacturer of electric bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles. Also in its assortment are spare parts that are suitable not only for vehicles of its production.

Motorcycles from this manufacturer are not for long trips or off-road trips. These are vehicles designed for city driving. No wonder they are included in the classification of motorcycles with limited speed. You cannot accelerate more than 70 kilometers per hour on such a motorcycle.

The company’s logo perfectly conveys the concept of the vehicles it produces. There is no hint of power or extreme. This is just an option for comfortable personal transport for city driving. A soft green shade was chosen for the logo. It seems to remind me of lightness and dynamics. As for the visual symbol itself, here, the brand’s designers have chosen a very appropriate visual solution. The name of the company is “embedded” in the image of the scooter, and individual letters play the role of its “spare parts.” The idea looks fresh and non-trivial. This visual implementation of the concept harmoniously expresses what the manufacturer wanted to say about its product line.

The logos of famous Canadian motorcycle brands are very different from each other. There are no uniform trends that could be traced from one logo to another, as, for example, from Chinese manufacturers. The emphasis on authenticity and the ability to visually highlight the features and benefits of their motorcycles is what most Canadian companies have succeeded in.

Are there any Canadian-made motorcycles?

The backbone of Canada’s motorcycle industry is Can-Am. But these are not the usual two-wheeled models but unique tricycles. Campagna Motors manufacture similar three-wheeled vehicles. Goldammer Cycle Works sells motorcycles with handcrafted components – all one of a kind. SORA makes electric motorcycles, and Motosports Thibeault makes a hybrid snowmobile.

What is the most popular motorcycle in Canada?

Statistics show that most people in Canada prefer to ride Japanese-made Honda motorcycles.

Are motorcycles popular in Canada?

Although Canada is a cold country, the locals love to ride motorcycles. They do this throughout the warm season, and some extreme lovers travel on two-wheeled vehicles until the first snow.

What is the most unreliable motorcycle brand?

In various ratings, the list of the most unreliable motorcycle companies is topped by Can-Am (by the number of failures in 2016) and Royal Enfield (an Indian manufacturer known for the poor build quality of older models).