Canadian Motorcycle Brands

Canadian Motorcycle Brands

The history of motorcycle manufacturing is a rich page in Canada’s history. Today, several brands are known in the state and beyond its borders.

What are Canadian motorcycle brands?

Canadian motorcycle brands include Can-Am, Campagna, Havoc, Bombardier, Motorino, and others. There aren’t many of them, but Canada has found uncharted niches – most notably tricycle manufacturing.


Can-am Logo

Can-Am motorcycles are pretty well known. Especially the Can-Am Spyder tricycle, which has become a business card for the manufacturing company. This vehicle has one wheel in the back and two in the front. The manufacturer calls it a roadster, but experts agree it belongs to tricycles. The tricycle is designed only for traveling on roads, although its concept uses some ideas from the operation of a snowmobile. It is equipped with various safety systems, which makes it suitable for long-distance routes. If we look at the manufacturer, BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) is a powerful company with a solid history.

The Can-Am logo consists of the company name on a white background in black italic font. Italicized fonts are nothing new in motorcycle logos. They evoke an association with dynamics, which provides the necessary semantic emphasis. The logo’s smooth edges give it a softness and balance the contrast created by the black font. Even though the logo looks quite simple and understated, it is recognizable.


Campagna Logo

Campagna was founded relatively recently – in 1988 in Canada. Its founder, Daniel Campagna, worked on creating the T-Rex automobile for more than eight years. Although registered as a motorcycle, the T-Rex is de facto a three-wheeled vehicle. This two-seater can easily accommodate a driver and a passenger. The T-Rex has been on sale since 1994. However, its scope of distribution was quite narrow and limited to Canada. After 2000, this car began to be sold all over Canada.

Starting in 2004, the company had periodic difficulties, and its officials reported bankruptcy. However, in 2019, the company announced the arrival of new investors.

The Campagna logo is quite interesting in combining the central visual element (a stylized letter C) and the brand name at the bottom. The metallic color with a gradient is an attractive visual solution. It is used quite often in motorcycle brand logos. This is understandable because the phraseological designation “iron horse” denotes a good motorcycle. Stylishly looks font, reminiscent of handwritten. It smooths out the rigidity that brings in the logo described earlier as a visual element. This combination makes the composition balanced and recognizable.


Havoc Logo

This Canadian company is a manufacturer of heavy-duty street motorcycles. The history of the company began not so long ago – in 2014. The first motorcycle of this manufacturer was themed. Its distinctive feature was the graphics licensed by Mike Tyson.

The year 2016 was a landmark one in the company’s development. Wild West Motor Co., a powerful American manufacturer specializing in hand-built motorcycles, concluded a partnership. One of the common developments the companies introduced in 2017 was the Havoc 124SS motorcycle.

The hard lines and angles are immediately striking when looking at the Havoc logo. The sharp edges of the letters are like a reminder of the heaviness of these vehicles. The black font is nothing new for motorcycle logos. It is restraint, solidity, and contrast. At the same time, visual accents are achieved through other techniques. In the central part of the logo, the letter V stands out, the edges of which are stylized as the wings of a bird. This design solution suggests associations with the power of motorcycles and as invites to “ride with the wind.”


Bombardier Logo

The company’s full name is Bombardier Recreational Products. This Canadian manufacturer has a solid history dating back to 1942. The company was named in honor of its founder, Joseph-Armand Bombardier. To date, the staff of this company employs about five and a half thousand employees, and its fortune is estimated at several billion dollars. This is not strange because the company produces a wide range of products, among which motorcycles are only part of the range. The manufacturer also produces motorboats, quad bikes, jet skis, and snowmobiles. Even though much attention is paid to the traditions of production, the development of technology is also one of the company’s principles.

The logo of the Bombardier motorcycle line is stylish and convincing. Its color scheme is based on black. Thin white frames light the image, adding a little contrast but not distracting from the main idea. The company name is inscribed in the figure, made as a wheel. Clear lines are associated with the manufacturer’s specificity and business approach, as well as the power and endurance of its motorcycles.


Motorino Logo

Motorino is a well-known Canadian manufacturer of electric bikes, scooters, and motorcycles. Also, in its assortment, there are spare parts that are suitable not only for the machinery of its production but

This manufacturer’s motorcycles are not designed for long-distance travel and off-roading. These are vehicles designed for riding around the city. No wonder they are included in the classification of motorcycles with limited speed. On such a motorcycle, you cannot accelerate to more than 70 km/h.

The company’s logo captures the concept of its vehicles in the best possible way. There is no hint of power or extreme. It is just a variant of comfortable personal transportation for city driving. A soft green color was chosen for the logo. It reminds me of lightness and dynamics. As for the visual symbol itself, the brand designers chose a very successful visual solution. The company name is “inscribed” in the image of the scooter, and separate letters play the role of its “spare parts.” The idea looks fresh and non-trivial. Such visual embodiment of the concept harmoniously expresses what the manufacturer wanted to say about its model range.

The logos of famous Canadian motorcycle brands are very different from each other. They do not have uniform trends that can be traced from one logo to another, as with Chinese manufacturers. The emphasis on authenticity and the ability to visually emphasize the features and benefits of their motorcycles is what most Canadian companies have managed to do.


Which bikes are available in Canada?

In Canada, there are plenty of motorcycles to choose from, including the following models:

Shotgun 650

  • Engine: 648cc parallel twin
  • Power: 47 horsepower
  • Design: Cruiser style with modern features and classic looks
  • Features: Dual channel ABS, LED lighting, comfortable seats

Bullet 350

  • Engine: Single cylinder 346 cc
  • Power: 19.1 horsepower
  • Design: Classic, reflecting the heritage of the brand
  • Features: Single channel ABS, iconic fuel tank, vintage style

Super Meteor 650

  • Engine: 648cc parallel twin
  • Power: 47 horsepower
  • Design: Retro cruiser with modern performance
  • Features: Comfortable seats, advanced suspension, smooth handling

Hunter 350

  • Engine: Single cylinder 349 cc
  • Power: 20.2 horsepower
  • Design: Retro style with modern technology
  • Features: Dual channel ABS, semi-digital instrument cluster, convenient urban ergonomics

Scram 411

  • Engine: Single cylinder 411 cc
  • Power: 24.3 horsepower
  • Design: Adventure tourer with off-road capabilities
  • Features: Long-travel suspension, high ground clearance, durable elements

Classic 350

  • Engine: Single cylinder 349 cc
  • Power: 20.2 horsepower
  • Design: Combination of vintage style and modern technology
  • Features: Dual channel ABS, LED lighting, comfortable seats


  • Engine: Single cylinder 349 cc
  • Power: 20.2 horsepower
  • Design: Cruiser style with modern amenities
  • Features: Tripper navigation, LED lighting, ergonomic seats

INT650 (Interceptor 650)

  • Engine: 648cc parallel twin
  • Power: 47 horsepower
  • Design: Roadster in retro and modern design
  • Features: Dual channel ABS, comfortable seat, reliable operation

How much does it cost to buy a motorcycle in Canada?

In Canada, the cost of buying a motorcycle depends on the model, engine size, brand, and whether it is new or used.

New motorcycles start at around $3,000 for entry-level models with smaller engines, suitable for beginners or those looking for a basic ride. Mid-range models with more powerful engines and additional features cost between $7,000 and $15,000. High-end motorcycles, including touring and high-performance sport bikes, range from $20,000 to $40,000. These bikes have powerful engines, advanced technology, and luxury features for experienced riders.

Used motorcycles are a more affordable option. Prices vary depending on age, condition, mileage, and model. Older or smaller capacity models cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Used mid-range bikes range from $3,000 to $8,000, balancing cost and performance. Used premium motorcycles in good condition cost between $10,000 and $20,000, representing significant savings over new models.

Are there any Canadian-made motorcycles?

Several companies in Canada produce unique motorcycles and vehicles:

  • Can-Am: The backbone of the Canadian motorcycle industry, known for its tricycles like the Spyder and Ryker. They offer a stable and exciting ride.
  • Campagna Motors specializes in three-wheelers. Models like the T-Rex and V13R combine a motorcycle’s excitement with a car’s stability.
  • Goldammer Cycle Works: This company creates custom motorcycles from handcrafted parts. Each bike is unique and made to order.
  • SORA: SORA makes electric motorcycles. These bikes combine advanced technology and eco-friendly design to deliver a quiet yet powerful ride.
  • Motorsports Thibeault: This company makes hybrid snowmobiles, which combine the features of a motorcycle and a snowmobile and are ideal for snowy conditions.

What is the most popular motorcycle in Canada?

In Canada, the most popular motorcycles come from the Japanese brand Honda. Honda makes reliable motorcycles that require little maintenance and offers a diverse range of models. This includes sport bikes, cruisers, off-road bikes, and touring bikes. Honda motorcycles are equipped with advanced technology and engineering to ensure maximum performance. They offer affordable options that make them accessible to many riders, from beginners to experienced motorcyclists. Honda bikes retain value over time and are attractive to buyers considering upgrading.

Popular Honda models in Canada include:

  • Honda CBR500R: A sports bike popular with beginners and experienced riders.
  • Honda CRF250L: A dual-purpose motorcycle popular for its on- and off-road versatility.
  • Honda CB650R: Known for its stylish design and powerful performance, attracting urban riders.
  • Honda Gold Wing: This touring motorcycle is known for its comfort and advanced features, making it ideal for long-distance touring.

Are motorcycles popular in Canada?

Motorcycles are popular in Canada despite the cold climate. Many Canadians love to ride in the warmer months, and some ride until the first snow.

Riding a motorcycle is a favorite pastime during the warm season. Canada’s diverse terrain offers a variety of riding experiences.

The motorcycle community in Canada is strong and welcoming. Riders form clubs and groups, organizing regular meetings and trips. Motorcycles are convenient for transportation. They are economical and easy to park in dense urban areas. This practicality adds to their popularity, especially in cities.

Motorcycles are a popular choice in Canada, supported by a community that values the thrill and practicality of riding.

What is the most unreliable motorcycle brand?

In various rankings, Can-Am and Royal Enfield top the list of the most unreliable motorcycle brands.

Can-Am: There have been many reports of failures. The brand, known for its motorcycles and ATVs, has been criticized for mechanical failures and reliability issues. Owners report problems with engine performance, electronic systems, and build quality.

Royal Enfield: This Indian manufacturer is known for producing poor-quality older models. Riders report frequent breakdowns and mechanical problems, including engine reliability, electrical systems, and overall durability issues. Newer models show better reliability and performance.