Car Brands that start with E

Cars Brands that start with E

We can’t skip talking about cars to understand how people have grown and changed over time. Since they were invented, cars have greatly impacted everyone’s lives. They’ve helped people move around faster and easier, carry big and heavy stuff, and even help people feel good about how they look and their social standing. In just 150 years, cars have changed our lives in ways we couldn’t do in thousands of years before.

What car brands start with the letter E?

The letter E is often found as the first letter of an automobile brand name. In this group, there are many modern automakers and those who have already completed their activities. The names of such brands as Egy-Tech (1997), Electra Meccanica (2015), Electric Raceabout (2009), Electrum (1998), Elfin (1957), Elio (2009), Englon (2010), Esemka (2007) and many others begin with this letter.

Now, cars are a part of our everyday life, making things more convenient for all of us. It makes it possible to save time, speed up movements in space, and facilitate the transportation of bulky and heavy goods. The automobile has firmly entered our lives, becoming one of its indispensable elements. But it has also managed to occupy a niche associated with forming and maintaining a sought-after image, maintaining the appropriate status.

Eicher Motors

Eicher Motors Logo

Indian multinational automobile company – Eicher Motors Limited has a rich history. The brand was founded in 1948. At that time, Goodearth was organized and engaged in selling tractors. On its basis, Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd was founded in 1959. Since 1965, the brand has become fully owned by auctioneers from India. In 2005, Eicher Motors Ltd sold its business. In 2008, VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV), a joint venture between EML and Volvo Group, was formed. Production is expanding to include buses, trucks, and auto components.

Elemental Motor

Elemental Motor Logo

Established in 2016, an effective strategic alliance between Elemental Cars and Apex Motors has ensured the successful development of an electrically powered supercar. The new Elemental RP1 incorporates the car’s most promising and innovative features. Based on the architecture of an ultra-lightweight supercar with improved integral aerodynamics, this model opens up completely new possibilities for this type of modern technology. This model has contributed to the new Rp1 EV variant, which offers even more performance with intuitive and engaging handling.

ERF Trucks

ERF Trucks Logo

In 1933, Edwin Richard Foden founded a truck manufacturing company in Middlewich. This period was the most difficult for the automobile industry in the country’s history, but the future of the truck industry appeared to be in diesel engines. The first truck model, ERF, was produced in the same year. The company successfully marketed its products. In 1981, sales amounted to more than a thousand vehicles per year. Modified truck models were developed and produced for special tasks for fire departments, rescue teams, etc. The plant in Middlevich was closed in 2002.

Eagle Automotive Information

Eagle Automotive Information Logo

Eagle, a division of American Chrysler, was founded in 1988 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Its creation contributed to realizing the plans of the automobile brand Chrysler, which 1988 acquired the automobile manufacturer AMC from Renault. As a result of the deal, the company received a new name – Jeep-Eagle Division. All models produced by this brand were a joint brainchild with Japan’s Mitsubishi. This merger helped draw attention to the new brand and provided a sales base supporting it during the economic downturn. In 1999, the production line was closed, and the brand ceased to exist.

EDAG Engineering Gmb

EDAG Engineering Gmb Logo

EDAG Engineering GM was an international corporate group founded in 1969 in Wiesbaden, Germany. The brand introduced several complete vehicle model lines, including concept cars and prototypes of the EDAG series. This group includes models based on “smart” mechanics—Show Car No. 8, Pontiac Solstice Hardtop, and Biwak. Further developments in this area have resulted in modern cars with the latest technology to meet the latest automotive industry requirements.

Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd

Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd. Logo

Elfin Sports Cars, founded by Australian motor racing driver Harry Cooper in 1957, is based in Melbourne, Australia. In 1993, after the founder’s death, the company was sold. During the brand’s existence, several major models of the Elfin family were produced, among which three main models – Elfin MS8 Streamliner, Elfin MS8 Clubman, and Elfin T5 – are particularly notable. The company has built 248 racing and sports cars in more than 27 different model lines. In the 1980s, two Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars were created under this brand – MR9 and GE Two-25, respectively.

Eterniti Motors

Eterniti Motors Logo

The British brand Eterniti Motors, founded in 2010 in London, UK, is among the automakers with a short existence. The company was established to produce luxury passenger cars. The brand uses investments from international contributors, including former XJ220 developer Alastair McQueen, in its financing. The brand created a single car, the Hemera, renamed Artemis at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. This vehicle was hailed as the world’s first super SUV. In 2014, the company filed for closure.


Elva Logo

Frank Nichols Racing Company and sports car service station was founded in 1945. In 1955, Elva Engineering was established on its basis, which was engaged in producing supercars. The first cars successfully participated in competitions. But in 1958, the company’s founder radically changed the production, creating a road sports car – Courier MG. The next development was single-seat racing cars, created according to the Junior formula. Since 1964, Frank Nichols has been selling part of the company. His last work is a unique model 160XS. It was produced in a quantity of 3 pieces. The brand closed, opening a new direction and creating a single model until 1968.

Edwards America

Edwards America Logo

The famous American auto racer Sterling Edwards in 1948 was fascinated by the car brand Cisitalia. To create an analog, the athlete founded a company in San Francisco to assemble and develop cars, inviting specialists who participated in creating the Edwards Special convertible. In 1953, this car went into production under the name Edwards America and had a more powerful power unit than the original. However, its price was quite high, and technical advantages could not ensure mass production. The car was produced in five copies with two modifications, becoming the first American sports car.


Ermini Logo

Pasquale Ermini, a famous car racer and mechanic, founded his own company in 1932 to produce racing cars that participated in various competitions. After World War II, the main workshops of the brand were moved to Viale Matteotti. After the move, the automobile brand was named after the founder. The brand produced cars until 1958. In the same year, the founder passed away, but the company’s employees continued to finalize the remaining projects until 1962.

Evans Automobiles

Evans Automobiles Logo

Enthusiasts often play an important role in automotive history. For example, in the early 1980s, American design engineer John Evans, inspired by the Group C and GT1 racing series, realized the dream of having his own sports car in his designs. He designed and built two radically new models in terms of technical parameters—Evans 386LM and 486LM. High production costs closed the way to mass production, and the cars remained prototypes.

Exagon Motors

Exagon Motors Logo

Based on the French racing team Exagon Engineering in 2009, the Exagon Motors division was founded, which was engaged in developing and producing serial cars for the road. Its first car was the Exagon Furtive-GT, presented at the Paris Motor Show 2012. This model is equipped with an electric motor and is an environmentally friendly unit. In 2015, a modernized model was created with a more powerful electric motor and longer life.


Ecosse Logo


Edfor Logo


Edran Logo


Edsel Logo


EGA Logo

Egy-Tech Engineering

Egy-Tech Engineering Logo


Elcar Logo




EMF Logo


Emme Logo


Engesa Logo

Enterra Vipre

Enterra Vipre Logo

Enzmann 506

Enzmann 506 Logo


ErAZ Logo


Eshelman Logo


Espenlaub Logo


Esther Logo


Etox Logo

Everus (Li Nian)

Everus (Li Nian) Logo

Exagon Engineering

Exagon Engineering Logo


Excalibur Logo

Excel Motors Limited

Excel Motors Limited Logo


Excelsior Logo


E-z-go Logo

Elcat Automotive


Emporiki Autokiniton


Eurostar Automobilwerk GesmbH & Co. KG


Final Thoughts

Looking at car brands starting with “E” took us on a big adventure worldwide. We went from the busy streets of London to the colorful markets of India and saw many different cars. Some cars, like Eicher Motors from Germany, are advanced, while Elfin Sports Cars from Australia are fast.

In places like Indonesia, Esemka shows that new companies are getting good at making cars. In the UK, ERF Trucks are built to be tough, and in Japan, Eunos cars are perfect for driving around cities.

But it’s not just about where these cars come from. We also saw how some companies, like Tesla and BMW, make very fancy cars with the latest technology. Others, like Chevrolet and Toyota, make cars great for everyday stuff. We discussed famous cars like the Escalade and luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus.

We also learned that some companies, like trucks, focus on making vehicles for work, while others make SUVs for having fun on different adventures. This means cars can be used for all kinds of things.

Now that we’re done looking at “E” car brands, it’s clear that every car company, big or small, has its own special thing. There are fancy cars in England and reliable cars from Chevrolet and Toyota. This trip taught us how the world of cars is always getting bigger and better, with each company adding its special touch.


What supercar starts with E?

Supercars that start with “E” include some pretty unique and high-performance vehicles. From the American brand Evans, we have the 386LM and 486LM models. These cars are known for their power and speed, making them stand out in the supercar world.

Then there’s Elfin Sports Cars from Australia, one of the oldest names in the racing industry there. Elfin cars are celebrated for their racing heritage and performance.

We have the Elemental RP1 from Britain, a supercar with a lightweight design and incredible speed. It stands out for its engineering and performance.

We also have Mercedes-AMG models like the E53, E63, and E55. Even though their names start with “E,” they’re part of the Mercedes-AMG lineup, known for their luxury and high-speed capabilities.

So, if you’re looking into supercars that start with “E,” you’ve got some pretty exciting options from different parts of the world, each with unique features and performance highlights.

What is the car with the E logo?

Kia, a South Korean automotive brand, is known for using its distinctive logo globally. However, the claim that Kia cars are sold in the South Korean market with an emblem in the form of the letter E is inaccurate. Kia’s logo was redesigned in 2021, transitioning to a stylized, modern interpretation of the brand’s name to represent symmetry and rhythm. This new branding is used across its global markets, including South Korea, to unify the brand’s identity. The logo does not specifically feature the letter E but instead focuses on a stylized version of the Kia name. This design choice reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and its vision for the future of mobility.

What expensive cars start with the letter E?

Cars whose names start with the letter E and fall into the expensive or luxury category span a variety of brands and models. Some are historic, while others are contemporary. Brands and models that have produced high-quality, expensive cars include:

  • Elemental Rp1 – A high-performance sports car from Elemental Cars, the Rp1 is designed with a focus on lightweight construction and exceptional handling. It’s a niche vehicle, often appealing to enthusiasts seeking a pure driving experience.
  • Eunos—Mazda’s Eunos marque aimed to produce more upscale and luxurious models than its standard lineup. While not a brand in its own right today, cars under the Eunos name, such as the Eunos Roadster (Mazda MX-5 Miata in other markets), were considered premium for their time.
  • Enzo Ferrari – Named after the company’s founder, the Enzo Ferrari is a supercar produced by Ferrari from 2002 to 2004. It’s among the most prestigious cars in the automotive world, using Formula One technology, such as a carbon-fiber body, F1-style automated-shift manual transmission, and a V12 engine.
  • Espada—The Lamborghini Espada is a grand tourer produced by Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini between 1968 and 1978. Designed by Marcello Gandini, it was one of the most successful models of its time, combining power with luxury.
  • Evija—The Lotus Evija is a recent addition to hypercars. It’s notable for being all-electric and having astonishing performance figures. It’s produced by British car manufacturer Lotus Cars. Production is extremely limited, and the price tag reflects its exclusivity and technological advancements.

These examples show the diversity and quality of cars whose names begin with the letter E, ranging from historic models that set benchmarks in their time to contemporary vehicles pushing the boundaries of technology and luxury.