Cars Brands that start with E

Cars Brands that start with E

It is impossible to get a complete picture of the history of human development without encompassing its achievements in various spheres. This is especially true of such an important element that has a cardinal and comprehensive impact on humanity as a whole, as the automobile, with its history of creation and development, formation, and role in each individual’s life. Modern technology, regardless of the period of its emergence and the time of its application, provides the required direction for the development of human society. Particularly influential are the technical developments that contribute to the possibility of the rapid progress of humanity in self-development. In just a century and a half, the human being has been able to change himself and his future so radically, which he has not been able to do for many centuries of human existence. The automobile and its technology, which speeded up the process, were the main contributors.

What car brands that start with E?

The letter E is often found as the first letter of a car brand name. There are many modern automakers in this group and those who have already completed their activities. This letter begins with the names of such brands as Egy-Tech (1997), Electra Meccanica (2015), Electric Raceabout (2009), Electrum (1998), Elfin (1957), Elio (2009), Englon (2010), Esemka (2007) and many others.

Today, the automobile is a common household item responsible for creating conveniences. It provides an opportunity to save time, speed up movements in space, and facilitate bulky and heavy loads. The car is firmly entrenched in our lives, becoming one of its essential elements. But also, the car has managed to take a niche connected with the formation and maintenance of the demanded image, maintenance of the corresponding status.

Eicher Motors

Eicher Motors Logo

Indian transnational automobile company – Eicher Motors Limited has a rich history. The brand was founded in 1948. At that time, the Goodearth Company was organized, which was engaged in selling tractors. On its basis in 1959 was founded Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd. Since 1965, the brand became a full property of the auctioneers from India. Eicher Motors Ltd brand sold the business in 2005. In 2008, VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV), a joint venture between EML and the Volvo Group, was formed. Production expands to include buses, trucks, and automotive components.

Elemental Motor

Elemental Motor Logo

Established in 2016, an effective strategic alliance between Elemental Cars and Apex Motors ensured the successful development of an electric-powered supercar. The new Elemental RP1 incorporates all of the most promising and innovative features of the car’s existence. Taken as a basis, ultralight supercar architecture with improved integrated aerodynamics provides completely new opportunities for this type of modern machinery. This model contributed to the new Rp1 EV variant, which features even better performance, providing intuitive and engaging driving.

ERF Trucks

ERF Trucks Logo

In 1933, Edwin Richard Foden established a truck manufacturing company in Middlewich. This period was the most difficult for the automobile industry in the country’s history, but the future of truck manufacturing turned out to be for diesel engines. In the same year, the first truck of the ERF model was produced. The company successfully sold its products. In 1981, sales amounted to more than a thousand vehicles per year. Modified truck models were developed and produced for fire departments, rescue teams, and others for special missions. The Middlewich plant was closed in 2002.

Eagle Automotive Information

Eagle Automotive Information Logo

In 1988 the Eagle Company was established in Auburn Hills, Michigan, which was a division of the U.S. Chrysler. Its creation contributed to the plans of automobile brand Chrysler, which in 1988 acquired car manufacturer AMC from Renault. As a result of the deal, the company has received a new name – Jeep-Eagle Division. All released models of this brand were the joint brainchild with Japanese Mitsubishi. This merger helped attract attention to the new brand and provided it with a sales base, which supported the brand during the recession. In 1999, the production line was closed, and the brand ceased to exist.

EDAG Engineering Gmb

EDAG Engineering Gmb Logo

EDAG Engineering Gm is an international corporate group founded in 1969 in Wiesbaden, Germany. The brand has presented several model lines of complete cars, among which concept cars and prototypes of the EDAG series. This group includes models based on smart mechanics – Show Car number 8, Pontiac Solstice Hardtop, and Biwak. Further developments in this area have made it possible to create modern cars with the latest technology that meets the latest requirements in the automotive industry.

Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd

Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd. Logo

Founded by Australian racing driver Harry Cooper in 1957, Elfin Sports Cars is based in Melbourne, Australia. In 1993 the death of the founder-led to the sale of the brand. During the period of the brand’s existence, several major models of the Elfin range were produced, among which three main models – Elfin MS8 Streamliner, Elfin MS8 Clubman, and Elfin T5 – particularly stand out. During its existence, the company has created 248 racing and sports cars of more than 27 different model lines. In the 1980s, the brand created two Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars, the MR9, GE Two-25, respectively.

Eterniti Motors

Eterniti Motors Logo

The British brand Eterniti Motors, founded in 2010 in London, UK, is among the automakers with a short existence. The company was founded to produce luxury passenger cars. In its financing, the brand uses investments from a group of international contributors, including Alastair McQueen’s former developer of the XJ220. The brand created a single car – the Hemera, which was renamed at the Beijing Auto Show 2012 as the Artemis. This car was named the world’s first super SUV. In 2014, the company was filed for closure.


Elva Logo

Frank Nichols Racing and Sports Car Service Station were established in 1945. In 1955, Elva Engineering was established on its basis to produce supercars. The first cars had success in competitions. But in 1958, the founder radically changed the production, creating a road sports car – Courier MG. The next development was single-seat racing cars, created according to the “Junior” formula. Since 1964 Frank Nichols has sold part of the company. His last work is a unique model 160XS. It was produced in an amount of 3 pieces. The brand closed, opening a new direction and creating a single model until 1968.

Edwards America

Edwards America Logo

The famous American car racer Sterling Edwards was fascinated by the Cisitalia brand car in 1948. To create a similar one, the sportsman founded a company in San Francisco to assemble and develop cars, inviting specialists who had been involved in the creation of the Edwards Special convertible. In 1953, this car went into production as the Edwards America with a more powerful powertrain than the original. However, its price was quite high, and its technical advantages could not ensure serial production. The car was produced in five copies, two modifications, becoming the first American sports car.


Ermini Logo

Pasquale Ermini, a famous car racer, and mechanic founded his own company in 1932 to produce race cars, which participated in various competitions. After World War II, the main workshops of the brand were moved to Viale Matteotti. After the relocation, the car brand took the name of the founder. The brand had been producing cars until 1958. That year the founder passed away, but the company’s employees were still completing the remaining projects until 1962.

Evans Automobiles

Evans Automobiles Logo

Enthusiasts often play an important role in the history of automotive engineering. For example, in the early 1980s, American design engineer John Evans, inspired by the Group C and GT1 racing series, realized the dream of his own sports car in his projects. He designed and created two brand new models with technical parameters – Evans 386LM and 486LM. High production costs closed the way for mass production. The trucks remained a prototype.

Exagon Motors

Exagon Motors Logo

Based on the French racing team, Exagon Engineering, in 2009, was founded division of Exagon Motors, which was engaged in the development and production of serial cars for the roads. Its first car was the Exagon Furtive-GT, presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2012. This model features an electric motor and is an environmentally friendly unit. In 2015, an upgraded model was created, with a more powerful electric motor and a longer service life.


Ecosse Logo


Edfor Logo


Edran Logo


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EGA Logo

Egy-Tech Engineering

Egy-Tech Engineering Logo


Elcar Logo




EMF Logo


Emme Logo


Engesa Logo

Enterra Vipre

Enterra Vipre Logo

Enzmann 506

Enzmann 506 Logo


ErAZ Logo


Eshelman Logo


Espenlaub Logo


Esther Logo


Etox Logo

Everus (Li Nian)

Everus (Li Nian) Logo

Exagon Engineering

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Excalibur Logo

Excel Motors Limited

Excel Motors Limited Logo


Excelsior Logo


E-z-go Logo

What supercar starts with E?

Few cars belong to the group of supercars in the category of cars whose name begins with the letter E. They are represented, including cars of American brand Evans – 386LM and 486LM. Also, there are several variants in this category that claim for such a title. These are the oldest representative of the Australian racing car industry, Elfin Sports Cars, and the British Elemental RP1. And also a few models, whose title begins with E – E53, 63, 55, but belong to the Mercedes-AMG brand.

What is the car with the E logo?

This letter, as its logo was decided to use Korean car brand Kia. Only on the Korean market, Kia cars are sold with an emblem in the form of the letter E.

What expensive cars start with the letter E?

Throughout the existence of cars with the name beginning with the letter E, this group included both inexpensive models and with a rather high price. There were no particularly expensive supercars here. Among them are Elemental, Eunos, and others, which ensured the high quality of cars whose names begin with the letter E and ensured their place in the group of expensive cars.