Cars Brands that start with F

Cars Brands that start with F

The founders approach the choice of names for their companies and brands in completely different ways. Some rely on important features and characteristics of the product. Others use something personal that they want to reflect everywhere, even in their professional activities. But all this leaves its mark on how the system for organizing information about a particular automobile brand or enterprise that has left its mark on the history of the automotive industry is formed. Thanks to such a system, it becomes convenient and quick to find the information you need, save it and apply it effectively. Many factors determine the need for such actions. First of all, modernity is characterized by high speeds in all areas of human life. This, in turn, requires quick and convenient access to any information provided in the presence of the order.

What car brands that start with F?

The letter F is more “successful” of the letters with which the names of car brands begin. In this category, there are both companies that have just been created and many that no longer exist. Enterprises that stood at the origins of mechanical engineering are also represented with this letter. Among them are Fabcar and Fioravanti, Ford and Fiat, both widely known and known only to a narrow circle of specialists.

As a result, a quick response to emerging problems is achieved, the search for solutions is accelerated, which opens up new opportunities and perspectives. With access to information collected, stored, and laid out in a user-friendly way, anyone interested in automotive history can use it quickly and efficiently. In this case, it is very easy to find the names of car brands starting with the letter F, use the information received to analyze the car market, apply the information when choosing a car, and answer any question related to brands starting with this letter. All this will allow you to make the right choice when buying a car, avoid mistakes when planning marketing research, and take the only right step in your actions related to cars whose name begins with the letter F.


FRP Logo

The New York automobile brand FRP stood at the origins of the formation of the American automotive industry. Founded in 1912 by Finley Robertson in New York, the company produces a few of the unique Series B FRPs based on the high-performance Mercer Type 35 Raceabout that Robertson designed directly. Their production was started in 1914, but the company was closed a year later.


Facel Logo

The French automotive brand Facel – “Forges et Ateliers de Construction d’Eure et Loire” was founded in 1938 by Jean Danino to make dies for aviation and heavy equipment. The first car bodies were made for Panhard, Simca, and Ford models. Since 1954 own automobile production has been started. The first model was called Vega. In 1958, an updated version of the Facel-Vega HK 500 was released. In 1961, the Vega II was released. The end of the 50s was marked by the release of the four-door Excellence sedan. In 1959, the brand launched the Facellia coupe and convertible. In 1964, the brand was liquidated.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future Logo

A young American high-tech company, Faraday Future, was founded in 2014 by Chinese entrepreneur Jia Yueting in Los Angeles, California, at the Harbor Gateway and focused on the production of electric vehicles electric motors, as evidenced by its name – in honor of Faraday’s fundamental law of electromagnetic induction. The first project was an all-electric car, whose serial launch was scheduled for 2017. In 2016, tests of unmanned models began, and a year later, the FF91 series crossover was introduced. Financial difficulties temporarily suspended the development of production.

Faralli & Mazzanti

Faralli & Mazzanti Logo

Faralli & Mazzanti, also known as Mazzanti Automobili, is an Italian car manufacturer. The company was founded in 2002 by Luca Mazzanti and Walter Faralli. Their products were of high performance. Despite their category of supercars, brand models were assembled only by hand. The assortment included both new and restored various brands, which contributed to developing design skills. This group was represented by the famous model F&M Antas. In 2011, the Evantra project was presented. For its production, the company was reorganized.

Farbio Sports Cars

Farbio Sports Cars Logo

In 2004, Leeds in West Yorkshire Christopher George Marsh founded a manufacturing company, which began automotive production in 2007. Produced cars were branded Farbio. Before its liquidation in 2013, the company developed and produced a single model – the Farbio GTS 400. The sports car had high-performance characteristics. In connection with the brand’s closure, the model was sold and was subsequently sold as the Ginetta F 400.

Farman Aviation Works

Farman Aviation Works Logo

Based on the French aircraft manufacturing company – Farman Aviation Works, an enterprise for the construction of cars was created. Its founders are the Farman brothers. The first car was the Farman 12 CV, created in 1902. The period of car production turned out to be short. The last model Farman HF 2, was released in 1929 and was produced for two years until the closure of production. In total, the brand has released five models, with a total of about 500 cars. The Farman A 6 model, released in 1919, received particular fame.


Farboud Logo

Farboud was founded in 1999 by immediately introducing its car model called the Farboud GT. The car was presented at the Birmingham National Exhibition Center in 2001. The next model was a modification of this car under the Farboud GTS brand. Cosmetic changes were made to various structural elements in subsequent releases – doors, windows, interior. Keeping up with the times, the designers developed a biofuel model, making it possible to redesign the brand radically. The car was named Farbio, whose shares were sold to a company that changed its name to Arash Motor Co. Later, the model received a new name Ginetta F400.


Ferrari Logo

Ferrari NV is one of the most famous Italian car companies. It was founded in 1947 by the Italian designer, entrepreneur, and racing driver Enzo Ferrari. Its main activity was the production of racing cars, completed in 1947. Since then, the company has specialized in sports models that are approved for use on ordinary roads. Models were produced under the brand Ferrari S.p.A. Since 1969, part of the company has been owned by Fiat SpA. In subsequent years, the brand was reorganized, continuing its participation in the international automotive market.

Fiat Automobiles

Fiat Automobiles Logo

Since 1899, the Italian company Fiat began to play its leading role in the global automotive industry. Founded by a group of investors that included Giovanni Agnelli. At the Fiat factories, the first car assembly line in Europe was installed. Already in the 20s, the brand’s product range began to successfully expand – from the production of tractors, cars, armored vehicles, and military and aviation equipment and weapons. In the late 1950s, the company provided great assistance in producing the VAZ-2101 in the USSR. Since 1969, the brand has controlled production with Lancia. In the further period of its existence, the brand focuses on producing commercial vehicles, gaining control over Chrysler. Today it is the largest European manufacturer.

Fisker Automotive

Fisker Automotive Logo

One of the first American manufacturers of such vehicles was Fisker Automotive. The company was founded by Henrik Fisker together with Bernhard Keller and Quantum Technologies. Their products are premium – Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage, Artega GT, and BMW Z8. One of the brand’s highlights was its attempt to revive the art of building custom cars. In 2009, a plug-in hybrid car project appeared. The ongoing legal proceedings led to a halt in production. Since 2014, the brand has changed its name and passed to another owner.


The American-born automobile company Flajole-Kehrig left behind a significant legacy in the Nash NXI two-seat sports prototype. Founded back in 1939 by Bill Flajole and John Kreig as a design and construction workshop, 16 years later, it will create a legendary model that will serve as the prototype for the famous 1955 Flajole Forerunner. Her Nash NXI was a milestone in modern automotive history. Interestingly, the creation of such an eminent car was predetermined by the appearance of the Fiat 500 Topolino.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company Logo

The fourth automaker in the world, the American company Ford Motor Company, today ranks 27th in the list of the world’s largest corporations according to the Global 500. Founded in 1903 by the famous automobile manufacturer, designer, and businessman Henry Ford, the brand became famous after the first universally recognized Ford Model T. In the 1920s, the company provided licensed production of the first Soviet cars, called GAZ. In the 30s, the brand served military orders. In 2006, the brand was restructured.

Frazer Nash

Frazer Nash Logo

One of Britain’s oldest sports car builders, Frazer Nash Limited, was founded in 1922 by Archibald Fraser Nash in Kingstone upon Thames, Surrey. It all started with bicycles in 1909, but the automobile has become a more attractive and profitable business. The enterprise created a new body that acquired additional GN components. In 1924, a full-fledged Nash was released. In 1938, a second hyphenated word appeared in the brand name. During the period from 1924 to 1939, the brand produced 350 models. Since 1934, the brand has been renamed AFN Ltd, continuing the production of cars.

Freightliner Trucks

Freightliner Trucks Logo

Freightliner Trucks is the largest manufacturer of heavy trucks and tractors among American manufacturers. Founded in 1942, today, the company is part of the well-known corporation Daimler AG – Daimler Trucks Group. The brand is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. She is known for her powerful models Century class, FLB, Argos, M2 Business Class, and others, especially popular in the US and beyond. Her cars became widely known thanks to the films – The Terminator, Resident Evil, Brother-2.


FAW Logo

The oldest Chinese automobile brand was founded in 1953 in cooperation with the US. Since its inception, the brand has produced a Jiefang model truck, a complete copy of the Soviet ZIS-150. Since 1958, the production of Jiefang CA-30 (ZIL-157) began. In 1959, the brand began production of a government limousine – Hongqi. In 1989, the production of the Audi-100 sedan began. The first cars came out under the old brand. Subsequently, the brand becomes the basis for unifying automotive-type enterprises into a single cluster. Today it has a large number of branches, distributors, and offices in 80 countries worldwide.

Foton Motor Co.

Foton Motor Co Logo

The Chinese automobile manufacturer Foton Motor, whose full name is Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd, was founded in 1996. Its formation process included amalgamating more than 100 Chinese brands from 13 regions. The enterprises had various production profiles closely related to the automotive industry. As a result of such a merger, the resulting enterprise produced cars and trucks, SUVs and minibusses, city buses and agricultural equipment, propulsion systems, and much more. By signing an agreement with Daimler in 2003, the company has significantly expanded its capabilities.


FSO Logo

FSO is a Polish car brand that was founded right after the end of World War II. Its abbreviation stands for Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych S.A. One of the first cars of this brand was a copy of the Soviet Pobeda – GAZ-M-20, which was produced from 1951 to 1973. In 1957, the front-wheel-drive Syrena appeared. After purchasing a license in 1967, the Polski Fiat 125p model was produced. In 2004, the company again received its mark, and in 2005 UkrAVTO acquired control over it. Since 2008, a hatchback has been launched.

Force Motors

Force Motors Logo

The Indian manufacturer of trucks, buses, and agricultural equipment was founded based on two enterprises – Firodia Tempo Ltd and Bajaj Tempo Ltd in 1958. The company is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The brand represents the country’s automakers such as Trax and Traveler. Due to their low price and high power performance, these models are in high demand in India. A feature of the brand is the focus on its components – the engine, chassis, gearboxes, and so on.

Foden Trucks

Foden Trucks Logo

A British automaker with a rich professional history dating back to 1856 in Sandbach, East Cheshire, England. The brand began its professional activity with agricultural machinery and locomotives. 1901 was marked by the appearance of the first three-ton truck. The successful design became the basis for the brand’s models for the next three decades. In the 30s of the last century, several buses were produced, including double-decker ones. In the 50s, the production of buses continued, and two models of trucks, FE and FG, also came out. Changes in 1964 in UK legislation allowed the production of articulated trucks. The company closed in 2006.

Franklin Automobile Company

Franklin Automobile Company Logo

Since 1902, the US has had the Franklin Automobile Company in Syracuse, New York, founded by Herbert H. Franklin as a foundry business. After purchasing products from HH Franklin Manufacturing Company, the brand’s founder began to modify the purchased cars to ensure their ease and responsiveness in control, which favorably distinguished these models from other examples of the luxury category. From the 28th year, it was decided to produce heavier cars with a stamped steel frame. In 1934, the brand was declared bankrupt.

Fenix Automotive

Fenix Automotive Logo

Lee Noble founded his own sports car business in Leicestershire, the UK, in 2009. Its foundation was to implement the developments accumulated over the past ten years after the founder closed his previous company. The first project was originally developed without a name. The public met him only in 2009. The design option included using a V8 power plant from the Corvette ZR1. The latest information about this car was placed in the press in 2010 as prepared for production. In 2012, the brand was closed.

What supercar starts with F?

Among supercar manufacturers in this category of automakers, models from the British Fenix Automotive are especially popular. His stated Fenix Supercar promised to be one of the leading ones, but the series did not materialize. A group of modern models is also very famous here – Ford GT, Ferrari 488 Pista 2019, Ford Mustang Foxbody 1990, Ferrari F40 1988 Supercar. More detailed information about this type of car can be obtained on a special resource.

What is the car with the F logo?

Among automakers in the category of names starting with F, this letter is used as an independent logo by the Indian company Force Motors, which produces SUVs, trucks, and buses.

What expensive cars start with the letter F?

Faralli & Mazzanti Vulca S 2009 and Ferrari 458 Italia Mansory Siracusa 2011 can be distinguished from the category of expensive cars in this group. They occupy 98 and 94 places in the ranking of the 100 most expensive cars in the world. Following in ascending order are the Ferrari 599 GTO 2010, Ferrari 599XX 6 liter V12 RWD 2009, Ferrari 599 GTO Novitec Rosso 2011, Ford GT40 1967, Ferrari F50 1995, Ferrari Enzo 2002. The most expensive in this group is the 30th – 1986 Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione.