Cars Brands that start with G

Cars Brands that start with G

The name of the car, like the name of a person, carries a lot more than just a brand or model number. Thinking about the name, what name his brainchild will bear, each founder of an automobile brand often, without hesitation, put a piece of his soul into it. This was especially true of those who stood at the origins of the creation of the car. The desire to have a unique difference from similar options, to stand out from others, drawing attention to oneself was reflected, first of all, in the formation of the names of trade brands. However, this approach contributed to the possibility of streamlining and grouping disparate enterprises and companies in the automotive industry into a single system. Thanks to this approach, it became possible to save and use any information related to the automotive industry, its history, and its development in the future.

What car brands that start with G?

G-named car brands include many world-famous manufacturers. Automotive meters such as GM and GAZ are featured in this category. Less well-known and relatively “young” are Genesis Motor and Gumpert. Also, many companies representing the automotive industry in eastern countries begin with this letter.

Systematization in the automotive industry is an effective way to collect and store information with minimal loss and ease of use. Over the years of the existence of the car, due to a long time of ignoring the need to create a system for storing information from this important direction in the development of humanity, a huge amount of information has been irreversibly lost, which has already led to the formation of unfilled “holes” in the existing historical inheritance. As a result, errors and inaccuracies may occur when analyzing the past, creating future forecasts, and large economic losses associated with “reinventing the wheel,” following the wrong or erroneous paths.

Thanks to the ability to turn to ordered, systematized information resources built on alphabetical search, time is saved from finding the necessary information. At the same time, such a system provides ease and simplicity of its maintenance, tracking, and practical use. Entering in the search engine of such systems the first letter of the name of a group of car brands or models – G, F, A, or any other of the Latin alphabet used in the names of cars and brands, you can immediately get a list of models that are in the database and start with a specific letter.


G-power Logo

The German manufacturing company G-power started in the automotive industry back in 1968 in Arezing, Germany. Its founders were Joseph Grommish and his son. Today, the brand’s headquarters are located in Autenzele, Bavaria. The production direction of the enterprise is car tuning, mainly for BMW models. It is distinguished by its production of various additional technical components for equipping new and previously released models of the German brand. Starting from a small gas station already in 1971, the brand became the representative of Alpina, opening its representative office in Neu-Isenburg in 1983.

Galpin Auto Sports

Galpin Auto Sports Logo

The modernization of cars has become one of the most attractive areas in the automotive industry since the early 20s and 30s of the last century. One of the well-known representatives of the industry of modernization and tuning of cars was the American workshop from Van Nuys, US, founded by Frank Galpin in 1946. It was a workshop that improved and refurbished its car garage at the request of its drivers. After selling the Bert Boeckmann brand, the company took part in the MTV program Pimp My Ride. Today the brand is part of Galpin Motors, Inc, the largest dealer of the Ford brand.


Geely Logo

Among modern Chinese manufacturers, Geely Holding Group, founded in 1986, is a diversified group based in Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. Its history began in 1984 when Lee Shufu created the Zhejiang Huangvan Shiqu Refrigerator Company. Since 1992, the brand has been renamed Geely, which begins production with motorcycles and components. The brand launched its first car in 1998 – the Haoqing SRV hatchback. After the company received a license for auto production in 2001, the Geely brand acquired official status. Since 2003, brand cars have been exported outside the country.


Gemballa Logo

Leonberg near Stuttgart, Germany, was founded by the automotive company Gemballa to produce components for Porsche. Its founder Uwe Gembally was found dead in 2010, and Andreas Schwarz and Steffen Korbach bought out the rights to the company. The first known car of the brand was the Avalanche model created in the 80s based on the Porsche 911/930. Cyrrus (convertible) and Mirage followed. In 2005, the white Gemballa 911 RS America brand leader appeared. Among the famous models of the brand are Avalanche GTR800 EVO-R, GT 750 Aero 3, MIG-U1, and the 2011 Mistrale and Racing models.

General Motors

General Motors Logo

General Motors or GM is the largest American auto brand with a worldwide reputation, created in 1908 by Durant, William Crapo, and Charles Stuart Mott in Detroit, Michigan, US, due to the merger of several companies. The oldest of these was the Olds Motor Vehicle Company. The General Motors Corporation was formed in 1903, absorbing smaller organizations. The constant introduction of innovations distinguished the brand’s car models. At the beginning of the 2000s, a crisis arose that led to a change in the brand’s name, followed by the sale of a controlling stake to the Groupe PSA concern in 2017.

Genesis Motor

Genesis Motor Logo

The Genesis Motor car brand was founded by the Korean company Hyundai Moto in 2015 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The creation of the enterprise was due to the need to separate the production of premium cars. The introduction in 2015 of the four-seat coupe with two doors, the Vision G, marked the beginning of the creation of a line of LUX cars. At the same time, the brand acquires a status and acquires an alphanumeric designation. Following was released executive sedan G90, which became the first official car of the new brand. Its latest model, a modified version of the G90, was introduced in 2019.


Gillet Logo

Belgian sports and racing car manufacturer Gillet was founded in 1992 in Gembloux, Belgium, by race car driver Tony Gillet. The brand’s main product is the Vertigo sports coupe. The car has the smallest weight among sports cars. Each presented model is assembled by hand. The company chose an original slogan – Supercar and work of art Pure Pleasure! The first car saw the light in 1991. The rest of the models underwent a deep modernization. In 2008, Vertigo 5 was introduced. Based on it, Zagato Maserati Mostro was assembled in 2015.

Ginetta Cars

Ginetta Cars Logo

In Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, a British racing and sports cars manufacturer was founded in 1958. Its founders were racers and engineers, brothers Walklett. The brand’s first car was the Fairlight, whose body was made of fiberglass. Each of the brothers was distinguished by the presence of knowledge from various areas of mechanical engineering. Douglas was a mechanical and electrical engineer; the rest were designer stylists. Bob ran the company. Over the years of existence, the company has changed its location several times. Among its products are the Ginetta G20 and G33. In 2005, the brand was acquired by LNT Automotive, retaining the logo and brand name.


Glasspar Logo

In 1947, Bill Tritt created his first fiberglass powerboat, founding Glasspar in Costa Mesa, California, US. By the end of the war, he had created several catamarans and a racing sailboat. In parallel, he began implementing plans to create passenger cars using the same body material. Glasspar has created the Sears and Roebuck car, Superlight, subcompact Marathon, Lido Series, Citation. And also – G2, Woodill Wildfire, Ascot. The company has been sold.


GMC Logo

The American automobile manufacturer GMC was formed due to the merger in 2010 of two divisions of General Motors – GM Truck and Coach and GMC Truck. Its task included the production of trucks, SUVs, pickups, and vans. Tracing its history back to 1901, Max Grabowski created the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company; the new brand has incorporated its historical predecessor’s features and characteristics. In 2010 alone, more than 400 thousand cars were produced under TM GMC.


Gumpert Logo

In 2004 Roland Gumpert founded the company in Denkendorfe, Germany, to carry out his sports car projects. As director of Audi Sport, he secured the team, winning 25 championships. At this time, he had the idea of ​​​​creating a new generation sports car that could be used both in racing and in ordinary street driving. In 2004, GMG Sportwagenmanufaktur Altenburg GmbH was founded. The first model was named Apollo and went into production in 2005. In 2008 Apollo Sport was featured on Top Gear. The company went bankrupt in 2013. In 2016, it was bought by Ideal Team Venture, which renamed the company Apollo Automobil GmbH.

Great Wall Motors

Great Wall Motors Logo

Chinese automotive manufacturing is distinguished by the variety of brands in this area. Among them is a large private enterprise Great Wall Motor Ltd, founded in 1984 in Baoding, Hebei, China. The brand consists of four enterprises and 20 subsidiaries. The production structure is built in such a way as to provide in-house production of components and components for their cars. The brand’s main production manufactures pickups, crossovers, SUVs, minibusses, limousines, and cars.


GAZ Logo

Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ) is the most famous Soviet-Russian automobile enterprise, founded in 1932 in Gorky, now Nizhny Novgorod. It is known for the production of cars under the GAZ brand – cars, minibusses, light trucks, defense equipment. In 1990, the Soviet enterprise was transformed into OAO GAZ. Well-known models of the brand are the GAZ-03-30 bus, the GAZ-A truck, the world’s first comfortable SUV GAZ-61-73, the legendary army GAZ-64, the GAZ-MM lorry, even the T-60 light tank. The GAZ-21P VOLGA, the world-famous Pobeda, and many others came out of its stocks. The enterprise is operating successfully.


Grinnall Logo

In 1991 Mark Grinnall founded a car company in the UK called Grinnall Specialist Cars Ltd. It was distinguished by motorcycles and cars on a three-wheel base. Initially, the company was engaged in modifying the Triumph TR7, releasing 350 units in a year. The next model was the Grinnall TR8 based on the Triumph TR8. Since 1991, the company has been producing three-wheeled passenger cars – Trikes. In 1992, Scorpion III entered development, and six years later – Scorpion IV.

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon Logo

The Chinese manufacturer of buses, LUX category – the automobile brand Golden Dragon (Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd), has existed since 1992 in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. Brand products are characterized by increased comfort and original design. Belonging to the category of luxurious and expensive, brand buses are in demand worldwide today. In addition, the company’s product range is represented by several model lines of vans in a group of lengths from 5 to 18 meters. This brand is one of the top 10 Chinese bus manufacturers.

Gardner Douglas

Gardner Douglas Logo

Gardner Douglas is a UK car manufacturer that started operations in 1990 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. The company is engaged in producing hand-assembled sports cars and small series. Among its main products are modifications of the legendary AC Cobra and Lola T70, created using modern high-tech developments and the latest achievements in the field of design, which gives an indescribable charm to the created models. The brand is known for its GD Mk3 and GD Mk4, GD T70 Spyder and Moda, and GD 350.


Gilbern Logo

The original products of the company of Welsh origin – Gilbern Sports Cars (Components) Ltd, founded in 1959 by Giles Smith and Bernard Friese have always attracted car enthusiasts. The brand was located in Llantwit Fardre, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales. The name of the company was a combination of the initials of the founder and the four letters of the co-founder. The brand’s first car was built based on a model created by Bernard Friese for personal use. Initially, products were produced in the form of kits. Among the finished models, the GT1800 is especially famous. The production was closed in 1968.


Gonow Logo

The Chinese automobile brand Gonow (Zhejiang Gonow Auto Co., Ltd) was founded in 2003 in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, by GAC Group. Its products were commercial vehicles, SUVs, and other modes of transport. On the territory, the company sold products under the brand name GAC Gonow. The brand’s first car was Gonow AGE, in the amount of 60 thousand. Since 2006, together with the Italian company DR Motor Company SpA, two SUV models have been produced – Katay Gonow. In 2010, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co acquired the majority stake in the brand. By 2016, financial problems arose.

GAC Changfeng Motor

GAC Changfeng Motor Logo

GAC Group

GAC Group Logo




Gareau Logo

Geijer & Co

Geijer & Co Logo


GEM Logo


Geo Logo

Ghabbour Group

Ghabbour Group Logo


Ghia Logo


Giad Logo


Gillet Logo

Giocattolo Motori

Giocattolo Motori Logo


Giottiline Logo


GKD Logo


GKN Logo


Glas Logo


GM Logo


GMC Logo


GN Logo


Gnome Logo


Goggomobil Logo


Goliath Logo


Gordon-Keeble Logo

Graf & Stift

Graf & Stift Logo


Graham Logo


Grant Logo

Gray-Dort Motors

Gray-Dort Motors Logo


Griffith Logo


Grofri Logo

GTA Motor

GTA Motor Logo

Gurgel Motores

Gurgel Motores Logo


Gutbrod Logo

What is the car with the G logo?

Today on the roads, you can find cars, the emblem of which is represented by the Latin letter G. Most often, such a meeting can occur with the product of the American General Motors auto brand, which has a rich history and worldwide fame.

What expensive cars start with the letter G?

In almost every letter category of letter brands, you can find brands and models that are distinguished by a particularly high price in their group. So in the category of the most expensive cars whose name begins with the letter G, the Korean automaker Genesis is in the lead. A prominent representative of this group is the 2015 Vision G model. Subsequent brand models are not inferior to it in terms of price and quality.