Cars Brands that start with P

Cars Brands that start with P

One of humanity’s greatest achievements, the automobile, continues to evolve and improve today. Over its 150 years, it has undergone such dramatic changes that modern man is unrecognizable in a four or three-wheeled baby carriage, which moves without a horse harness prototype of the modern car. An interesting point in this automotive history is that such an achievement, attributed to modernity, as electric traction in the application to the vehicle, was used at the very beginning of the development of transport, coming to replace the steam engine. But it was undeservedly “forgotten” for almost 100 years when man began to realize the need for economic treatment of natural resources and preservation of ecology.

What car brands that start with P?

The names of car brands, brands, companies often begin with the letter P, which facilitates their search using the alphabetic system. Many companies and brands start with this letter. The honored Packard and representative of inexpensive cars Plymouth, world-leading brand Porsche and manufacturer of luxury Peugeot are presented.

The history of automobile development is interesting and informative. It is full of ups and downs, shattering victories and unexpected defeats. It reflects everything associated with the creation and production of the car and the main stages of human progress in its development. It is necessary to have easy and quick access to this information to understand this. It has become so mixed up for a century and a half that part of it has been lost, which has created enormous difficulties in finding and using such data. Such a situation threatens the real loss of many data, which form a significant layer of historical events and are invaluable in the light of the preservation and formation of our history.

Special resources are now paying attention to creating the necessary conditions for collecting, organizing, and preserving this information. They collect all the information found in various sources, grouping and forming them in a convenient alphabetical order. The names of car brands cover the entire alphabetical range with their first letters. And manufacturers continue to use this system when forming brand names companies, which makes the search system by the initial letter of the name most simple and especially effective.


Packard Logo

Packard Motor Car Company is an American automobile brand founded by James Ward Packard in 1899 in Detroit, Michigan. The brand produced prestigious models of passenger cars until 1954. Focusing not on mass production, the brand became a manufacturer of ultra-expensive hand-built models. The high quality of this type of production immediately established the brand, making it a leader in this segment. For a long time, the brand was in the top three, making it one of the elites of American auto manufacturing; its products were in demand among the world political and business elite.

Pagani Automobili

Pagani Automobili Logo

In 1992 Horacio Pagani founded his own car manufacturing company called Pagani Automobili S.p.A. in San Cesario sul Panaro, near Modena, Italy. The founder started developing his first hypercar prototype, the Fangio F1, which became the Zonda C12. Released in 2007, the Pagani Zonda F Club Sport sets a track record. In 2009, 5 cars of the Cinque Roadster model will be created based on the Zonda Cinque with a lighter and reinforced body. The next modification is the Zonda Tricolore, whose only copy will be built for the 50th anniversary of the racing sports team.


Panhard Logo

The French automobile company Panhard was founded in 1887 by René Panhard and Émile Levassorthat in Marolles-en-Urepois, France. The company manufactures civil and military vehicles in the light category. The brand gained fame by being the first to sell cars. She introduced racing and sports cars, private cars and limousines, cars for military needs. Directly sports models were produced under the name of another line – Panhard CD, created by Charles Deutsch. In 1965 the brand was absorbed by PSA Peugeot Citroën, which led to the closure of production in 1967.


Panoz Logo

Panoz Auto Development is known for its high-tech Lux sports cars among American automakers. The brand was founded in 1989 by Dan Panoz – son of the famous pharmacist and owner of motorsports teams – Don Panoz with headquarters in Hoschton, Georgia, USA. The brand’s fame was brought by his two famous models – Panoz Roadster, AIV Roadster, and Panoz Esperante. The abandonment of mass production helped increase product quality and opened up opportunities for custom adjustments.


Peugeot Logo

France’s most famous automobile manufacturer, Peugeot, has great historical roots back to 1840 when the Peugeot family began manufacturing hand mills and coffee grinders. The first car – three-wheeled and steam-powered – was assembled in 1889. In the thirties, the brand creates the most original models. In the mid-1970s, the company buys Citroën. In 1978 the European division of Chrysler was bought. In 2007, the PSA Peugeot Citroën division closed. In 2014, the owner’s family ceded a controlling stake. The brand created an entire lineup of model leaders, including the Peugeot 307, Peugeot 308, the Peugeot 106 electric car, and the Peugeot PROLOGUE HYmotion4 hybrid.


Pierce-Arrow Logo

Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company is a car brand of American origin from Buffalo, New York, founded in 1901 by George N. Pierce. Since 1904, the brand produced large luxury cars – the Great Arrow for affluent consumers. The first model was the Glidden Tour. But the company was especially famous for its Pierce-Arrow Model B of 1930 and Pierce-Arrow 845 V12 Silver Arrow Coupe of 1935. In addition, before its closing in 1938, the brand managed to make several models of commercial trucks and fire trucks.


Plymouth Logo

Plymouth was not a manufacturer’s organization. It was a car brand owned by Chrysler, which it launched in 1928 to create its line of cars in the low-cost segment. Only Chevrolet and Ford were leading the way in this area at the time of its launch. Features of Plymouth models immediately made the brand one of the best-selling, maintaining this position until the early 90s. The brand’s range included concepts, cars, and trucks, distinguished by the lowest price. In 2001, the brand was discontinued.


Pontiac Logo

In July 1899, Albert G. North and Harry G. Hamilton founded the company Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works, taking as its main name the name of a prominent Indian chief. The company produced carriages. Beginning in 1905, the brand began producing cars. In 1909, the brand’s shares were bought by GM. In 1926, the brand became known as the Pontiac Motor Division, creating it’s first Pontiac 6-27 and Big Six production. In 1935, the model Pontiac Standard, which brought world fame to the brand, appeared. In the following years, the famous Pontiac GTO, Ventura, Grand Am, Piranha Concept 2000, and the last model of the brand – Pontiac G6 sedan of 2009 are released under the brand logo.


Porsche Logo

The year of formation of one of the leading car brands – Porsche, is considered 1931, when its founder – Ferdinand Porsche, registered its predecessor – the company Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche GmbH. The company’s first car was the 1939 Porsche 64. During the war, the company produced military vehicles and tanks. In 1948, the first road-legal version Porsche 356, was presented. Next comes the Porsche 911. Modern models – a modification of the Porsche 986 Boxster, 996 GT3, and the fastest Carrera GT only increase the demand for the brand’s cars. The latest 2019 Cayenne Coupe and Turbo Coupe have confirmed the brand’s success.


Panther Logo

British Panther Westwinds, known for its unique luxury sports cars, was founded in Surrey, the UK, in 1972. Its founder, Robert Jankel, conceived retro-style cars from off-the-shelf components. The first model was the Panther Lima. In 1975, the Rio based on the Triumph Dolomite was released. In 1980, the brand declared bankruptcy. It was bought by Young Chull Kim and started producing J72, DeVille, and Lima. In 1988 the production of the Panther Kallista convertible began. In 1983, the development of the Panther Solo began. In 2001, the brand name was sold to the Jankel family.


Peerless Logo

The Peerless Motor Car Company, an American car manufacturer, was founded in 1900 in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was focused on the production of luxurious cars of high quality. Its main achievement was the development of drum brakes and the first series of closed-body models. The most famous models of the brand are Peerless Type 8 Style K 1904, Six Model 32 Roadster 1911, Six Model 38 Berline Limousine 1912, Six Model 60 7-Passenger Touring Sedan, Eight Model 56 7-Passenger Touring Sedan, Master Eight Sedan 1931, V-16 Prototype 1931 – the last of the developments. The brand was closed in 1931.


Pegaso Logo

Pegaso was a representative of the Spanish auto industry, based on the parent company Enasa, which began operations in 1946. The company was located in the former Hispano-Suiza factory and produced trucks, buses, industrial vehicles, armored vehicles, and sports cars. Among the most famous models of the brand was – the Pegaso II truck of 1951, the Z-102 sports car, which was the fastest in its group, which went into production, and the trolleybus Z-501. In addition, the brand produced mobile and truck cranes. In 1990, the brand was absorbed into Iveco.

Perana Performance Group

Perana Performance Group Logo

South Africa’s Perana Performance Group, founded in 2007 in Port Elizabeth, also offered its cars. The brand became famous thanks to the Perana Z-One sports model, developed on the chassis of the Chevrolet Corvette (C6), which was presented to the public in 2009. The brand became one of the main partners of AC Cars and Zagato. Perana model in 2012 got a new name – AC 378 GT Zagato. Before the launch of the series, about ten first models were created. All models were assembled at Hi-Tech Automotive & Superformance plant.

Picchio Racing Cars

Picchio Racing Cars Logo

Italian manufacturer of racing cars and sports models for roads Picchio Racing Cars company was founded in 1989 in Ancarano, Teramo, Italy. The company’s founder was Giotto Bizzarrini, who wanted to realize his idea of the most efficient racing car. He created his first SR2 in 1998. In 2004 a new Light Series was introduced. The next model range was Hillclimb, P4/E2, released in 2010. At the same time saw the company’s first electric car – Picchio DANY.


Pilbeam Logo

British Pilbeam Racing Designs, founded in 1975 by Mike Pilbeam in Lincolnshire town of Bourne, UK, is also presented among the world manufacturers of racing cars. Racing models designed by the brand had an exceptional performance for hillclimbing, leading in its group throughout the ’80s and early ’90s. In addition, the brand mastered the production of sports cars – Pacific Racing BRM P301 1997, and several touring models for Vauxhall and Honda. Now the development of designs for the VdeV championship is underway.

Piontek Engineering

Piontek Engineering Logo

In 1993, Dave Piontek founded his automotive manufacturing facility in AUBURN, USA. With the organization’s help, the founder sought to implement plans to develop and manufacture racing and high-performance cars for street use. The most famous project of the brand was the Piontek Sportech model introduced in 1989. The model was called “fun” for its original design and the formation of a “fun face” through the smooth curves of the hood lid, the shape of the fenders, and the elongated front headlights.

Piper Cars

Piper Logo

Piper Cars is a car manufacturer from Britain founded in 1967 in Hayes as a subsidiary of the eponymous engine parts manufacturer. In 1973, production moved to South Willingham, Lincolnshire. In its founding year, the company produced the Piper GT, which a modification, the Piper GTT, would follow. The Group 6 racing car, the GTR, was under development by the brand. Only six trucks left the slipways of the brand. The death of Brian Sherwood in 1969 halted further development of the brand, which has ceased participation in races and was engaged until the mid-1970s, only modifying the released cars.

Pratt & Miller Engineering and Fabrication

Pratt & Miller Engineering and Fabrication Logo

The Pratt & Miller Engineering and Fabrication sports team, a division of General Motors since 1999, is known not only for its success in auto racing. Founded in 1989 by Gary Pratt and Jim Miller, the brand has made a name for itself as a designer and manufacturer of several successful race car models. The first model was the Intrepid RM-1 (GTP). Further developments based on the leading brands – Chevrolet Corvette C5-R (GTS/GT1), Pontiac GTO.Rs (Grand-Am GT), Chevrolet Camaro GT (Grand-Am GT), Cadillac CTS-V (Pirelli World Challenge GT), Cadillac ATS-VR GT3 (Pirelli World Challenge GT), Chevrolet Corvette C8.R (IMSA GTLM/GTD Pro and LM GTE) and others. In 2020, the brand became the property of Oshkosh Corporation.

Premier Motor

Premier Motor Logo

America’s oldest automobile brand, Premier Motor Manufacturing Company, was founded by George A. Weidely and Harold O. Smith in 1903 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It was the first manufacturer of cars with air-cooled engines – Four-Cylinder Premier 1904 and Premier 1905. The first model was a 1904 touring car. In 1906, “summer” and “winter” models – “F” and “L” – were produced. In 1916 the first roadster 6-56 was produced. During the war, the brand produced a complete army truck and a 500 FWD model for the army. The brand was reorganized in 1926.

Prince Motor Company

Prince Motor Company Logo

The Prince Motor Company of Japan began its history as a Ki – Tachikawa Aircraft Company. In 1946 the brand diversified into auto production, producing the Tama electric car. Since 1952, the brand has changed its name to Prince Motor Company and is engaged only in the production of cars. But in 1954, the company became Fuji Precision Industries, reclaiming its name in 1961. Its famous models are Skyline and Gloria, a 15-seat Homy. Models released after the 1966 merger with Nissan are known as the Infiniti M and G.


Prodrive Logo

The feature of the British brand Prodrive is a combination of sports success in auto racing and successful and unique racing models. The base of the brand is Banbury, Oxfordshire, England, where the headquarters have been located since its founding in 1984 by Jan Parry and David Richards. In 2010 the brand took part in the world championship in its own Mini John Cooper Works WRC. The brand has participated in developing supercars for Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Proton Holdings Berhad

PROTON Holdings Berhad Logo

Malaysian automaker – Proton Edar Sdr Holding was founded in 1985 in Shah Alam, Selangor, with the support of Mahathir Mohamad, then Prime Minister of the country. The company was established to sell licensed Mitsubishi – Proton Saga based on Mitsubishi Lancer 1983. After four years, the volume of production was 100,000 cars. Since 2004, the brand has produced a model of its design – GEN2. And in 2008, the 3-millionth car – Saga of the second generation – was released.


Puma Logo

A representative of the Brazilian car industry, the brand Puma Automóveis Ltda was founded in 1963 by a community whose initials became the basis for the company’s name, as Lumimari Automobile Societ. The current headquarters of the brand is located in Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil. The company was engaged in producing small Puma sports cars and trucks. At different periods, the brand granted the rights to use its trademark for a short period to various car manufacturers. In 2013 the brand was revived under the name Puma Automóveis Ltda. The brand’s new models are the Puma P-052 racing car and the Puma GT Lumimari.


Paige Logo


Paramount Logo


Paterson Logo


Peel Logo


Peterbilt Logo

PGO Automobiles

PGO Automobiles Logo


Piaggio Logo


Pieper Logo


Pinguin Logo


Pininfarina Logo


Playboy Logo

Polaris Industries

Polaris Industries Logo

Polarsun Automobile

Polarsun Automobile Logo


Polestar Logo




Praga Logo


PRB Logo

Premier Ltd

Premier Ltd Logo

Proto Motors

Proto Motors Logo


Puch Logo

Purvis Eureka

Purvis Eureka Logo

Pyeonghwa Motors

Pyeonghwa Motors Logo


Python Logo

What supercar starts with P?

The most famous car brand belonging to this group of supercars is the 1990 Parradine Pegasus V12 with a roadster body. It is a product of the British brand Parradine. Another representative of this group is the Italian brand Pagani Automobili, whose Zonda Tricolore had the highest performance and performance for its class.

What is the car with the P logo?

Using the first letter of the name as the separate main element of the logo is a frequently used option in automotive practice. Thus, the Indian car brand Premier and the Malaysian Perodua use the P as their logo.

What expensive cars start with the letter P?

In this group of cars, brands are represented by quite a few expensive cars of Lux-category. Among them are Pierce-Arrow, Packard, Peugeot, Panther, and many others, about which you can find all the necessary information by visiting this service.